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10 Effective Social Media Marketing Tips for Newbies

About Social Media Marketing

It is a process to build the awareness of you, your services, and products, by using diverse social media platforms. All marketing campaign on any social media platform is for driving more and more traffic to your website, increasing your products’ visibility, as well as gaining more and more followers to get more clients.

Currently, the most popular platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Tumblr.

Why Do You Need Social Media Marketing?

We find the following factor making social media marketing so important:

  • It is a new marketing – In old times, some marketers noticed that a lot of people liked to spend their time in cars, so marketers came up with the idea of setting up billboards on the roads. Well, at present, more and more people like to take their time on the Internet, especially with popular social media platforms. Therefore, to be a good marketer, you should start to think of social media marketing.
  • It is a new influencer – Currently, many people use social media not only to share things and make friends, but also to promote them and their products. Besides, many cases have indicated that it is changing into business. Not only individuals notice that the social media is a good marketing tool, but many companies notice that as well.
  • It is not the fastest method to spread the words of new items, new services, or new products. Just sending a simple, interesting tweet, your new message can quickly go rival in seconds and that tweet can spread around the world faster than any TV ads and any other traditional media.

10 Effective Tips of Social Media Marketing For Newbies

Now, you should understand how important the social media marketing for your site and business, but do you know how can you make good use of it? Here we are to introduce you 10 tips helping you build your social media presence effectively.

#1: Choose your social media platforms

You do need to try to grasp all social media platforms at one time. If that, you cannot get the best efforts. You have to make a choice of social platforms. Choosing one or two to focus on is the most optimal decision. However, for many newbies, it is the most common problem they have.

Here is a question: how to choose the best platform you need? For newbies, you should follow the big influencers, and figure out which platforms they get succeed. You should specifically keep an eye on those influencers in your niche, and then check out their fans on different platforms.  Compare the numbers you get and we can tell you that the best possible platform you need is the one having the most fans.

#2: Optimize social media profiles

After you choose your social media platform, you should at first optimize the profiles, so that you can create more chances to get more fans as well as boost SEO efforts. Here are some general rules applying to every site:

  • Use your own photo to show your face – Do not use any places, animals or any other things to replace your photo. Using your real photo can increase you credibility of you profiles. With trusted profiles on your sites, you can get more people’s trust and build more connections with other people. There are potential clients among that group.
  • Write an appropriate description to your company or yourself– The description can include your expertise, background, and the skills or experience you are proud of.
  • Put an indication or a label to show your users what kind of information you will share with them – We know that it is not the necessary thing in profile, but it will better if you do that.
  • Add your site link (where applicable) – For example, “About” section included on Facebook can add the link; “Website” section can add the link on both Pinterest and Twitter; if you choose Google+, then “Contribute To” section can add the website link.

#3: Connect your blog or site with the pages on your social media

When your profiles are ready, you should build the connection between your blogs or website and social media pages. When you are building the connection, you need to follow a certain procedure. It can be used on all platforms, and you have to finish it correctly. The correct binding between the website and social media pages means that social media sites and search engines should know the correct website linked to the correct social media page.

For instance, when we created a Google+ page for, Google+ didn’t know it was our official page for that site, until we added publisher verification code on our website.

#4: Add the social media buttons on website

Social media buttons can make it easy for reader to share the content, so on you website, social media buttons are necessary.

As a rule of thumb, we suggest that you should add these buttons above the fold for better visibility. Besides, you do not need to worry about that the big buttons are too ugly to get clicks. According to the general research, bigger buttons tend to obtain more clicks than those smaller buttons.

#5: Pay attention to your niche’s influencers

After you finish the steps above, you should move on to find out influencers to follow in your niche. They have a lot to learn for you, newbies. Besides, you should gradually build your own followers’ tribe. We have another 5 steps in below that can help you obtain more followers. However, before getting more followers, you need to follow your niche’s influencers at first.

You are new to this field, so it is obviously that doing this is not for them following back, but for 3 reasons as following:

  • The platforms can use the following information to suggest that who can follow. When you follow the influencers, you are just like to tell the platform that you are in the niche as well.
  • Following the influencers is a way to get their followers. Those influencers are followed by many people and these followers are more likely to follow you from those influencers. It is a common trick in the industry.
  • Influencers are successful, and their websites often share some wonderful tips and experience that you need most.

#6: Balance your follower and following

Do not follower too many people but get a few followers, or do not only accept followers but ignore following other people. You’d better balance the number between the two. It is very important especially when you are using Google+, Twitter, or Pinterest. Why? The reasons we list in below:

  • Generally, the ratio of followers/following is always used to be the reference for software applications, suggesting people about “who to follow”. If your ratio is very high, then you will get fewer chances to obtain more quality followers.
  • This ratio is also related to your credibility. There are two examples in front of you: one has 2000 followers but only follow 1500; the other has 600 followers and also follow 550. Comparing them, and who can get your trust from their profiles?

#7: Share funny content

Content, especially interesting and valuable content is the base of successful social media marketing campaigns. We have talked a lot about the importance of content in our previous SEO guides. The fresh, interesting, and valuable content can help you get more followers who can re-share your content. Therefore, you can also get more traffic and drive more visitors as well.

In WordPress SEO, we detail what kind of content you should write and share with your users.

#8: Keep the best posting frequency

It is common to say that newbies are confused about how many times they should post every day. What we can suggest is that the posting frequency is related to the network. In below, we will show you some cases related to this issue:

  • For personal pages on Facebook, you can post many times as you need.
  • For business pages on Facebook, you can post 2 times every day at most; every week you can post at most 7 times.
  • On Twitter, more tweets means more exposure.
  • For business pages and profile pages on Google+, you can post many times per day, but never overdo it, because it may bring the opposite effect.
  • On Pinterest, several times per day are enough.

#9: Remember to follow back

Following back is a simple thing, but many newbies always forget to do that, because they are busy with getting new followers. This phenomenon remind us that newbies should develop a habit of viewing your followers and find out which one you should follow back. It is common to see that many followers un-follow the webmasters, for the webmaster never notice them.

#10: Be patient and follow rules

There are rules of social media network for getting rid of spammers. For instance, Twitter limits how many people you can follow one day. Likewise, Google+ and Facebook both have specific rules.

The limitation means you cannot quickly get hundreds or even thousands of fans. The process of reaching the big number of people is a long-term task, needing more patience. Never try to break the rules, because you will pay a heavy cost.


In brief, to make the social media marketing works well, you need to takes full of two pillars. The one is to optimize your own social media profile; the other is to learn to use your accounts of chosen social media platforms. Follow our tips and hope you can work with a good start.

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