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1and1 UK Dedicated Server Review

1and1-uk-dedicated-server1and1 UK ( is one of the most well-known and reliable web providers based in the UK area. The company provides customers with a flexible and wide range of product options including MyWebsite, hosting, mail, reputable domain and dedicated server services. Until now, 1and1 UK has been hosting thousands of domains and websites around the world.

In the following, we will review 1and1 UK dedicated server from its feature, price, performance and customer support factors to explain why it is recommended.

1and1 UK Dedicated Server Features

Based on their specific demands, customers can choose entry-level servers, performance servers, business line by Dell or 1and1 value servers at 1and1 UK. Each of them has different disk space, processor, RAM, speed resources and many other features. No matter which one people choose, they will receive plenty of guaranteed features to create websites. For an instance:

  • at least AMD Dual core processor, 2 core x 2.6GHz, 2GB DDR2 RAM, 2 x 500GB space, software RAID1, 1 IP address
  • choice of operating systems as well as mobile monitoring
  • full root access for comprehensive system control, free 1and1 or Parallels Plesk control panel with reset, recovery tool and serial console features
  • multiple script language and database supports, cron jobs, DNS management
  • optional FTP storage, SSL certificate, professional backup, 1and1 antivirus, and etc.
  • other full range of email, 1and1 online storage, marketing tools and website applications

1and1 UK Dedicated Server Price

Before purchasing, customers are allowed to configure the server for perfectly fitting their needs. Its regular price starts from £29.99/mo. Now, 1and1 UK offers a special discount 20% off to new customers. After that, 1and1 UK dedicated server price is cut down to at only £19.99/mo.

This promotion applies to all of 1and1 UK dedicated server solutions. Even better, if customers are not satisfied with its service, they enable to cancel their accounts within the first 30 days, and get a full refund.

1&1 UK Dedicated Server 1&1 UK Dedicated Server
33% Off

1and1 UK Dedicated Server Performance

If customers choose 1and1 dedicated server service, customers’ data and websites will be hosted in one of its Europe’s most modern and high-performance datacenter featuring with generators, cooling systems, various hard drives, dual routers and other equipment.

1and1 UK used industry-leading 300 gbit/s connectivity allows for fast transfer at all time. As the result, even there are many people visit the website, they still could access and interact with the website at fast speed. Meanwhile, 1and1 UK utilizes external Cisco-based IP firewall, specialists 24/7 monitoring, over 150 permanently recording video cameras and others to deliver a safe and secure server experience.

1and1 UK Dedicated Server Customer Support

1and1 UK Help Center contains comprehensive categories, solutions and articles of dedicated server issues. Besides, its support team is available through free 24×7 phone and email. If customers have any questions about its service, they can directly speak or mail the technicians.


1and1 UK is a company who has very long history, and the dedicated server is one of the most reputable services among its full range of web products. It can guarantee both rich features and reliable performance. More importantly, 1and1 UK charges its customers at very cheap price. If people are going to choose a UK-based dedicated server, we highly recommend 1and1 UK.

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