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123-Reg Dedicated Server Review

123-reg-logo123-Reg ( has been dedicated to providing easy-to-use products since 2000, plus its comprehensive customer support and rich features, helping it to be the most popular web hosting solution in UK. And 123-Reg was awarded as the Best Dedicated Server provider by Webhost directory. Here we’d like to reveal whether 123-Reg dedicated server is worthwhile purchasing or not.

In below, we will introduce 123-Reg dedicated server through 4 aspects like features, pricing, performance, and customer support. Hoping this article will benefit people who want to know more about dedicated server information.

123-Reg Dedicated Server Review on Features

The S plan of 123-Reg dedicated server which is the smallest plan, includes 4 cores CPU comes from Intel Xeon, 8 GB memory, and 2×1 TB HDD. And if customers have a domain name from another company, they still can point a domain to 123-Reg dedicated server. However it is a pity that no SSD included in any plans.


All its plans come with RAID which includes hardware and software, let alone saying that the highest plan has RAID 10. Additionally, RAID is a protection technology which enhances data safety level usefully with built-in hard disk redundancy. There is also dedicated IP address available for customers, so that they can access server individually from domain names, also customers could set up SSL protection for hosting projects.

123-Reg dedicated server is based with Linux operating system with various distributions, and customers can still have a choice to use Windows OS with extra money. So it also suits Windows users to manage web solutions using .NET and MS SQL.

The web host gives 3 kinds of control panel—Plesk control panel, cPanel and 123-Reg self-developed control panel. These control panels have simplified the progress of websites management successfully, and allow customers to modify specs. In addition, private network is involved in its control panel, connecting multiple servers in a more protected way, but it only exists in higher end plans and not for free. All features above intensify its web hosting control panel capability so as to reboot or reimage machine without delay.

access123-Reg customers can have more freedom to install applications and tailor the software with full administrative root access which even allows them to customize every aspect of web hosting solution for fitting various demands. With the benefit of customizable environment, customers may have more flexibility to develop potential value of websites. Moreover, 123-Reg dedicated server provides the strong support of hardware intensive tasks like latency-critical web applications, communications, and data analysis, enabling customers to work out even the most demanding applications with ease.

As to its unmetered bandwidth, generally speaking, it is the basic offering in most web hosting solution plans that contributes to handling high volumes of website visitors with multiple websites under control. By the way, there is IPMI rescue system available with command line under control and access of fixing server in case of something goes wrong.

All in all, 123-Reg dedicated server hosts relatively customer-friendly web solutions, and operates various infrastructures to ensure good flexibility and stability. But if compare it with other industry-leading dedicated server products like Bluehost or InMotion Hosting, it does not have much competitive advantage.

123-Reg Dedicated Server Review on Pricing

Take 123-Reg dedicated server’s basic plan as an example, it costs £49.00/mo which seems relatively affordable. However, after analyzing all the features included, we find that it contains some hidden charges if customers want to order a series of high-end web solutions.

In addition, customers can only purchase plans by monthly or yearly which seems a less flexible billing term. It also provides discount off for yearly payment customers, but the fact is the web host only accepts about 8% discount off which is much less than those web hosting solutions providing almost same price like HostGator.

It is true that there is a 7 day money back guarantee along with every 123-Reg dedicated server solution. But it is not that impressive given that the cost of registering a domain name will not be involved. In a word, 123-Reg dedicated server is relatively affordable but cannot be called price-valued if compared with other congeneric products.

123-Reg Dedicated Server Review on Performance

In order to reach a high-end internet presence and online performance, 123-Reg utilizes the latest hardware from famous brands like Dell and Intel, cooperating with network routers by Cisco that helps accomplish to handle most possible problems from website hosting.

As for its data centers, they are all based in UK with up to 1Gbps internet connection, its solid network infrastructure with 100 Gbit connectivity built-in, and its power is guaranteed with battery backups, promising a high performance of uptime without less downtime. Also every data center has a high level of protection as the result of being protected well by the best fire detection, suppression, and disaster recovery systems.

123-Reg is subsidiary company of HEG which owns 9 data centers in Europe, with this powerful background, no wonder why its data centers run with high performance, and that it is capable to control multiple sites on a single server, saving customers time and money efficiently.

Customer support

supportCustomers can call or chat with its expert team from 9am to 7pm Monday to Friday in a direct way. And 123-Reg claims that it has an experienced team who are willing to solve any kinds of questions on standby.

Also there is indirect support way with knowledge base available for customers, they can find out what they want through classified categories. Thus they can have their problems solved by themselves. Plus email is also supported.

In addition, dedicated hardware support is set to solve hardware issues, that will actually help prevent from Internet sleeps with 24/7 support.


On the whole, 123-Reg provides reliable and flexible dedicated server under the strong background of HEG and it is famous for its easy-of-use for customers from any kinds of skill level. However, its cost performance is uncompetitive by comparing with other products with similar configuration. If customers want to see more information about dedicated servers, we’d like to recommend the solutions listed in our best dedicated server hosting.

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