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1and1 Dedicated Server Review

1and1-dedicated-server-220The 1and1 started business in 1988 and now this company has become one of the largest web hosting company. 1and1 offer a great range of services to help people build their own website, that includes registration, domain, shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated server hosting, email services, VPS hosting services, internet marketing and many more. This company has about 12 million customers and it is managing about 18 million domains worldwide.

In below, we will receive 1and1 Dedicated server to explain why it’s one of the best cheap Dedicated server in the market.

1and1 Dedicated Server Include Rich Features

1and1 dedicated server come with rich features at an affordable price. Its Entry-Level servers start from $39.99/mo only and include 2 Cores x 2.6 GHz, 2 GB memory, and 2x500GB RAID1 storage. This is the best cheap dedicated server you can find in the industry.


The server offers up to 64 GB RAM and 32 cores. Users can get the full root access service, and perform server monitoring from their mobile devices too. the Parallel Plesk Panel 11 is available for free. The company is also offering excellent security services along.

1and1 Dedicated Server is Cheap

As you can see in above, 1and1 dedicated server starts fom $39.99/mo only, and you can get this price with a monthly payment term. 1and1 makes dedicated server affordable to almost everyone. The company does charge $49.99 for setup fee, however if we look at the overall fee it charges, this price is still quite competitive.

1and1 Dedicated Server 1and1 Dedicated Server
33% Off

And now, people could get free SSD upgrade if they go with X4i server, which means you can pay as low as $99.99/mo to get a dedicated server with SSD, 4*3.5GHZ CPU, 16GB memory.

Reliability, Server Speed and Data Center and Infrastructure

1and1 firm is managing 40,000 servers. The data center of this firm is located in Kansas. These dedicated servers are equipped with more than 50 GBIT connectivity and redundant connection lines. They are capable of routing thousands of Tera-bytes of traffic per month without any problem of data jamming.

The 1and1 hosting firm guarantees 99.9 % uptime speed. Its dedicated server could be managed and unmanaged depending on what customers prefer, either one will be protected by External Cisco-based IP firewall. Compared with 1and1 shared hosting and vps hosting, its dedicated servers are much more promising and they can handle high traffic easily without any problem.

1and1 Offer Fine Customer Support

The customer support of this company is available 24/7. You can contact them via E-mail, call and online too. The customer support is not much good, so you should not expect a good response. In order to troubleshoot, you need to possess good knowledge of servers so that you can handle the issues by yourselves.

In general, we only recommend 1and1 to webmasters or business owners who have the capability to maintain web servers by themselves.

1and1 Dedicated Server Review Summary

The 1and1 dedicated servers are recommended regarding their cheap, featured rich and reliable service. Its recommended by me for skilled webmasters or businesses owners. To know more about 1and1 and its dedicated server, please visit

1and1 dedicated server

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