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6 Tips for Reducing WordPress Database Size

If you are new to the concept of the WordPress and the installation procedures, then you might have to keep in mind that there are two significant components present in the WordPress installation. They are

  • WordPress Database
  • WordPress data stored on the server

databaseIt is quite important that you cleanup the database of the WordPress and try to reduce the size. This is an important procedure for most of the WordPress users and is done in order to reduce the given size of the available database to the minimum and ensure that the WordPress blog is quick.

Over the time, you may notice that the WordPress database would get a lot of redundant tables, various entries, multi records, and etc. which can just affect the website. Such kind of activity would reduce the given load of the server and will help in improving the performance of the WordPress.

The following are the steps you need to follow:

Keep the database of the WordPress backup

The important step that you have to do or need to perform is to try to work on the blog database. At times you can use the services of the hosting companies to get backup features so that there is a complete backup of the files as well as database.

Even you can use the WP-db manager plugin in order to take the backup of the given database file. There are various tutorials online from where you can learn and try to employ the given techniques present in it. If you are using the WP-db manager run plugin, then you would needing to run some SQL query, and then drop or empty the database tables using this interactive plugin.

Remove all the post revisions, trash posts, and spam comments

Whatever comments are there in the trash folder or spam folder, you have to empty them. In the same manner, you have to delete all the given post that are there in the trash folder and even delete the revision of the post. In addition, you have the choice of using the WP-optimize tool in order to get this done and that too in a single click.

Search and empty the orphan table

wordpress-databaseIt is important that you select the proper tool and learn its tutorials. Most of the tutorials would be easy to understand and would help you to install and use the Clean options of the WordPress plugins. In addition, simply following the instructions could help you in installing and use the Clean option of the WordPress plugin to check out the unused and orphan tables of the database. This plugin is great in order to clean all the tables. No wonder this is a critical step and it can be used for when you are sure that the table names are not the ones which you are using.

Removing the unused value of the Database

A common step that you can use each year and suggest if you do is the PhpmyAdmin. Previously, if you have worked on using the PHPmyadmin, then you could check out the given easy tutorial and ensure that all the unused meta value from the given database. This will not reduce the database size and it would be useful if one is quite determined to clean the entire current and unused WordPress database.

SQL Queries for reducing the size of database

The major table which is the main cause for increasing the size of the database is the wp commentmeta which is the Akismet plugin. Using this plugin you can simply reduce the commentmeta size and there are two queries that you can run and even use the WP db manager plugin.

One important thing that you need to keep in mind is that the WordPress installation that you do should change the table name containing the database and it is quite different from the codes that you must have used.

Dropping and emptying the unwanted database tables

This particular step is quite common for people who are using WordPress and have a good amount of knowledge about the WordPress tables. Basically, under the plugin of the WP db manager, you can check out the options which can drop and empty the table and then you would be displayed with the list of the tables present in the WordPress. So, you have the option to empty those logs that are least useful and get to drop the tables created by plugins.

Following the above given steps would easily help in optimizing the database and you can see how much size gets reduced from the given database. It is quite easy to optimize the database with the help of using the Optimize options of the WP-db manager plugin. So, simply go ahead and try this particular tool.

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