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It is undoubted that 1and1 is one of the largest companies in the industry, but it might not be the best hosting choice for website owners. In below 1and1 review, we will explain why.

1and1 (www.1and1.com) is a web hosting company owned by United Internet, a German company, offering both Linux and Windows cheap hosting solutions to customers. Besides, 1and1 provides domain registration, website builder, online marketing, SSL, etc.

1and1 Special Coupon

1and1 is well-known for cheap web hosting. However, it uses special coupons to much decrease price of the first year to allure customers, and then charges high in the second year, which doesn’t look friendly to customers.

For example, its shared hosting starts from $0.99/mo for the first year, and then $6.99/mo.

1and1 Pricing In 1st Year 1and1 Pricing In 1st Year

Combines prices of the first year with that of the second year, we find out that the average cost by purchasing above web hosting is $3.99/mo immediately. This is not a good price actually since there are many other web hosts who offer better hosting at a lower price if people choose a two years service term.

For example, iPage, one of the leading web hosts in the industry, offers much more features than 1and1, and its price is only $1.99/mo when the customer signs up a two years service with it.

1and1 Review on Price Value

To compete with other web hosts, 1and1 updates its web hosting with more features. For example, instead of 100 GB disk space and 1 hosted website, 1and1 entry level hosting plan now contains unlimited disk space and hosted websites. Besides, the plan has unlimited traffic, one free domain, 20 MySQL 5 databases, 100 email accounts, 20 FTP accounts and OS options.

In terms of 1and1 hosting price, customers will be delighted to get the service at an affordable price. Above plan is at a monthly price of $0.99 for the first year, and then $6.99/mo.

If customers need more features, they can choose other 2 shared hosting: Unlimited Plus at $4.99/mo for the first year and Unlimited Pro at $8.99/mo for the first year. The company offers VPS and dedicated hosting on Linux and Windows as well.

1and1 Review on Reliability

Although the company claims that its state of the art green facilities can bring customers power, connectivity and security to operate their websites, our experts find that the company makes no claims or promises regarding uptime and speed.

Based on tons of existing customers’ feedbacks, we can say that customers’ websites always go offline and the speed is very slow. What’s worse, 1and1 lacks continuous innovations and world-class technologies to virtualize its web servers  so that it has no strength to guarantee customers high-performance reliability in a shared hosting environment.

1and1 Review on Ease-of-Use

In terms of its control panel, 1and1 uses self-developed control panel instead of the industry standard choice like cPanel and Plesk, which will increase some learning curve when using its servers.

The company also enables SSH access and WebDAV access. It backs up servers everyday and allows webspace recovery.

Currently, 1and1 accepts PayPal and credit cards including American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

1and1 Customer Support is so-so

Generally speaking, 1and1 customer support is not good when compared with some giant web hosts, such as InMotion Hosting, iPage and more.

If customers have some queries or problems, they can only contact its support center via phone and email. Unfortunately, live chat is not available. According to our findings, it is clear that customers will wait a long time to receive a response from 1and1. Unquestionably, it will waste customers’ time and energy.

The company claims 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, but it won’t refund some fees, such as domain name registration fee, software shipping and handling fee, used bandwidth fee and more.

Is 1and1 a Good PHP Hosting Provider?

Though 1and1 provides PHP-friendly features as following, it is still not a good PHP hosting provider, since actual performance of websites hosted on its servers often turns out bad.

  • PHP 5.5, 5.6 and even the latest version 7.0;
  • MySQL 5 databases;
  • up to 512 MB PHP memory limit;
  • 1and1 control panel and app center.

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1and1 is one of the industry largest web hosts, who is well-known for offering cheap hosting service. However, it is not a good choice when hosting WordPress sites.

WordPress Runs Slowly on 1 and 1 Server

Although the company claims to guarantee 24/7 network monitoring and fast online speed, customers’ WordPress websites always go off line and the speed is slow.

The main issue of 1and1 right now is that their MySQL is not well-optimized which makes all the web site with database interaction become very slow. In our experience, if your WordPress site only have few page, then you can consider it, otherwise, it becomes suffering.

1and1 Customer Support for WordPress

At 1and1, it is said that the company offers 24/7 customer supports via phone call and email. However, 1and1 does not help on WordPress issues. If your WordPress doesn’t work well, you have to figure out the root cause and then ask for help from 1and1 if it’s related to server. This is really not WordPress friendly.

And if you request support via email, it takes you at least 2 rounds. It’s interesting that any request  people send to them the first reply always asks for customer ID and password. Then another 8 hours waiting, you will receive the reply on your request.

1and1 is not Recommended for WordPress

According to what we have analyzed above, it is obvious that 1and1 is not a wise option for customers to run WordPress websites. And we would recommend Bluehost as an better alternative for hosting WordPress.


1and1 Is Not Recommended

In short, 1and1 hosting price is affordable, but its customer support is bad, speed is slow, and uptime is just so-so. Considering there are so many great hosting companies in the industry, we do not recommend 1and1 for customers. In comparison, ipage is a better alternative for individuals, bloggers and small business that can offer more optimized features, better high-performance reliability and more high-qualified customer support to customers.

With more than 15 years in business, iPage is a trusted and reliable web host, which can not only offer very low price, starting from 1.99/mo, but several optimized features, such as unlimited disk space, data transfer, domain hosting, email accounts, free site builder, free domain name registration and free instant setup as well as $100 free Google advertising credits, $ 50 free Facebook ads credits and $ 50 free Bing ads credits.

Moreover, iPage customers can get access to industry-leading vDesk and be ensured Anytime Money Back Guarantee with no questions asked. In addition, its technical support center can always provide customers with top of the line assistances via email, phone and live chat.

Looking for more information about iPage, please visit http://www.ipage.com/ or check out iPage review.

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7 thoughts on “1and1 Review”

  1. I chose 1&1 over any other host because it provides an enormous amount of disk space. It is absolutely affordable and building a website is extremely simple. I was super impressed with the support team. They helped me through the difficult phasing. I would strongly recommend this to all the bloggers and small business owners.

  2. No complains at all. I got my perfect plan at a very cheap rate. I will always suggest their services to beginners for hassle-free hosting.

  3. When I saw their prices, I was shocked. I didn’t know hosting can be this cheap. But, before I became their customer, I didn’t know anyone could provide services of this level. They are definitely one of the best in the market. A CPU of 4×2.1 GHz and a 4GB memory. What more do you need from your hosting service provider?

    1. They are best at their price I could not have got such a web host at such a price. They provided me with the additional feature of SSL certificate for free. I always loved their WordPress themes, and it provided me the best WordPress themes too. 1&1 is not that perfect and has some undetected flaws too. But it’s improving day by day.

  4. I’m really pleased with 1&1’s customer support as they addressed any issues that I faced and resolved it fast. The reliable servicing support was very kind with my problem. You would not require any extra effort at all! The services are great, and the pricing is very reasonable. There might be some trouble in backing up the email addresses from the website though, apart from that they stand tall in tech support.

    1. It provided me best cheap web hosting solutions for bloggers and small businesses. It is fast because of its multiple data centers. At a low price, it gives a feature of cPanel even to its customers, and it proved best web host for me. It provides high-performance PHP Hosting.

  5. There are so many web hosts in the market now, and I personally suggest you to never take up 1&1. Though they started with a good customer care and technical support, over years it has become a struggle to keep your website even open securely, with them as the web host. The biggest trouble is setting up the SSD and backing up the email addresses.

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