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7 Free WordPress Plugins To Speed Up Your Site

Speedy website is what being liked by the internet users of today’s generation and if a site takes more than 3 seconds to load on an average, most of the users would prefer to visit another site rather than waiting for the one they are trying to open. And this is nothing but loosing visitors which will ultimately have impact on bottom line. Users experience matters a lot in the e-commerce website and this is improved to a great extent by the speed of your website. However, another factor that greatly depends on the website speed is the search ranking. Yes, in order to have a good search ranking, Google takes into consideration the page speed as well. That is page speed is really important and it plays an important role in the revenue.

There are several ways such as good host, CDN etc. to boost the page speed while uses of plugins are one helpful way to begin with. Here we are listing the 6 free wordPress plugins to speed up your website.

W3 Total Cache


This is one of the best WordPress site speed optimization plugin that according to the developers can speed up the site 10 times and this is no doubt a very audacious claim. W3 Total Cache is a caching plugin that is completely free and can bring huge changes in the site performance effectively. The configuration is not tough at all and if you have some knowhow of the WordPress, setting up of it will take hardly 5 minutes.

Why it is important to have a caching plugin in your website is it stores the static version of website in server and then whenever any visitors arrives, the static version is presented to them at once rather than loading then from scratch. Thus great time is saved and the visitors are served really fast. W3 Total Cache has a very good rating so you can have this plugin for your WordPress website with no doubt at all.

WP Optimize

Clean and neat database is really needed to offer a good page speed. So, database cleaning is one of the important tasks to maintain good speed. By default WordPress stores each and every post, page, comment, revision, trash data and information from other plugins thus the database gets loaded with stuff and the more stuff will start storing there, your website will be blogged down.

WP Optimize is used for this purpose that works to de-clutter the database by removing all the unwanted stuff like spam content, trash items, stale revisions etc. with all these it also tells about the size of your database and how much space is possible to save with this plugin. Again you should not be an expert in using this plugin rather everything can be done from the WordPress dashboard which is easily done by the novice also.

Digg Digg


Social media buttons at the web page has been proved very effective and according to a study it enhances the chances of getting a post shared by almost 50%. Also developing readership through social media is not a bad idea at all. But at the same time it is to mention that social media buttons are the one that takes longest time to load.  The reason is different HTTP query is to be requested for each button, so if you are attaching 6 buttons, 3 at the top and 3 at the bottom, 6 http queries are to be requested for that which will normally slow down the page speed.

But Digg Digg is a lazy load social media plugin that can come to your rescue in this case. It displays fake social media button and they are only loaded when the visitors hover over them. So, definitely this WordPress site speed optimization plugin can bring great difference in performance of your website.

WP Smush.It

Another best plugin to optimize the size of images in your website to ensure website speed is not affected at all. Website needs to be visually attractive to lure visitors but too many and large images takes huge time to get loaded as they carry unnecessary extra file size even though they are not needed at all. There are always ways to crop the image size in WordPress but the physical size still pose an issue and for this the best solution is to compress the image.

Using WP Smush.It is a very good solution to this as this plugin remove the unused color from indexed images and also strip away the metadata from JPEGs thus result in smaller image size and offer quick load time without any effect on the actual image quality.

BJ Lazy load


BJ lazy load is really helpful for all those running a website full of images, Gravater images, content iFrames etc. as all these stuff are replaced with placeholder and they are only loaded when they are about to visible in the user’s browser. If the website tries loading each and everything in the very beginning, the page speed will be highly affected and it will no doubt have bad impact on the user’s experience. But BJ Lazy load uses the idea of lazy load and thus ensures your visitors will be able to see the page quickly.

Plugin Organizer

WordPress site speed optimization plugins are really helpful but you must have used other plugins as well in your website for some other job and what is again worth saying is too many of plugins will actually slow down the page. But the solution is not to stop uses of plugins rather to ensure that a particular plugin is not being loaded in every page as by default each plugin is loaded in every page thus affect the page speed.

Plugin organizer is one such helpful plugin to be used in this purpose that allow to select the only plugin to be loaded in each page through a check box system and thus reduce the overall page loading time.

P3 Profiler


This is another helpful plugin to enhance the page speed. As stated above, too many plugins can have bad impact on the site speed and this plugin works best by scanning the website fully then indicate which plugins are actually affecting the site performance so that you can go ahead to remove it.

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