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123-Reg VPS Review

123-reg-logoAs the largest web hosting provider in the UK, over 3.5M domain names and 1M sites are operated by 123-Reg(www.123-reg.co.uk). This company utilizes the latest infrastructures and advanced web hosting services that are capable to suit all skill levels customers. Plus its expert support teams are placed on standby that solves any problems efficiently. As a result, 123-Reg has gained millions of loyal customers distributed in the worldwide.

In below, we are going to reveal what 123-Reg VPS’s advantages or disadvantages are from 4 aspects: features, pricing, performances and customer support. This article will indeed help readers who want to find a best VPS hosting solution to build or host with.

123-Reg VPS Review on Features

123-Reg VPS is based on either Linux or Windows operating system, and each OS contains many options so that customers can choose whichever they prefer to use.

In details, 123-Reg VPS hosting solution is compatible with various Linux operating systems like Debian 7, Fedora 17, CentOS 6 etc. Some popular software will be pre-installed on Linux, such as Apache, Perl, PHP, Python and MySQL. While its Windows VPS hosting comes with the latest Windows Server 2008 R2 OS and IIS7, also suiting most designers and developers to create web projects utilizing MS SQL, ASP.NET and .NET.

By the way, besides its multiple operating system options, 123-Reg VPS provides optional control panels according to different operating system users.123-reg-vps-cp

The web host gives Plesk control panel, cPanel and 123-Reg control panel. Those control panels enable customers to manage their websites with multiple sites under control in a more simplified and efficient way. In addition, it offers access to allowing customers to modify specs through the control panel, in a no obstacles way of migrating websites to a new package.

And 123-Reg VPS hosting also offers customers great flexibility. With the hosting solution, customers can use their own PHP .ini files, Webserver Configuration, and modules with exceeding restrictions of classic web hosting and running any applications. That means that 123-Reg provides full Administrator access for customers to customize their VPS in a more customisable hosting environment.

Moreover, 123-Reg guarantees that customers are less likely to meet unlikely hardware failure because its VPS hosting is backed up once every 24 hours so that they can recover with very little downtime.

123-Reg VPS has four packages available: STARTER, L, XL, XXL. Even the smallest package contains rich features as 1 core CPU processor, 512MB RAM, 25GB storage, and unlimited data transfer.


And there are also many optional extras available to make the VPS hosting solution even better, for example, customers can add FTP Backup storage to keep valuable data in a safer way, additional IP addresses will enhance data security level with multiple SSL certificates, Kaspersky anti-virus protection included is set to against malware and viruses for every server. Moreover, customers may find more power and functionality in Plesk Power Pack, and they can get premium server add-ons for Plesk to promote the plan’s configuration.

123-Reg VPS Review on Pricing

The Starter plan for VPS charges at £9.99/mo which seems relatively affordable. And it is flexible that customers can choose contract period from monthly or yearly billing term, plus if customers purchase yearly plan, they will get one month fee discount off by the web host.

123-Reg VPS Promo 123-Reg VPS Promo
1 Month Fees Off

And it is worth mentioning that customers would get money back for the first 7 working days by calling support team, if they have decided to cancel the service. However it is a little bit inconvenient that the web host only accepts UK pounds deal.

In addition, if customers want to get more information about other best VPS hosting solutions like InMotion Hosting, Bluehost, or LiquidWeb, they can refer to our best VPS hosting page.

123-Reg VPS Review on Performance

We have talked about 123-Reg VPS’s flexibility and stability above, but 123-Reg also does a lot of works to accomplish remarkable hosting performance.

The first we measure 123-Reg VPS takes is its hardware. 123-Reg VPS utilizes the latest Dell hardware and virtualisation technology in its servers that efficiently helps customers create web applications in a more professional way with high-end performance. That is to say, customers can control multiple sites on a single VPS for handling plenty of web visitors in time, without worrying about website speed.

The second aspect contributes to 123-Reg VPS is its rock solid platform which is also impressed. RAID disk arrays, battery backup and generators, dual power supplies, alongside dual network connections, are all contributing to its fully redundant servers, so that customers’ web projects are able to keep up around-the-clock, and they are unlikely to meet downtime events.

The last aspect we’d like to analyze is its data centers which are based in UK. They also contribute to the maximum uptime of web hosting solution with onsite hardware support. And multiple 10 gigabit connection with direct access to the major internet exchanges is the basic configuration in data centers that helps the websites visitors have a good experience from its optimum performance. In addition, its data centers are eco-friendly which helps to decrease servers’ cost invisibly.

In a word, for all outstanding performances 123-Reg VPS has, they combine together help customers develop optimized potentials from websites successfully.

123-Reg VPS Review on Customer Support

Directly customers can call or chat with its expert team from 9am to 7pm Monday to Friday for any kinds of questions.

There is also indirect support like Knowledge base where questions are classified with different genres so that customers can find most asked questions’ answers and tutorials quickly. Therefore, they can independently have their simple problems solved if they don’t want to wait in line for real support representative.

Is 123-Reg VPS Recommended?

Actually, we do recommend 123-Reg VPS hosting for its rich features and rock solid reliability. And its simplified web hosting solution and affordable price that can help customers save time and money additionally, plus it allows more flexible control which adds more individuation on websites. So it will suit people who are business owners or designers coming from small to medium-sized companies well.

More information, please visit www.123-reg.co.uk.

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