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7 Tactics to Convert Blog Readers into Paying Customers

As for current online business, Internet marketing has already become part of major marketing, and there are a variety of Internet marketing methods. Blogging is one of the most popular methods in the current markets. It has been proven that these businesses who have blogs can get far more traffic than those businesses who don’t have!

However, there is a problem that no matter how large number of visitors you get from blogs, if you cannot make them turn into your customers, it will be nothing! These visitors cannot make your business grown and expand if they are just readers of your blogs!

So to resolve this problem is the main purpose and goal of your blog marketing! Here we are to help find out the best efficient way to this question! In the following post, we are to introduce you 7 concrete tactics to assist you convert your avid readers into the really valuable customers.

#1: Write Blogs Directly Answering Objections

Blog is a good method for you to make your readers or potential customers know your products and related things better! It is normal that when readers read your blogs, some of them will be interested in purchasing, but there are always some reservations.

Therefore, when you decide to start a blog for business, you need to make sure that your blog posts have to be targeted for your own buyer personas. Those posts can be more attractive for your potential customers from a wide range of readers. Your readers might have these questions as following:

  • What kind of product model is right for my (current) needs?
  • Can you guarantee the safe transactions when I purchase from your website without personal information exposing?
  • Are you the right fit provider for my personality?
  • Could I buy this product from other places at lower pricing?

Of course, the questions above do not include all objections for all business, and they are just the most common ones. You need to think of your own business, and think about your specific objections, based on those questions above!

Additionally, you can try your best to convert those readers who are not willing to buy from your website into your customers. Do not give them up, because maybe those people can make you gain more! So, you need to do a survey or one-on-one interview on your existing customers, to figure out the reasons or factors. After that, you need blogs posts to make your readers know these concerns directly!

#2: Eliminate Distractions

Do not be surprised that when you are asking readers to fulfill 7 different things but they do not finish anything at all.

If there are social media widgets, many outbound links, advertising, and badges on your blog, they are CTAs, namely calls to action. When you decide to have a blog for your business, you need a goal, and you have to focus on it to make it clear in front of your readers!

For example, Elna Cain, a great blog writer, does a good job on her site. She has a clear goal to keep current readers, and attract more new people to sign up for her latest email courses for start-up freelance writers. Now, let’s find out what she has done on her site with this goal:

  • Set up the single-column layout without sidebars to place her content’s focus
  • Build an obvious banner on her homepage to invite visitors to sign up for her courses
  • Set up the “Free Course” into the first place on her menu, attracting people evolve into her courses
  • At the end of each post, add a course landing page link into her author bio

By doing these things, when you visit her site, you can clearly find out that she has tried her best to make everything focus on her email courses but no distractions on her site.

After reviewing this excellent case of blog building, you need to look at your own business blog and find out what it focuses on or whether or not it has been made to focus on your first business goal of this blog! So what do you need your readers to do or ask them to do?

  • Have you made your blog menu focused or clear?
  • Do you set up the sidebar with various ads, widgets, links, and badges?
  • Have you make yourself very clear that what you want readers to do?

Remember that do not avoid your mistakes and be honest to these questions; thinking about removing the things that distracts from your goal.

#3: Ask Readers to Purchase

When you decide to do business, you cannot be shy about any kind of marketing. For example, self-promotion is an obvious and effective action you can take, but many people feel shy about it!

However, to ask readers to do something is the most effective way to make them understand what you are them to do. So, don’t be shy!

Do you remember CTAs we mentioned before? If you want to make your blog become a better marketing channel, you need to include some CTAs on your posts. It does not mean that you have to add the “Thanks for reading, now buy my product!” on every post in the end!

There are various CTAs you can use to assist you deepen the relationship with your avid readers. If you can use CTAs well, you can make your readers come back for the new content and turn them into real customers.

Besides, you can use CTAs to ask readers to share your business posts with their friends, encourage them to comment, follow your social media, and so on. By using these CTAs appropriately, you can engage more loyal readers as well as build your own audience. After that, what you need to do is to ask them to purchase for converting them into real customers.

#4: Sell via Email List

Of course, it is wired that you ask casual readers to immediately buy you products. At this step, you need email newsletters! Why does email newsletter become so powerful for online marketing? It can not only stay in touch with your interested readers who are not going to buy, but also make your readers learn each other and help them figure out whether your products can match their needs.

Comparing with other selling methods like offering credit card information to a very new website and spending money on the courses they may not need, to subscribe a newsletter is pretty low-risk. To turn casual readers into right customers as well as figure out whether they are the ideal audience for your blog, the newsletter is an ideal way.

How to make it and convert casual readers into customers? You can invite your readers to sign up for email newsletter in the means of including the opt-in forms in the end of each post; provide some freebies you can afford to those new subscribers. If you can get good assistance from excellent email marketing tools, like Constant Contact and AWeber, you can even do this better by setting up the autoresponder series to alleviate your subscribers’ concerns, solve their questions, and show what you can bring from them.

#5: Show What You Can Do for Them

This tactic is specific for those service providers, rather than the product provider.

It is very common to see that readers usually do not exactly understand the services you offer and how these services can help them. Therefore, readers are not interested in your services and do not want to buy these services.

At that time, your first goal is to explain and show them exactly what you are providing and how these services help them. We recommend case study is a good method to clear up readers’ confusion and overcome their objections. Basically, you need to answer these questions clearly:

  • What exactly are you doing?
  • How does your service fit into their existing life or processes?
  • What kind of result can they expect?

#6: Create Urgency

Creating urgency is a common marketing way to promote services or products. Generally, once you create the urgency, customers and the potential customers among readers can be encouraged to buy immediately.

People or we say human beings are the social creatures, so we are scared to be left out of the group and do not want to miss something great! Therefore, if there is a chance that will be missed out, people may be more likely to act right now!

In the marketing there are always unfair marketing. As for creating urgency, there are always some marketers creating fake urgency for selling. However, you do not need to do like that, you can create the real urgency as following:

  • Create limited-time coupons, deals, or bundles
  • Offer seasonal sales, products, or services
  • Share the limited edition of products

#7: Never Be Too Pushy

We indeed recommend you make your goal clear and be positive to ask buying, but we also recommend you do not push your readers too hard. No one likes to be pushed to buy.

Although we all know that it is a difficult balance, you have to make it more natural. As for you, business owners are too shy or are too afraid of pushy to do self-promotion. So, do not be shy and do not be too pushy!


Blogging has become an important marketing for online business. To maintain good blog marketing is to develop a wonderful assistant for your business. If customers can take it seriously and follow these 7 tactics, you can not only attract more readers, but also convers more of them into really valuable customers!

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