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4 Best WordPress Affiliate Marketing Plugins

Do you want to increase your affiliate sales?

If yes! Then there’s one surefire way to do that.

The secret is how you present your affiliate ads on your blog. If you present it more attractively and selectively then the chances of getting sales gets increased drastically.

If your blog runs on WordPress then you can place affiliate ads the way you want to grab more sales. You can control how your ads should look like, which place it best and etc…

Here are 4 WordPress affiliates Plugins to increase your sales:

Affiliate Link Cloaker

Affiliate link cloaker is very essential affiliate plugin if you wish to earn more from affiliate marketing. This plugin not only cloaks affiliate links also makes them appear more professional as well as “Geo” aware.

You may wonder, What Is Geo Aware?

Geo aware simply means if any American clicks on your Amazon link or ad then he will get redirect to the American Amazon.  If any English user clicks on your ad then he will end up on English Amazon.  Sound interesting. And it also increases the chances of conversions.

This plugin also offers some more exciting feature like making link no follow, setting keywords etc…

SEO Smart Link

Seo smart link is another very cool affiliate marketing plugin which allow us to turn selected words by you into affiliate links.  You can also choose that you want your affiliate word link appear only on your blog post or also in comments.

WordPress ClickBank Integration

If you want to integrate clickbank buy now button into your blog post then you use this plugin.  You can set this plugin very easily from its setting page and you can insert buy now button with the help of short codes.

POPUP Domination

This plugin is very essential if you want to build list and then promote your affiliate products to your member. With this plugin you can create, design, add content to your popup box.  The lightbox of this plugin is very slick which allows users to view content without getting annoyed like most of us do with other pop up plugins. So if you want to build huge quality list for affiliate promotion in short time then popup domination is best option for you.

PS: its premium plugin, you’ve to cut your pockets for this plugin. Quality and amazing things always comes with price tags.

Choose the best affiliate plugin that you think will work best for you and see the impact on your sales. If you know some more awesome affiliate plugin then share it with us in below comments.

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