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10 Free Tools to Monitor Website Uptime

free tools for website monitoringYou know the importance to keep your website up all the time. Hence, you pick a reliable web host that even gives high uptime guarantee, like 99.9%. Then you might think that your site will be up all the time and you can focus on your online business.

However, I have to tell you that depending on a host for site uptime is not enough.

For one, a great number of web hosting providers cannot guarantee 99.9% uptime, let alone many of them are hosting resellers. Even though some companies have 99.9% and even 100% uptime guarantees, they cannot really keep your site up always.

For two, the truth is that many web hosting providers will not even alert you about the downtime. They hope that you might not notice your site is down. Moreover, as a matter of fact, a few people can spot that a website is just down. So, hosting providers still can declare that they are much stable with high uptime. But your site is down sometime, which may cause your visitors close your website window and go to your competitors.

For three, dedicated server hosting is comparatively more reliable. If you go with the fully managed solution, your host will even take care of your website uptime. However, you have to spend a lot. It is not cost-effective if you are individuals or even SMBs.

Now a question comes. What else can you do for site uptime besides selecting reliable host? Our answer is uptime monitor tools. Through the tools, you can check uptime reports and once downtime happens, they will inform you via some ways. Then you can take some measures immediately to prevent bigger losses. Furthermore, to help you save budgets, the 10 tools we introduce in below are free. Take a look:

Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot is a popular free tool for monitoring website uptime. It just takes seconds to sign up and activate your account. Your name, email address and password are required only. Then you can start to monitor your site. Moreover, Uptime Robot will allow you to:

  • Create 50 monitors by https, ping, keyword and port;
  • Monitor every 5 minutes or longer intervals;
  • Configure alert contact with email, email-to-SMS, Twitter, Pro SMS and third party services;
  • Keep logs for 2 months.


Also, Uptime Robot has paid version Pro Plan. For more information, please click www.uptimerobot.com.


Monitor.Us is a free monitoring tool to monitor IT systems based on cloud. In 2006, it was released and now it is trusted by more than 150,000 users around the world. It has a premium version called Monitis, which is charged.

It just takes 3 minutes around to set up Monitor.Us tool, which supports:

  • To monitor every 30 minutes;
  • 2 monitor locations;
  • All-in-one monitoring including website, server, network, applications, etc.
  • Mobile monitoring services;
  • To send reports and warnings via email, IM and SMS.


To build Monitor.Us tool, please visit http://www.monitor.us/.


InternetSeer was founded with the passion to serve small businesses in 2000. It has not changed the passion ever. Now, over 1.7 million users have subscribed with InternetSeer and use its services to monitor more than 2.5 million websites around the world.

InternetSeer free plan has:

  • 1 http monitor;
  • 60 minute monitoring intervals;
  • Email, text and pager warning methods;
  • Unlimited alerted contacts;
  • Weekly reports, false alarm protection, real-time error and recovery notification.


If you want to learn more details, go to www.internetseer.com.


Siteuptime is proud to offer uptime monitoring services for more than 125,000 website owners. Its free plan comes with:

  • 1 monitor including web servers, mail servers and FTP servers;
  • 30 or 60 minutes monitoring intervals;
  • 8 monitoring locations;
  • Email warnings, monthly reports, public statistics and online statistics.


Visit www.siteuptime.com to gain more information or just sign up now.


ServiceUptime company offers 1 free monitoring package. Though you will get it for free, your websites will be checked from more than 10 locations throughout the world. Besides, you will get:

  • One any kind of monitor;
  • 30 minutes checking intervals;
  • Free email warmings and the paid SMS alerted method;
  • Daily, weekly, monthly or yearly reports as you like;
  • Monitoring statistics for lifetime of the account.


If you want to go with ServiceUptime or learn it deeper, you can click www.serviceuptime.com.


Site24×7 supports to monitor websites, applications, servers, network and cloud. However, its free solution only contains:

  • 5 basic monitors including websites and web pages;
  • 1 monitor location;
  • Every 10 minutes monitoring action;
  • 10 SMS/Voice credits.


Please visit www.site24x7.com to gain more details.


100pulse.com allows you to configure what you want to monitor: website, DNS, MySQL, FTP, etc. But going with its free plan, you can only:

  • Create 2 website monitors;
  • Set monitoring intervals at 15 minutes minimum;
  • Receive downtime warnings via emails, RSS fees and Twitter for free.


If you want to know more, please follow www.100pulse.com.


As one brand of Metadot, Montastic provides both free and paid uptime monitoring services. Take a look at its free plan, with features like:

  • Monitoring 3 websites;
  • Each website being polled every 30 minutes;
  • Sending emails to alert you about the website status.


Please visit www.montastic.com for sign up and use Montastic free website monitoring services.


BinaryCanary is a sub brand of Neovation. It offers various kinds of monitoring, such as common URL monitoring as well as router monitoring. Moreover, it makes checks from multiple places throughout the world. BinaryCanary free account supports:

  • 5 http or https monitors;
  • 15 minutes monitoring interval;
  • Multiple users for each account;
  • Free notification methods including email and SMS by Email.


www.binarycanary.com is for you to acquire more information.


At last, we would like to introduce Pingdom. Though it only offers a free trial solution for 30 days, it is so awesome. 700,000 users such as Twitter, Microsoft, GitHub and Facebook purchase Pingdom services for uptime monitoring. Actually, besides uptime monitoring services, Pingdom has other services like real user monitoring, transaction monitoring, incident management and so on.

Let’s come back to its uptime monitoring services. You can try any of its Starter, Standard and Professional packages for 30 days. Note that free trials are only for new customers. The Starter package has:

  • 10 checks;
  • 1 real user monitoring site;
  • 1 BeepManager Pro User;
  • 20 SMS alerts.


To try Pingdom uptime monitoring services for 30 days, please visit www.pingdom.com.

When you receive a downtime warning from above tools or other uptime monitoring tools, you have to take measures instantly. Firstly, confirm whether the site is really down. You can visit your site and asking someone in other places to visit it as well, in case of internet connection or browser problems. Next, inform your web host that you have already known the downtime and ask its technicians for help. Then, you had better notify your visitors about the downtime of your site via social media or emails if it is possible. Last, work with your web host or IT support team to figure out why the site is down and fix the problem as soon as possible. If you frequently encounter downtime, you might consider transfer to another more reliable web host. To find out reliable and low cost web hosts, come visit here.

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