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Best VPS Hosting

vps 2016VPS hosting partitions a physical server into multiple virtual servers, each of which has the appearance and capabilities of running on its own dedicated machine, but the price become cheaper. Best VPS Hosting in below are those  who surpass their competitors on features,  price, reliability, server speed, and customer support.

Best VPS Hosting 2016

We recommend InmotionHosting, Arvixe, LiquidWeb, Dreamhost and Bluehost as the Best VPS hosting in 2016,  with which you could easily build up a web site on VPS at affordable price.

InmotionHosting Arvixe LiquidWeb Dreamhost Bluehost
Inmotionhosting Best Linux VPS Hosting Arvixe - Windows VPS Hosting Liquidweb High Quality VPS Hosting Dreamhost Best Cheap VPS Bluehost Popular VPS Hosting
Site Visit InmotionHosting Visit Arvixe Visit LiquidWeb Visit Dreamhost Visit Bluehost
Plan Reviewed VPS-1000 VPSClass Storm Starter Standard
Editor View Read Review Read Review Read Review Read Review Read Review
Pricing InmotionHosting Arvixe LiquidWeb Dreamhost Bluehost
Llist Price $39.99/mo $30/mo $50/mo $15/mo $29.99/mo
Deal 50% Off 33.3% off N/A 50% off 50% off
Final Price $14.99/mo $20/mo $50/mo $7.5/mo $14.99/mo
Redeem the Deal Link Activation Link Activation N/A N/A Link Activation
Money Back 30 Days 30 Days N/A N/A 30 Days
Features InmotionHosting Arvixe LiquidWeb Dreamhost Bluehost
CPU 2 Cores 2 Cores 1 Core 1 Core 2 Core
Storage 60GB SSD 20GB 50GB SSD 30GB 30GB
Monthly Transfer 2TB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 1TB
Free Domain No Yes No No Yes
Dedicated IP 2 1 1 1 1
Control Panel cPanel – Included Lite VPS Panel cPanel@$10.75/mo Dreamhost Panel cPanel – Included
Linux Server Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Windows Server No Yes Yes No No
Rating InmotionHosting Arvixe LiquidWeb Dreamhost Bluehost
Reliability ★★★★★  ★★★★★  ★★★★¾  ★★★★½  ★★★★½ 
Performance ★★★★★  ★★★★¾  ★★★★★  ★★★★½  ★★★★½ 
Customer Support ★★★★★  ★★★★½  ★★★★¼  ★★★★½  ★★★★½ 
Hosting Review Inmotion Hosting Review Arvixe Review LiquidWeb Review Dreamhost Review Bluehost Review
Site Visit InmotionHosting Visit Arvixe Visit LiquidWeb Visit Dreamhost Visit Bluehost

To find the best vps hosting, you can check out out big comparison table in above, choose one you feel might meet your hosting needs best, then further read our VPS reviews.

Best VPS Hosting on Linux – InmotionHosting

InmotionHosting, one of the best cheap hosting service provider in the industry, is well-known for its professional, reliable, and fast business-class hosting service. All 3 VPS from InmotionHosting are full-managed, which include the features like SSD RAID-10 fast storage, full cPanel license (about $15/month value), and daily backup. Its entry level VPS, at a price of $29.99/month, includes 4GB memory, 60GB SSD storage, 2TB monthly transfer, and 2 dedicated IP.

InmotionHosting is one of few web host who still allows for Burstable memory in VPS, with which its customers could use resources over their dedicated memory allotment on a temporary basis. The features will keep the customers protected from downtime or site slowdown if and when their sites receive large spikes in traffic.


And to ensure a higher SLA on reliability, speed, security, and customers support, InmotionHosting uses multiple world-class datacenters, 100% Dell premium servers and only hire server maintenance engineers with at least 8 years working experience in web hosting.

The price of InmotionHosting VPS hosting solutions start at $29.99/mo. Even though InmotionHosting mainly targets at business customers, this price is really affordable to almost everyone. Even better, by following this exclusive InmotionHosting VPS 50% off promotion link, people could get Inmotion Hosting VPS at $14.99/mo in the first month. The company also guarantees 90 days full money back, and 100% customer satisfaction. People could also ask for prorated money back within the first 90 days and then prorated refund after it.

InmotionHosting VPS Deal InmotionHosting VPS Deal
50% Off

Best Cheap VPS Hosting – Dreamhost

Dreamhost is a leader in web hosting, and is well-known for its high quality linux-base hosting service. It’s hard to believe that their managed SSD VPS is sold at a price of $7.5/mo only for the first 3 months, and also allows for monthly payment, which make it the best cheap Linux VPS hosting we would like to recommend.

