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1and1 Email Hosting Review

Email nowadays has become the primary tool for communication in work and personal life, which inspires some people to take advantage of it for business purpose. Spending some money on buying an email hosting solution instead of relying on a free email service is a preferred choice for these business owners, as a result of the larger and customized storage space, secured communication, technical support, specialized email services with advanced features for mobile devices, plus company trust.

The following 1and1 Email Hosting Review will center on the features, performance, customer support and pricing the hosting solution comes with to analyze whether it is recommended.

About 1and1

1and1 logo1and1 ( is an experienced specialist that has been engaged in hosting business for about 26 years. With years of development, 1and1 has grown up into a global hosting company with 15 million domains under management. Particularly in UK, the web host is praised as the best UK web hosting provider for the low-cost services and reliable performance.

With a wide range of online services and tools, including domain names, website design, web hosting, eCommerce website builder, online marketing solution, and SSL certificate, etc., 1and1 is dedicated to being the terminal to all potential customers.

1and1 Email Hosting Is Cheap

As one of the best cheap web hosting providers in the industry, 1and1 never overcharges customers for the online services, the email hosting is no exception.

Starting at only $0.99/mo, 1and1 email hosting beats most similar services on the market if just in terms of price. Upon purchase, every customer receives a 30 day money back guarantee. That is, customers can cancel their packages within the first 30 days from date of purchase to receive a full refund.

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1and1 Email Hosting Features Rich

1and1 email hosting is designed to meet specific needs of both small to mid-sized businesses and individuals. Two options along with different storage are offered so that customers can choose one in accordance with their demands.

Designed for demanding users, the Basic plan has 2GB of storage per mailbox and POP/IMAP retrieval included. There is also 2GB of cloud storage that’s perfect for saving documents, while the Business package is a full professional email hosting solution to online communications.


In addition to everything found within the Basic package, customers can also benefit from 50GB of storage per mailbox, real-time synchronization, group collaboration tools such as Events, Calendar, Document management, and etc.

The process of creating a new email address using the 1and1 email hosting packages is very easy and quick. Simply hear over to the 1and1 website, customers can begin the registration process by clicking the Sign Up button.

Thereafter, they are allowed to access their settings and accounts from any web browser like Chrome or Firefox in the help of the 1and1 Control Panel. Another methods to have the process done is making use of the dedicated mobile app developed by 1and1 itself. Both methods enable customers to have their own email address successfully created at any time when the associated resources or account setting are being managed.

Featuring full IMAP support, 1and1 email hosting makes it possible for each customer to easily retrieve their mail no matter where they might be. Due to exclusive functionality that IMAP comes with—allowing customers to synchronize their emails across the popular devices like smartphone, tablet, and computer, every customer is able to get benefit from the maximum flexibility of answering and organizing their emails while they are out of the office or on the move.

Additionally, email hosting with IMAP functionality enables a company to have multiple email accounts setup for employee thus encouraging greater cooperation via a very simplified communication system. Along with all of these is full webmail access to complement the IMAP functionality as needed.

1and1 Email Hosting Is Reliable

Hosted with 70,000 servers run in seven world-class data centers covering Europe and The USA regions, 1and1 email hosting solutions significantly improves the connection speed with no single point of failure, due to emergency diesel generators and plumb gel batteries creating interruption-free power supply.


Powered by brand new server hardware integrated with the latest technologies, all servers are able to transfer more than 5 billion emails each month in high performance therefore bringing with excellent email hosting experience. Additionally, backed by multiple redundant 65 GBit/s connectivity, 1and1 email hosting impresses customers with quite high fast loading times.

For purpose of remaining good reliability and high security, 1and1 makes use of 24-hour surveillance by highly qualified specialists, two-way firewall, and anti-spam filter protection. No wonder why it is capable of guaranteeing 99.9% uptime.

With all of these efforts in and around the data centers, customers with 1and1 email hosting can have peace in mind depending on its reliable performance and security.

1and1 Offers Friendly Support

Having been evolved in hosting area for many years, 1and1 has built a team of experts who are trained in the email hosting side of things. So, customers can feel free to rely on its support if they have any related problems.

Hoping to consult a professional expert face to face? No problem. 1and1’s well-trained and knowledgeable support staffs are ready to give assistance around the clock through toll-free telephone. They can also ask for help via the 1and1 control panel or email system. 1and1 promises to respond to each request within minutes.

Wanting to solve the problem independently? No problem. 1and1 has an extensive knowledgebase consisting of many useful and helpful tutorials and articles to assist these customers.


It is easy to get the conclusion that 1and1 email hosting service is worth hosting with, because:

  • Budget price—The lowest price of 1and1 email hosting only needs $0.99/mo;
  • Reliable Performance—Powered by rock solid infrastructure, 1and1 email hosting releases customers from worrying about server downtime or latency;
  • No overselling—1and1 does not oversell, which means customers get what they paid for;
  • 30 days free trial—Customers can have a try out the email hosting solution within the first 30 days to measure whether or not go with 1and1.

If you are looking for more detailed information about 1and1 and its email hosting service, please visit to check out.

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