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123-reg-logoEstablished in 2000, 123-Reg (www.123-reg.co.uk) is the largest provider in the UK which has registered over 3.5 million domain names and hosted over 1million sites. The target customers of the hosting company are businesses and private users, and it aims to simplify the progress of web hosting as easy as 1, 2, 3. No wonder why it can be one of the best UK web hosting providers.

Also there is a wide range of services available. 123-Reg offers both Windows and Linux-based hosting services like popular shared web hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server. In below, we’d like to talk about 123-Reg web hosting from five aspects like pricing, features, performance, ease-of-use and customers support.

123-Reg Review on Pricing

As for the web hosting pricing, the Essentials Plan which is the smallest and cheapest one costs customers £2.49/mo ex VAT. The price seems relatively affordable, but customers can only buy it yearly, making it a little inconvenient for someone who wants to have a shorter period to test it out.

123-Reg Web Hosting 123-Reg Web Hosting
from £2.49/mo

As to other solutions, the startup plan for VPS is £9.99/mo and for dedicated server is £49.00/mo. Both solutions come with optional monthly and yearly billing terms. For those who subscribe to a yearly plan the web host gives them a month free discount off.

Speaking of money back guarantee, 123-Reg shared web hosting customers can request full refund within the first 14 days once they are not happy with the service, while the VPS and dedicated server customers can request within the first 7 days.

123-Reg Review on Features

Whether a web host offers rich features and advanced tools plays a significant importance in choosing a reliable web hosting plan. In below, we will introduce the detailed configurations of 123-Reg shared web hosting, VPS and dedicated server respectively.

Shared Web hosting

The Essentials Plan includes 1 domain that customers can choose freely for one year from a number of .co .uk domain names, alongside one website allowed, 10GB web space, unlimited bandwidth, 1 FTP account, 100 mailboxes and 500MB MySQL database size.

As to scripts, 123-Reg supports PHP 7, Perl, ASP, ASP.NET, custom error pages, Python, Ruby, ImageMagick, GhostScript, Zend Optimiser, GD, RealAudio, and 100 pro website templates, etc.

Its beginner-friendly control panel helps most none-skill levels of customers host web projects with ease. And there are complete genres of applications available in control panel so that customers can administer everything in one place. For some high end plans, there is free SSL included to encrypt website data which helps to get ranked higher in Google.

VPS Hosting

The basic VPS is built with 1 core CPU, 512MB RAM and 25GB storage. With unmetered data transfer, it provides customers high price value of online presence without worries behind.

Customers can choose to host web sites on either a Windows or a Linux server. Every 123-Reg web hosting solution is fully compatible with both operating systems like Debian 7, Fedora 17, CentOS 6, Windows Server 2008 R2 and etc. According to different operating system users, the web host gives optional cPanel, Plesk control panel besides its self-developed 123 Reg control panel.

And it allows customers to run multiple sites or handle multiple customers with ease. Its VPS backs up once every 24 hours, in case customers meet unlikely event of hardware failure that websites will recover with little downtime.

Dedicated server

123-Reg dedicated server features in multiple server options. Its S plan has Intel Xeon 4-core CPU, 8 GB memory, 4 threads, 2TB HDD, RAID 1 software, and unlimited data transfer. On the same machine, customers can save time and money with hosting various websites, and full root access enables them to maximize individuality and flexibility.

123-Reg Review on Performance

Customers are unlikely to experience any network downtime from 123-Reg thanks to the use of the latest Cisco architecture with different back bone providers on its network.

It utilizes the world’s leading manufacturers, which are the latest HP and Dell severs driven by the latest generation of Intel processors to promise the excellent performance for each online presence. All websites at 123-Reg can enjoy the super-fast page loading times, and especially they can be valued by Google to help website get higher SEO rankings.

123-Reg data centers are based in the UK, all of them work well with using multiple 10 gigabit connection for direct access to the major internet exchanges. That is to say the websites visitors will get a good experience from its optimum performance. In addition, ever data center is ensured to be eco-friendly green that cost the minimal energy.

123-Reg Review on Ease-of-Use

As well, usability is also a critical aspect for any web hosting provider.

Control panel

123-Reg offers 3 kinds of control panels, Plesk, cPanel and 123 Reg control panel which can suit most customers’ demands.

In detail, Plesk control panel is based on Linux or Microsoft OS, and it allows customers to administer websites in a fast, clear and efficient way with any internet browser. cPanel is Linux based control panel which is popular with its graphical interface and it is easy for customers to control many aspects of websites and server administrations. These two control panels are offered for free for certain customers.

And 123-Reg also develops its own control panel at no cost which has intuitive online interface, making it convenient to update any changes without time limits.


Customers can add optional FTP backup storage for the sake of valuable data. Plus 123-Reg sets multiple layers of protection by a secure firewall to keep data safe, and regular backups for all data.

123-Reg Review on Customer Support

Customers can contact with 123-Reg support team by ticketing system where requests will be sent to the appropriate department as soon as possible. 123-Reg has an expert grade team to support customers with telephone and chat from 9am to 7pm Monday to Friday.


With so many years’ advancement, 123-Reg has become a quite reliable web host nowadays. Its state-of-the-art performance is backed by rock solid network and data center infrastructure. The web host, in addition, offers rich advanced yet affordable features to help customers of all skill levels establish web projects with spending less time and money. And the strong and professional support team staffs are arranged for all products and services.

More information, please visit www.123-reg.co.uk.


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