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1and1 Windows Cloud Hosting Review

Cloud hosting providers span a vast range of expertise, services, and capabilities. To be a best of the best cloud hosting provider, one should offer a reliable yet secure infrastructure platform that is capable of supporting and scaling business critical missions easily as customers’ needs change. However, choosing a great cloud hosting service is never an easy task for many prospective cloud clients.

In below, we are going to take 1and1 Windows Cloud Hosting as an example, analyze it around features, prices, speed, uptime, and technical support. Hopefully the article can give your tenable reasons why or why not move your projects to 1and1 cloud.

About 1and1

1and1 ( has grown up into a highly trusted hosting provider for millions of website owners. Headquartered Montabaur, Germany, 1and1 is operating at seven state-of-the-art data centers in Europe and the USA. The hosting company offers a wide variety of online products and services, including domain registration, shared web hosting, VPS, cloud servers, dedicated servers, website builder, SSL certificate, etc.

1and1 Windows Cloud Hosting Review on Pricing

1and1 has been always famous for providing cheap web hosting packages, the Windows cloud hosting service is no exception.

Two types of Windows cloud hosting solutions are available: the pre-configured packages and the customizable plans. For a pre-configured Windows cloud hosting solution, the starting price is set at $14.99/mo, and that of a customizable Windows cloud hosting solution is set at $22.28/mo.

Upon sign-up, all hosting accounts will be offered a $100 starting credit that can be applied to the first month’s bill. In other words, customers can benefit from a one-month free trial for 1and1Windows cloud hosting service if their plans happen to charge for less than $100/mo.

1and1 Windows Cloud Deal 1and1 Windows Cloud Deal
$100 Credit

Besides, 1and1 gives all customers a 30-day money back guarantee. If they are not happy with the hosting service for any reason, they can easily cancel to receive a refund within the first 30 days.

Compared any best Windows cloud hosting solutions on the market, 1and1 has competitive advantage when it comes to pricing only.

1and1 Windows Cloud Hosting Review on Features

1and1 pre-configured Windows cloud hosting service comes with seven sizes, with CPU ranging from 1 vCore to 16 vCores Intel Xeon processors, RAM ranging from 1GB to 48GB, and SSD storage ranging from 50GB to 500GB.

The customizable Windows cloud hosting, instead of limiting the number of CPUs, RAM memory and SSD storage that one can use for his/her online project, gives customers full right to configure their cloud server as per specific requirements.

As well, unlimited traffic and unlimited email accounts are included in each Windows cloud hosting account. 1and1 also enables customers to choose from Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2016 operating systems.

Built with the VMware virtualization technology, 1and1 Windows cloud hosting makes it possible for a virtual machine/project to be ready in just 55 seconds. As well, customers can access their server easily via the KVM console and increase their server’s resources without shutting it down.

In order to give peace of mind that every online project is running on a secure, reliable platform, 1and1 offers every Windows cloud hosting account an SSL certificate that ensures a safe exchange of information over the internet. As well, all traffic will be filtered through the 1and1 central firewall within the networks of its data centers before data reaches a cloud server. What’s more, customers can create snapshots, backups, and server images at any time.

In terms of server management, 1and1 has the industry-leading Plesk Onyx control panel that allows customers to manage and process all of the server’s functions and set up user accounts, domains, and email addresses within an integrated intuitive interface.

1and1 Windows Cloud Hosting Review on Speed & Uptime

1and1 is a web host that owns more than 70,000 servers and which are located in seven data center facilities. 1and1 Windows cloud hosting includes three data center locations including the United States, Germany and Spain. Due to that, customers can have the option of creating and holding all virtual machines and other server components mentioned in their contract in different data centers, improving access times to the server and enabling for building transatlantic redundant infrastructures for international customers.

1and1 guarantees nearly 100% uptime at the same time. By configuring each data center with multiple redundant connections to the most important internet hubs, the hosting company delivers impressive connectivity. Therefore, customers can deliver fast loading times and high multi-user capacity experience.

1and1 Customer Support

Customer support has been always an important category that contributes significantly to the overall rating of a web hosting service, including Windows cloud hosting apparently.

1and1 is an experienced Windows hosting provider, in other words, the web host has a team of professional, well-trained experts to address any potential issues before customers discover them. At the same time, they are responsible for helping get a problem raised from customers resolved as soon as possible. 1and1 ensures the support team are available 24/7 via the email system.

To be honest, it is a little disappointing that the web host fails to offer more effective support channels, such as livechat or telephone. In other words, it is inevitable to wait a longer period of time for a response particularly in rush hours. And this is also what 1and1 needs improving as a reputable, trusted hosting company.


Like mentioned above, to be advocated by Windows OS users 1and1 manages to get special in some ways right, for example:

  • 1and1 Windows cloud hosting is cheap that starts at only $14.99/mo and offers a $100 starting credit in addition.
  • 1and1 Windows cloud hosting features rich that comes included SSD storage, multi-core Intel Xeon processors, unlimited traffic, Plesk Onyx, SSL, etc.
  • 1and1 Windows cloud hosting guarantees quite good speed and uptime due to multiple world-class data centers and rock solid network infrastructure.

Though the web host loses a few points for mediocre customer service, it is recommended to small to medium-sized businesses who are looking to move to cloud while caring about budget.

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