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Bluehost Review

In below Bluehost Review, we will reveal why Bluehost is one of the best cheap hosting in the world.

Firstly, lean its background. Bluehost (, found in 1996, is a leading cheap web hosting service provider and extremely popular within individuals, web developers, and small to medium businesses. By its name and web hosting solutions, Bluehost has hosted over 2 millions domains so far. Its hosting solutions come with rich features, such as free domain, unlimited features, cPanel,  SimpleScript one-click installation and etc. But the price is low from $3.49/month only.

Bluehost Special Coupon

Bluehost web hosting is cheap from $5.99/mo. Here we get exclusive web hosting coupons to make Bluehost hosting cheaper.

For Bluehost shared hosting, people could follow the promotion banner below, and get Bluehost shared hosting from $3.49/mo. Even better, the banner will bring a 64% off discount on Bluehost plus hosting and renews the current price $10.99/mo to $3.95/mo. By paying a little more, people will receive much more.

Bluehost $3.95 Promotion Bluehost $3.95 Promotion
64% Off

Below is the updated price table of Bluehost  Plus hosting plan after Bluehost Coupon:

12 Month $11.99/Month ($143.88/year) $5.95   ($71.4) $6.04   ($72.48)
24 Month $11.49/Month ($275.76/2 years) $4.95   ($118.8) $6.54  ($156.96)
36 Month $10.99/Month ($395.64/3 years) $3.95 ($142.2) $7.04 ($253.44)

Moreover, Bluehost VPS and dedicated server hosting are 50% off for the first month currently. After discounted, the VPS charges from $14.99, and the dedicated server starts from $74.99.

Bluehost Web Hosting Price Value Review

Bluehost provides Linux-based shared web hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated server, all of them come with outstanding features at the best possible price.

Its shared hosting includes one free domain, up to unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth; allows for hosting up to unlimited domains in one account. Customers could create unlimited MySQL database and PostgreSQL database too.

In terms of support on PHP, Bluehost supports multiple versions of PHP like PHP 5.2.x, PHP 5.3.x and PHP 5.4.x, so that their customers has no need to worry about PHP compatibility issues. Besides PHP runs as suPHP for better security, PHP memory_limit is set to high 128MB, and their customers could customize php.ini to meet their application needs.

Bluehost VPS is also a great choice for high traffic sites.  4 plans with extreme flexibility will surely satisfy every business. Based on OpenStack and KVM technology, Bluehost provides its VPS hosting customers with 2 cores, 2 GB RAM, 30 GB storage and 1 TB bandwidth at least, which make it the perfect choices for website owners.

In terms of price, the list price is Bluehost shared hosting is $5.99/mo and now by following this special promotion link offered by Bluehost, people could receive more than 50% off its regular price and subscribe to its award-winning service at $3.49/mo only, a price everyone could afford. More than that, people will also get Bluehost Plus hosting at $3.95/mo with much more features.


Bluehost is one of few web hosts who guarantee “Anytime Money Back”. its customers could receive a 100% refund if they cancel the account within the first 30 days or a prorated refund after it. So, it”s really risk-free to work with Bluehost.

Bluehost Review on Data Centers and Technology

Bluehost is led by a team with deep knowledge on web hosting and Linux. Plus self-operated data centers, hardware and technology, these really tell apart Bluehost from other web hosts and make it one of the industry-leading reliable and fast web hosts.

Unlike most web hosts choose to rent data centers, Bluehost built data centers by its own. All its 3 data centers are equipped with UPS, redundant diesel generators, and multiple 10 gigabit fiber connections which connect data centers with locations  all over the world. Additionally, Bluehost engineers are operating the data centers, including management, monitoring, etc.

To ensure high security and performance, Bluehost also has built its own servers, and has its own nationwide fiber network. The company deploys its own custom linux kernel which could monitor the resource usage at account level and give shared web hosting a VPS-level protection.

To know more about Bluehost technology and data center, please check out below video.

Bluehost is Easy to Use

It”s really easy to manage your Bluehost server, even for newbies. Bluehost provides its customer with icon-based cPanel, which includes the features like file management, emailbox management, domain management, database management, and more.

Besides, Bluehost also ehanced its cPanel by adding many free service, such as SimpleScript 1-click application installer, Free YellowPages Listing, and etc. Below is the screenshot of cPanel file manager, you will see how easy to use it.


The host protects data for customers by backups. It automatically makes backups of entire accounts daily, weekly, and monthly. So, if customers need restore their data, things come easy because of previous backups. Also, customers could backup specific files or data via Bluehost PRO backup, which need extra fees.

Furthermore, Bluehost makes it convenient to pay for its web hosting services. It accepts multiple payment options, including Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Top-nonch Customer Support from Bluehost

Bluehost provides its users excellent customer support. All its customer support engineers are 100% in house and US-based, who are well-trained with good knowledge to answer all the possible technical questions their customer might have when hosting a web site.

Bluehost customer support engineers are available 24*7. They could be contacted via toll-free phone call, online live chat, email, and customer support forum. Besides, the team also develops an online knowledge base and a series of tutorials, with which their customers could learn server management skills and diagnose issues by themselves.

More than that, Bluehost guarantees an average hold time less than 30 seconds when people contact them via phone call or online live chat.

Bluehost is Best Cheap Hosting

Bluehost is strongly recommended by our editors. Its hosting solutions are great for individuals and all-sizes of businesses. No matter what you plan to do, building a personal WordPress blog, Joomla site or corporate site, Bluehost is just right for you. Moreover, Bluehost supports you all the time and supports to upgrade easily when your website grows.

To know more about Bluehost, please visit now and don”t forget to check out its up to 64% off deal.

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