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7 Best WordPress Plugins for Adsense

Which are the best plugins for inserting Google Adsense?

If your blog runs on WordPress then it’s very easy to add Adsense ads wherever you want to add in your blog. All you’ve to do is just install Adsense plugin that suits your needs and you are ready to put your ads.

Currently, almost every blogger uses Adsense as a primary or secondary source of income, because Adsense is the best and easiest way to make good amount of money online if you keep your eyes open.

If you don’t have Adsense accounts then its right time apply for one. But make sure your site is genuine and serve best content to readers. If yes, then I’m sure you’ll get your account.  And after that you’ve to integrate Adsense ads to your blog.

Here are some plugins which will reduce your effort and make adding Adsense ads to your blog very easy.

Adsense Injection

Insert Adsense ads code randomly into pre-existing pages. Pick a random paragraph (or BR tag) break in your article and add your Adsense code.

You can do some more exciting things form plugin setting page. So, download it and test it out.

Adsense Deluxe

Adsense deluxe offers advanced options for managing the automatic insertion of Adsense ad YPN. You easy switch all Adsense ads color scheme across your entire blog.

AD Rotator WordPress Plugin

You can easily rotate your ads with some other affiliate programs like Chitika. This plugin helps you to test different formats and affiliate program.

Adsense Beautifier

Adsense beautifier makes your ad beautiful by placing images beside them to increase clicks as well as revenue.  But I’m not sure about that its compliment to Adsense TOS now.)


Adman helps you to integrate ads directly into your blog posts and it fully compatible with Adsense TOS.

Adsense Inline

Adsense inline is similar to Adman plugin and which makes adding ads directly into your blog posts really very easy.

WP- Adsense Profit

WP-Adsense plugin shows real time state of your Adsense account in your WordPress dashboard which reduces your efforts to logging each time and check how much money you got in your pocket.

Choose adsesne plugin which suits your needs perfectly and use it on your blog. Plugin updates and support are provided by their respected authors.

If you know some good Adsense plugins then share it with us In below comments.

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