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1and1 Cloud Server Review

Cloud hosting solutions are well-known for the faster speed, and dedicated hosting solutions can offer the best security and the full server control for customers due to dedicated hosting environment. When hosts technically integrate cloud hosting and dedicated servers, then cloud servers come into being. It can provide the faster speed, better reliability, and the best privacy for customers’ business and websites.

In below, we are to compose a comprehensive review on 1and1 cloud servers. This analysis will consist of 1and1 cloud server features, pricing, performance, and customer support. By reading this comprehensive review, our readers could understand whether it is a good option for their business and website or not.

Who Is 1and1?

1and1 logoIn 1998, 1and1 ( began to do web hosting business. Now, with more than 15 years of development, 1and1 has grown into a giant in the industry. As one of the largest web hosting providers, 1and1 can offer a wide range of products. Generally, there are shared hosting, email hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated servers, and cloud servers. Domain registration services are available as well!

Expanding all over the world, 1and1 currently employs more than 7,000 staffs working for it. And by far, 1and1 has served more than 15 million customers.

1and1 Cloud Server Review on Features

1and1 cloud server is claimed as the best value cloud server in the market. Traditionally, 1and1 cloud servers are unmanaged with full root access to customers’ operating systems. Now it has added on new managed option with customers’ choice of stack. It means 1and1 will have the operating system administration, managing their OS and servers.

For operating systems, 1and1 allows customers to choose their prefer operating systems. If they want Linux OS, there are multiple versions of Ubuntu OS, Debian OS, and CentOS. If they prefer Windows OS, they can choose from Windows Server 2008 (64 bit) and Windows Server 2012 (64 bit). Note: for 1and1 new managed cloud servers, they can only choose from Linux OS with different stacks, like Drupal, WordPress, Apache + MySQL + PHP 7.0, and etc.


More importantly, 1and1 cloud servers are fully customizable. The company not only allows customers to select their configuration of OS and management, but also gives customers great power to configure their servers at budget pricing.

Besides, 1and1 also offers multiple tools for management and configuration. Full root access is available with Windows and Linux packages; 1&1 Cloud panel offers centralized administration controls for easy management of each function and feature. 1&1 control panel can help customers access their account information and do simple management for their contact.

As for 1and1 standard configurations of unmanaged cloud server, there are Cloud Server M/L/XL/XXL/3XL/4XL/5XL plans available! Customers can get up to 16 CPU vCore, 48 GB RAM, 500 GB SSD storage. These can be adjusted anytime. Customers can also start with 1and1 fully flexible configurations. It is Cloud Server FLEX, including 1vCore, 1 GB memory, and 20 GB SSD storage. Based on their needs, they can easily find which one is more suitable to go with.


About cloud server top features, 1and1 can deploy a VM in 55 seconds; the fastest and latest storage technology SSD storage is included by default; all virtual servers are stored in SAN storage to ensure the best possible security; easy upgrade can be done without downtime. More than 100 popular applications like Magento, WP, and ownCloud can be installed directly from cloud panel or 1and1 cloud app center, helping their project getting online faster.

These are just part of their features we’d like to display to our readers, and according to these features, we can easy to find out that 1and1 cloud servers are feature-rich with extreme control over their servers.

1and1 Cloud Server Review on Pricing

1an1 is very famous for its cheap web hosting. For the cloud server, 1and1 also set up budget pricing for a wide range of customers.

Currently, 1and1 offers one month free to all cloud server packages. As for 1and1 Linux unmanaged cloud servers, the entry-level packages regularly start at 9.99/month with unlimited traffic, custom stack configuration, dedicated resources, private IP addresses, 1×2.0 GHz vCore, 1 GB memory, and 50 GB SSD storage. If customers only buy it with one month term, according to its current discount of 1-month free service, customers can totally enjoy it free for charge.

1and1 Cloud Server Deal 1and1 Cloud Server Deal
1 Free Month

Other more, customers can choose 1and1 hourly payment. The entry-level package above only charges at $0.014/hour and also comes with 1 month of free service. To learn more 1and1 hosting deal information, customers can read 1and1 Coupon.

1and1 Cloud Server Review on Performance

1and1 cloud servers are supported by multiple data centers. So, the company offers the flexibility for customers to choose data centers. In order to optimize the page loading time, it is amazing that customers can choose the server located as close as to them possible!

Moreover, those data centers 1and1 used are among the safest and most modern in the US. All of them are verified with ISO27001:2013 certification from TUV Nord. It means they are secure data centers.

In addition to that, for the maximum security and reliability, 1and1 also offers secure data transaction. Symantec SSL certificates are one of the features by default, which can offer maximum protection of their website. DDoS protection also secure customers’ website against hackers’ attacks as well as cybercrime. To ensure the security of customers’ data, 1and1 offers easy backup solution.

Besides, 1and1 uses the load balancer to distribute customers’ traffic workload between several of their server with a few clicks. SSD storage and SAN storage are used to optimize customers’ server speed.

1and1 Cloud Server Review on Customer Support

If customers want to move their existing hosting to another data center, they can use 1and1 cloud panel and ask help from 1and1. Its support team will always be here to lend a hand for them. For contact, customers can use toll-free phone call that is available around the clock. Besides, 1and1 also has free e-mail support. It is provided by a team of trained experts.

If customers need more support, they can buy its manage cloud servers. 1and1 will cover operating and server management for customers. Or, they can go to 1and1 help center where a lot of featured articles and frequently asked questions are posted.

Do We Recommend 1and1 Cloud Server?

Yes, we do! We are willing to recommend 1and1 cloud servers. It comes with free trail, extremely rich features, highly-secured and fast performance, as well as standard support. Wonderful flexibility and managed services are both available! So, we think 1and1 cloud servers are good to host with for business website owners.

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