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Justhost Review

The following Justhost review is based on Justhost price value, reliability, ease-of-use and customer support to tell why the company is one of the best budget web hosting providers in the industry. Please take a look:

Justhost ( is a well-known PHP web hosting provider that focuses on providing top of the line Linux services for both individuals and business people. With over 10 years’ web hosting experience, the company has been very popular and built 10 reasons for customers to choose it: free domain name registration, hosting unlimited domains, outstanding uptime, affordable web hosting, etc.

Justhost Special Promotion

Before starting reviewing Justhost, we would like to introduce Justhost special promotion, via which you could save a lot on purchasing Justhost web hosting solutions.

By following Justhost exclusive promotion link in below, you could purchase Justhsot web hosting at $2.5/mo while the regular price is fixed at $5.99/mo. Namely, you will receive over 58% off discounts.

Justhost Exclusive Deal Justhost Exclusive Deal
58% Off

Please find the details of Justhost price structure as below after applying Justhost Coupon.

JustHost Price 3 Years 2 Years 1 Year 1 month
Original Price $5.99/mo $6.99/mo $7.49/mo $7.99/mo
Discounted Price $2.5/mo $2.95/mo $3.95/mo $7.99/mo
Your Savings $125.64 $96.96 $42.48 $0

Justhost Review on Price Value

Justhost provides not only shared hosting, but also VPS hosting and dedicated hosting. However, the latter 2 are not as popular as Justhost shared hosting.  Its shared hosting is designed with high price value and customers can get access to very rich features to support their websites. At the same time, they just need to pay a little each month.

Here, we make a list of Justhost shared hosting features in the following:

  • 3 packages different in resource offerings;
  • One free domain name registration for one year;
  • Up to unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, hosting up to unlimited domains in one account, POP3/POP3 secure/IMAP/Secure IMAP e-mail support, and free site transfer;
  • Supporting all the popular scripts in Linux server, such as PHP, CGI, Ruby, Ruby on Rails,  Perl, Python, etc;
  • Supporting Database like MySQL and PostgreSQL;
  • Some other advanced features like 1-click app installer, SSL, Shell Access, and CloudFlare CDN Integration;
  • Up to $200 advertising credits applied to Google and Bing.

justhost feature review

In terms of prices, there is no doubt that the company takes the lead with high quality and competitive prices in the peer. The list price of Justhost starts from $5.99/mo only, and now with the latest Justhost promotion link, people could receive more than 58% off, with which the web hosting price can be easily cut down to $2.5/mo. It’s really hard to find a web host could offer more features than Justhost does at such an low cost.

More than that, Justhost also offers an Anytime Money Back Guarantee with all hosting plans. If customers are not contented to the hosting services, they can cancel their accounts. Then, the company will provide a refund for the remainder of the term. Within the first 30 days, customers could even receive a full refund if they cancel accounts.

Justhost Review on Reliability

Justhost is proud of ensuring customers with fast speed, highly reliability and premium security. And in order to keep its high performance web hosting all the way, Justhost makes efforts as following:

This company utilizes a data center located in Provo, UT, America. It is a state-of-art data center that is supplied with a UPS power backup, diesel generators, cool environment as well as multiple 10 gigabit Ethernet connections.

In addition to that, the company hosts more than 2000 dedicated servers for both shared and dedicated customers in that data center. The servers have dual quad processors and are optimized with Linux operating system.

Moreover, Justhost has carried out a series of protecting measures, like 24/7 network monitoring, to stop from being attacked. It has a group of dedicated staffs who specialize in research and development. In addition, it also has deployed an advanced server monitoring solution that can alert technical specialists before a problem happens.

Justhost Review on Ease-of-use

Justhost web hosting is easy-to-use. Customers could easily make payments. They will easily build sites. They will easily manage their hosting services as well.

In detail, the web host supports people to pay for web hosting via multiple options, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal.

What’s more, to maximum create convenience for customers, Justhost provides free instant setup. And it supports easy to use cPanel. With this industry-leading control panel, customers can manage and operate their websites easily, which means that they can put more energy and time to focus on their own businesses. Besides, Justhost supports FTP access, shell access, web file managers, and so on, via which customers can conduct management as well.

Justhost Review on Customer Support

It is widely acknowledged that the company stresses customer satisfaction seriously, and has received tons of positive feed backs of existing customers. To read Justhost customer reviews, you can click here.

Justhost has a supporting team who has bountiful web hosting experience and concentrates on offering dedicated, sincere and patient assistance to customers.

Furthermore, the company makes it easy to contract the experts with questions or problems by offering several channels to choose from, such as email, phone, and live chat. By the way, the support is prompt and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whenever customers have any problem, the company can give a quick response and help them solve their problems as soon as possible.

Beyond that, Justhost online help center gives solutions to frequent asked questions. There are video tutorials, getting started guide, popular articles, and others else. If people need these resources, they can enter the center and get information at no cost.

Is Justhost Recommended

From above review, our answer is absolutely yes. Justhost is a reliable web hosting provider who can not only give customers many essential features, high-performance reliability, first-class customer support, but also very affordable prices. It is clear that the company is a great hosting option and we highly recommend it to host web sites like personal blogs, family web sites, small businesses corporate sites and more. To know more information about Justhost, please visit and don’t miss out its 58% off deal.

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