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5 SEO Techniques That You Are Doing Wrong

Description- Are you following all the right SEO techniques? If you are not sure, then read on as we have discussed some wrong SEO steps that many people do unknowingly.  

SEO technique is optimizing the website so that search engines like Google and Bing will be able to find it. If the technique is archaic, unethical or outside the limits of the search engine guidelines, then it is considered to be bad and does not show up in the search pages.

Search engine optimization or SEO will translate the site into a language that can be understood by the search engines so that the page will show up in the results when searched for by those searching for information. Bad SEO is very common and will end up hurting the Google rankings of the site. Everyone who uses internet to find some information start with the search engine and they tend not to go beyond the first page. So SEO will translate the page so people who search for information, services and products will be able to find it quickly. But certain techniques that are being used can affect the rankings and should be avoided.seo1

Keyword Stuffing

When the same keywords are used again and again in the content to optimize the copy and not actually making the content any more useful is keyword stuffing. Using the words many times in the content is a SEO technique that is used for tricking algorithms of the engines. It will also end up discouraging the visitors from reading the content.

So in this case we will have to consider using synonyms and different alternatives for the same word so that repetition could be avoided. The keyword should not be forced on the content but should be included in a natural way so that it will appear in every part of the content including introduction, title and throughout the body.

Certain techniques like using trends to find which keyword is trending currently and using keyword planner to find the words that generally come up in the search can be used. The words with largest search volume should be avoided but relevant three or four words can be used as a phrase that would make up the majority of the searches. Even when writers target the wrong words it will make the content irrelevant. Using Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) will also help in finding relevant keywords that can be used in the content to make it more interesting and search-optimized. More content can be added than just concentrating on the keywords.

Guest Postingseo2

Most of the websites these days use content promotions, publications and guest posting in order to build the links. It is generally believed to be an effective SEO-enhancing technique. But what is important is the quality and not the quantity. If the links that are included in the guest posts are penalized by Google or it links to the domains that are of less domain authority than 20 then it will reduce the optimization of the website. So in this way link directories will cause severe damage to the website.

The best way to avoid this is to write content that is of high quality and promote it with people who are influential in the niche. It can be promoted on social media sites to reach all the right people and establish a relationship in certain influential sites so that the useful ideas that are used in the content can fit the theme of the site and offer lot of benefits to the readers. Though this technique might take longer than just using guest blogging, it has been proved that few relevant high quality and high authority backlinks are better than many links that are linked to questionable sites.

Copied Content as an important SEO Techniqueseo3

The most important thing to avoid when writing SEO-friendly content is to avoid copying and making sure that the content is original and unique. If the search engine has the exact same content in the index, then copying the content will only make your site irrelevant as it has nothing new to offer. But if the content has to be copied as it will be useful for the readers or due to the nature of the business then it is better to make the content “no index and no follow” so any negative impacts that the copied material could have on the site could be avoided.

Paying for Linksseo4

There are many SEO firms that offer hundreds of links and provide a first-page ranking for certain fees. This should be avoided as these links are generally from sites that are spam and disreputable. It is a bad SEO technique and will affect the ranking as Google will be able to find out the paid backlinks. It might take a lot of time to build a successful blog or site and building effective backlinks will be a part of the process.

Using Optimized Anchors Textsseo5

Optimized anchors are a text that generally uses a keyword for which the site will be ranked. Anchored texts are clickable hyperlinks that will point to the content in the same site or to certain relevant external sites. Using these anchor texts is considered to a way to improve the SEO ranking but now it has been resulting in penalization. This practice has even been warned against in the “Link Scheme” document that was published by Google. When using anchor texts to optimize the website, then it could link the page to some irrelevant content. It will also damage the site’s SEO by gradual algorithmic penalization.

The best way to avoid this would be to use naked URLs and Branded URLs. Long phrases can be used to avoid such problems. Using a lot of links will not make the site high ranking and bring in search traffic. It is important to improve the social signals, marketing of the content and optimizing the onsite aspects like speed, UI, etc. Google webmaster tools can also be used to avoid crawl errors, bad links, copied titles and many more.

To build a successful website, it is important to follow SEO techniques that are ethical and is based on Google standards. The methods should be up-to-date so that it can keep up with the developments in the ranking algorithms.

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