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Cheap Dedicated Server

Compared to regular shared hosting and VPS hosting, dedicated server has much more powerful resources, features and performance as well as higher price. However, there are some dedicated server services available in the market that charge at affordable prices. In below, we will review the feature, price, performance and support aspects of 1and1 to find out why it is recommended as cheap dedicated server.

About 1and1

1and1-dedicated-server-2201and1 ( is one of the most famous web companies who provides a wide range of services including domain, website, hosting, servers, email & office, eCommerce and others. In fact, in addition to its domain registration, dedicated server is another reputable service of 1and1 that is quite popular with customers.

1and1 Dedicated Server Price Values

1and1 dedicated server not only has entry-level server, performance server, business line by Dell and 1and1 server outlet options, but also all of them come with multiple solutions and very high performance for meeting every demands.

Firstly, customers are allowed to choose their favorite operating system from Linux, Windows and 1and1 managed server. 1and1 dedicated server the most basic package offers AMD dual core processor, 2 cores x 2.6GHz speed, 2GB DDR2 RAM, 2 x 500GB hard-disk space, software RAID 1 these resources.

Meanwhile, customers can also get plenty of database/programming, email, marketing & website tool, web applications, 1and1 control panel, full root access and additional features such as extra IP address, SSL certificate, Antivirus, 1and1 MailXchange, premium backup and etc.

The most important thing is that 1and1 dedicated server is billed at really cheap price. Its regular price starts from $59.99/mo, but with this 1and1 latest and exclusive promotional link, customers would receive more than 33% off to make its high-performance dedicated server price from only $39.99/mo.

1and1 Dedicated Server Deal
33% Off

No matter which solution or package customers choose, 1and1 guarantees 100% satisfaction by offering them 30 days money back policy. If customers are not happy with the dedicated server, or cancel their accounts for any reason, 1and1 provides them a full refund within the 30 days.

1and1 Dedicated Server Performance

Since 1and1 makes full use of the cutting-edge infrastructures, software and hardware, network and technologies, its dedicated server ensure superior reliability, connectivity and security. Firstly, 1and1 US-based datacenter features with complete backup generators, various hard drives, dual routers, 16-cylinder diesel generator supplies and etc. It is 24/7 monitoring by 1and1 specialists to ensure maximum security.

1and1 datacenter is powered by green energy with the Renewable Energy Certificates. Along with redundant hardware, intelligent network design and maintenance, 1and1 dedicated server delivers one of the best performances to customers.

1and1 Dedicated Server Support

Although 1and1 does not offer the most convenient Live Chat support, it still can help customers solve issues quickly and efficiently through 24/7 free hotline and free email support by its trained and patient experts. While customers can also search solutions in its Help Center, which contains popular categories and articles.


1and1 dedicated server service has very good reputation. It is feature-rich, and helps people build successful websites for the powerful performance and reliable support. For any businesses, 1and1 dedicated server is a good choice because it charges at really cheap price from only $39.99 per month. To know more about 1and1 and its dedicated server, please visit:


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