SEO tricks 2017

7 Simple SEO Tricks And Tips That Still Bring Improvements in 2020

The Internet spans an extensive worldwide web with millions of websites, and in this sea of websites, you never know what your single website’s position is. There is a rat race for ranking in the search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Hence, it is imperative to not only create flawless and interesting contents but also keep your website up to date in ranking.

If you are a newbie, you must have observed that a content by leading websites are placed on the top of the search results, whereas a similar content of yours might not be getting its position in even on the 10th page. This happens because they have optimized their website according to the search engine with the help of smart Search Engine Optimization (SEO) knowledge.

We have come up with seven simple SEO Tricks 2017 which is aimed at boosting your web ranking by thousands. Yes, you can do it on your own at free of cost and there is no rocket science behind these tricks.

Even if you had improved your web ranking a couple of years ago and you still think those archaic tricks are working, you are not going to the right way. It has been realized that the super website rank boosting tricks that were effective a few years ago are counterproductive today. That is why we are constantly focusing on SEO Tricks 2017. These tricks are based on the latest and novel approach. Let’s have a look:

SEO Tricks 2017

Make your formatting accessible

SEO tricks 2017

  • Very few of us actually read anything on the internet. Most of us are scanners; therefore, it is important to develop an article which is cut out for scanners rather than readers. And the best way to do it is by using this format [headline 1> main paragraph 1> subheading 1> subparagraph 1> subheading 2> subparagraph 2] and so on.
  • The web page is not newspapers; you should never use lengthy paragraphs. Instead, you should use at most two to three sentences in a paragraph. You should break your paragraph whenever possible as short paragraphs look effortless to read.
  • When you have a lot of information in points, using bullet points is the best option rather than using it in a single paragraph. Most of the search engine analyzers agree that the easiest way to read any information is bullets.
  • Make sure that your content does not only comprise valuable contents but also easy to understand language. Not everybody likes rhetoric expressions; therefore, try to use as simple language as possible. Using unnecessary vocabularies will not going to impress your readers, it can bore them though.

Use buckle brigades

It is very important for your website that its readers are engaged there for a few minutes. If the average time of engagement is long enough, the search engines think it is a very appropriate website, and it might improve its ranking by thousands. Therefore, in addition to making large contents, you need buckle brigades. But what are buckle brigades?

As we said, the website visitors are usually scanners, not readers. In case the content goes off the road for a moment, they get bored within a second and may click the close button to your page. To hold their attention for several minutes, you have to use certain words which make them curious and these set of words are called buckle brigades. They are usually followed by colons for e.g.:

The secret behind the success of Tom was:

The answer to your doubt is:

You can choose any buckle brigades as per the context requirements.

Add pictures and humor to your content

SEO tricks 2017

Adding several pictures into your content creates interest to your readers. Don’t use too formal language which may end up people sleeping on the table. Try to use a few pun if it befits with the context. The pictures should be captivating and spread all over the content rather than at a single place. The images help users understand the contents easily. Besides, they spend more time on your website.

Make your contents longer

A well-known maxim in the SEO world is that the longer your contents, the higher your chances to get top ranking.

It is considered that the blog posts comprising 2000+ words perform best in ranking. Since writing a massive content is not an easy task, we recommend you go for contents of 1200 words. After a few days, you can modify and expand those contents which have gained ground in 2000 words. If you hire content writers you can expect as much content you need, they are expert in that.

Employ YouTube to improve your ranking

Being the most favorite search engine after Google, YouTube can enhance your web ranking remarkably. Almost half of the web pages in each keyword contains videos and among them, and the majority are from YouTube. You can either upload your own made videos or use it from YouTube for free. Content with a YouTube video will appear on the top list of a website.

Make sure that, your video must contain its description properly. You should give a title to it which has keywords too. Besides, don’t forget to give a description to your video. Try to use a longer and interesting video.

Speed up your website

SEO tricks 2017

It is an important factor which determines the ranking of your website. Those websites which are loaded within a fraction of seconds are loved by most of the visitors and so does the Google. You can analyze your web page speed with the help of software ‘Think with Google’.

It is considered that the optimum speed of a website must be less than 3 seconds. If your web page takes more than that, don’t expect your visitors to come here again.

Mobile website is the future

Today, smartphones are ruling the world. Powerful browsers such as Chrome, Safari, etc. are available on mobile devices enabling everyone to surf the internet without sitting in front of the computer. The expansion of tablet, Smartphones, notebook, etc. has made it imperative for us to optimize our websites accordingly. Therefore, to get an edge over others in this cut-throat competition, your website must be mobile browser friendly.

SEO tricks 2017

There are numerous tools on the internet where you can test your website’s efficiency and compatibility in smartphones.

What good is content, if it is not delivered to the right people? If you follow the SEO tricks 2017 mentioned above, you will definitely find your website at the pinnacle of the search engines, and you will be engaging more number of people in your website.

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