Its entry level VPS include 1 CPU cores, 1GB memory, 30GB SSD storage, 1 free dedicated IP, Unlimited bandwdith, icon-base Dreamhost VPS Panel and more. Those features are good enough for most of websites already. If you need a powerful one, then you can upgrade to VPS with 8GB memory.


Dreamhost VPS is also quite reliable and fast. With world class data center, its customers could gain great access speed worldwide. Meanwhile, Dreamhost uses powerful servers and technologies to ensure better performance. Dreamhost VPS guarantees 99.9% uptime.

Visit Dreamhost now to check out this cheapest VPS hosting.

High Performance VPS Hosting – LiquidWeb

LiquidWeb has been offering high quality hosting solution for web developers since 1997. Its VPS hosting built on Cloud technology and  high performance web server and storage, with which they could guarantee a high uptime, server speed and scalability. Liquidweb offer many different VPS packages for its customers to choose from, which include both managed VPS and unmanaged VPS.

LiquidWeb VPS starts from $50/mo and inlcudes features like 1G B memory, 1 CPU cores, 50GB SSD storage, and unlimited monthly transfer, which is good enough for a busy site. Considering it stands for the highest quality VPS in the industry, and the price is a little bit high, we recommended it for mission-critical web sites, including eCommerce websites, and business-related website.

To know more about Liquidweb VPS, please visit Liquidweb.

High Price Value VPS Hosting – Bluehost

Built on open source technology, Bluehost has grown into one of the world’s largest VPS hosting providers of cloud-based online source.

At Bluehost, there are four different VPS hosting packages available for customers choose, including Standard, Enhanced, Premium and Ultimate. In its Standard VPS package, Bluehost customers can get rich features like one CPU core, 2GB RAM, 30GB SAN storage, 1TB bandwidth, 1 IP, one free domain and more optimized features as well as easy to use cPanel. Thus, customers can easily have a reliable hosting environment to run their websites.


Thanks to the dedicated and professional working staffs and advanced technologies, such as OpenStack and KVM, in Bluehost, the company claims that VPS hosting customers can get be accessed at a very fast speed with 99.9% uptime in a secure online environment. And Bluehost in-house experts are standing around the clock to not only solve technical issues, but to offer advice and guidance for customers to help them conduct successful online businesses.

Now, the company offers exclusive promotion to customers and its price starts from $14.99 for the first month, 50% off the regular price. If you go with yearly term, then additional 20% off will be applied, and makes the final price to be $23.74/mo. Considering cPanel and 2GB memory, this is really a very low price.

Bluehost VPS Promotion Bluehost VPS Promotion
20% Off

Consider its high configuration VPS, cPanel and many other managed features, it’s hard to fine a VPS could offer more price value VPS than Bluehost.

Should You Host Website in VPS

A virtual private server (VPS) is very helpful to manage some of the power of a dedicated server. Users can benefit a lot from virtualization such as well-arranged resources and relatively low price. However, for those who just start their blogs, it is unnecessary to use a VPS.

Why Not VPS

There are some good reason not to consider VPS for your website, such as:

  • You should take responsibility of server security. You should install a firewall and other security measures just like what you do with a full sever.
  • If you do not have a managed VPS, you will have to configure networking, databases, and other tools all by yourself.
  • Recently, a lot of shared hosting accounts supply more disk space and bandwidth than you what you need. If you do not need a VPS hosting for the above reasons, you can probably get by just fine with shared hosting.

Benefit of VPS hosting

But if you know server management, or have a busy WordPress site, then VPS hosting will be a great option:

  • You will get your own virtual operating system with full root access which is very attractive.
  • The high percentage of CPU or even entire cores will be devoted to your VPS
  • You can also get a dedicated RAM and burstable RAM which will help to avoid the situation where shared hosting sites occupy too much share of memory than they should do.
  • Another advantage is that you can acquire isolated storage and security and all are self-contained.
  • You can easily duplicate, spin up as well as destroy virtual machines. In addition, you’re OS and application needs will be satisfied as far as possible.
  • You can possess a full range of developer tools like databases, programming API, or framework.
  • VPS Hosting is affordable. Many high quality cheap VPS hosting come at a price lower than $20/mo.

In conclusion, if you manage your own server and your blog is has plenty of traffic filled with great comments etc. will definitely need a dedicated RAM and CPU, which a VPS cannot manage. Otherwise, there is no need for you to use a VPS for your blog, just use a reliable shared hosting plan, this your best choice.

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