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1and1 Website Builder Review

1and1 ( website builder is popular worldwide and in below 1and1 Website Builder Review, we come to review it to reveal reasons for our readers.

1and1 website builder 220Let’s know some backgrounds of 1and1 before reviewing its website builder. For over 26 years since its establishment, 1and1 has scattered its footprints throughout the world and gained 15 million customer contracts. Besides premium website builder, this company also offers other online solutions, such as cheap web hosting, premium servers, email solutions, ecommerce services and much more.

1and1 Website Builder Pricing Review

1and1 names its website builder services as MyWebsite. Furthermore, since it quite knows that every customer requires differently in features and prices, it designs 3 packages. In addition to that, it offers discounts up to 33% off to make its website builder more affordable and attract more customers.

For package details, please check below:

  • Basic package is at a promotional price of $9.99/mo, including domains, 200 email addresses and essentials for a website, such as drag and drop website builder, online photo editor, 10 GB web space, templates, apps, etc.
  • Plus package is billed at $14.99/mo for promotion, consisting of features in Basic packages plus online marketing benefits and 1and1 image archive.
  • Premium package charges $19.99/mo, which is also a discounted price with online store features and SSL certificates besides all features in Plus package.
1and1 Website Builder 1and1 Website Builder
33% Off

The company also supports customers to upgrade or downgrade their packages anytime at their request. More than that, all new customers will get a 30 day free trial on any package to use 1and1 free website builder to create websites. Before the trail ends, customers could cancel the service anytime.

1and1 Website Builder Feature Review

1and1 MyWebsite packages include almost everything that a website need.

One of them is the web-based drag and drop website builder. With this tool, even people without knowing codes, they could get a multi-functional website setup and maintain it in an easy way. Moreover, people can edit content anywhere via any devices, such as a tablet. Thus, website setup and maintenance are technical issues any longer but handy things with 1and1 builder.

This company provides other tools, such as online photo editor to help its customers create website more easily. If customers want, they could ask 1and1 experts to build websites for them, including designs, images, content, functionality, etc.

What’s more, 1and1 conducts weekly security updates for customers. The company cares about SEO of their websites. It opens Online Success Center, which helps optimize websites for Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. 1and1 also provide search engine advertising credits to get customers’ websites found.

The company gives its customers SiteAnalytics to measure their success. This tool works both on desktop and smart phones. So at anytime anywhere, customers could check how many visitor their site attract, which page is hot, how visitors behave when they visit sites, etc. According to data SiteAnalytics collects, customers can adjust their SEO plans to improve their online visibility.

1and1 Template Review

1and1 provides hundreds of templates for customers to pick up a right one. The templates cover almost all industries and tastes, like art, transportation, health and beauty, construction and real estate, retail, restaurants, and much more. By browsing with these categories, customers will fast get some templates meeting their requirements. Or they can just enter what they want and search templates.

1and1 templates

Furthermore, 1and1 templates are high quality. They are also pre-installed with text and images corresponding to their themes. So, to save time, people can make small adjustments and quickly get sites setup. The templates are also responsive. Customers can adjust the theme, site layout and color at anytime. For different devices, these templates are automatically adjusted to the most suitable sizes as well.

For customers going with 1and1 Plus and Premium packages, they get access to 1and1 image archive, which have more than 20,000 high-resolution photos.

1and1 App Review

1and1 provides customers with over 300 apps, via which customers could enhance functionality of their websites.

In 1and1 app library, we check out that the app types are diverse as well. The main types include contact and communication, social networks, products and documents, multimedia, and web services.

The interface of app library is also user friendly with app recommendations, top rated apps, mobile ready apps and specific categories. It also comes with “Search” function. Thus, customers will efficiently get apps they like.

Some recommendable apps from 1and1 are Dropbox, Google Calendar, Twitter, Blog, Act! Essentials, Automobile, Bookingbug, etc.

1and1 Reliability and Speed Review

1and1 has housed more than 70,000 servers in 7 modern data centers located in USA and Europe. So, based on its redundant web hosting platform, websites created via its drop and drag website builder is quite reliable. And 1and1 has been endeavored to ensure 100% uptime by maintaining uninterruptable power supply, 24/7/365 monitoring, backup solutions, etc. The page loading speed is also fast due to redundant network connections.

1and1 Customer Support Review

Besides the straightforward website builder, 1and1 offers customer support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. To get contact with its experts, customers just need to send emails or make calls. In general, emails will be replied within 48 hours. If it is emergent, making a call is a better way to get immediate support.

In addition to that, 1and1 has an informative help center, in which there is a specific MyWebsite support category. Customers could find out popular articles regarding MyWebsite, tutorials on how to use editors, guide on SEO, etc. Therefore, people can not only resolve problems, but also learn new knowledge there.


After above reviews on all aspects of 1and1 website builder, we have a full understanding on it. 1and1 website builder is easy to use. Customers will have many options on templates and apps. They sites are search engine friendly, secure and reliable as well as load fast. 1and1 has user friendly support too. And pricing is reasonable with a free trial. Therefore, we highly think 1and1 website builder is worthwhile to have a try.

For more information about 1and1 website builder or to claim 1and1 free website builder trial, please visit

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