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1and1 WordPress Hosting Review

1and1 is one of the industry largest web hosting, who is well-known for offering cheap hosting service. However, is it a good choice when hosting WordPress site? In below 1and1 WordPress hosting review, we will review 1&1 WordPress compatibility, speed, price and customer supports to illustrate why 1&1 is not recommended.

1&1 Doesn’t Upgrade Server for WordPress Timely

1and1 doesn’t upgrade server with the latest version of PHP and MySQL timely. At the time we write the review, 1and1 use PHP 4.4 as the default version, while most of the web hosts have deployed PHP 5.3. This somehow shows it’s hard to benefit the latest technology from 1and1.

Even thought there is no big issue to install WordPress with 1and1, it’s also hard to enable all the potential of WordPress since some of the popular WordPress plugin might not run well on PHP 4.4.

1&1 is no More Cheap

There are 4 hosting solutions from 1and1. To run WordPress, you need to start from BASIC plan at least, which starts at $5.99/mo. This price is not low in nowadays hosting industry, for example, the latest Bluehost coupon is at $3.95/mo, or Justhost Coupon at $2.95/mo, both of them are offering better hosting solutions that 1and1, and the price is cheaper.

WordPress runs Slowly in 1 & 1 Server

slowAlthough the company claims to guarantee 24/7 network monitoring and fast online speed, customers’ websites always go off line and the speed is slow.

The main issue of 1and1 right now is that their MySQL is not well-optimized which makes all the web site with database interaction become very slow. In our experience, if your WordPress site only have few page, then you can consider it, otherwise, it becomes suffering.

1&1 Customer Support for WordPress

At 1&1, it is said that the company offers 24/7 customer supports via phone call and email. However, 1and1 don’t help on WordPress issue. If your WordPress doesn’t work well, you have to figure out the root cause and then ask for help from 1and1 if it’s related to server. This is really not WordPress friendly.

And if you request support via email, it takes you at least 2 rounds. It’s interesting that any request  people send to them the first reply always asks for customer ID and password. Then another 8 hours waiting, you will receive the reply on your request.

1& 1 is not Recommended for WordPress

According to what we have analyzed above, it is obvious that 1$1 is not a wise option for customers to run WordPress websites. And we would recommend Bluehost as an better alternative for hosting WordPress.

Bluehost wordpress hosting ReviewAs the industry Best WordPresss Hosting service provider, Bluehost currently offers PHP 5.2, PHP 5.3 and PHP 5.4 as well as MySQL 5, which are perfect for WordPress. Moreover, Bluehost customers can access powerful hosting environment that could run WordPress fast, securely and reliably.

Its hosting solution is built on Apache, and mod_rewrite Apache module is installed by default so that customers are able to configure the URL of WordPress blog post to be Search Engine Friendly. Besides, PHP run as suPHP will help improve WordPress security.

Instead of the regular price, $6.99/mo, customers can get the service at $3.95/mo by following this exclusive promotion link. To maximize customers’ benefits, Bluehost also guarantees 30 day full money back with no hidden fees.

If customers intend to get to know more information about Bluehost hosting for WordPress, please visit http://www.bluehost.com/.

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