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9 Most Common Misconceptions about WordPress

At present, WordPress has become one of the most popular CMS in the industry, powering more than 21% websites on the Internet. It is true that WordPress becomes very popular among webmasters, but considering the rest, there is still big part of users knowing very little about WordPress. After the conversations with a great number of users who are not very familiar with WordPress, we found that there are several common misconceptions about the platform.

Mostly, these misconceptions come from others’ words, instead of experiencing WordPress personally. In below, we plan to try our best to illustrate the most popular misconceptions about WordPress. With the article below, we hope users, especially beginners of WordPress community, can have a clear understanding about WordPress and using WordPress.

1. WordPress = A Blogging Platform

Many people who never use WordPress or just heard about WordPress, most of them thing it is just a tool or platform for blogging. It is not totally worry, because WordPress indeed has the usage of being a blogging tool, but only when it started out as one.

At present, WordPress has been developed for various usages. Being web software, WordPress now can be used to build up any type of websites which covers blogs but not limited to this type. Now, there are 1 out of 6 sites online created based on WordPress, and many WordPress sites are not blogs.

Actually, WordPress can be used in almost all industries as well as categories, such as eCommerce websites, magazines, online news sites, enterprise websites, music website, and more. WordPress is not only suite for individuals, SMBs, and large business, but also for governments and non-profits.

2. WordPress Isn’t Secure

This is a misunderstanding that WordPress is an open source tool and has so many users, so it may be not so secure, especially for business usage. However, it is the good security of WordPress that makes it so popular among users. Being an open source tool, WordPress is available to all users online to research and look for security vulnerability. It means WordPress can be quickly updated with security plugins.

Also, as an open source platform, WordPress can be extremely flexible. Great compatibility also enables its security to be further enhanced with various plugins. Of course, WordPress website could encounter DDoS or malware attacks, but these are not limited to WordPress only.

WordPress is super-flexible, and its security can be further enhanced by taking several simple steps. DDoS and Malware attacks are very common on the Internet and not just found on WordPress sites.

To address these common web attacks, users can take advantage of many plugins and services such as Sucuri offering monitoring services to prevent those common attacks. Besides, users can use strong passwords as well as make the best practices learned from other experienced users, so as to make their WordPress website more secure.

3. WordPress Isn’t Suitable for eCommerce

Different from those hosted solutions, WordPress by default does not include any payment gateway or shopping cart, but WordPress has high compatibility with a wide range of plugins and software, including the most popular eCommerce platforms and various payment gateways. So, if customers want to create eCommerce website with their brand images based on WordPress, they will get started easily, no matter whether they want to sell digital downloads or physical goods. Also, various eCommerce plugins makes the eCommerce website creation even better and more easily.

Normally, the most popular eCommerce plugins for WordPress are WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, and iThemes Exchange.

4. WordPress Is Uncertain in the Future

Many beginners and those who never used WordPress before could think that being a free tool, so it is more likely that WordPress will suddenly disappear in the future.

In fact, we want to tell those people that it is true that WordPress is free, but it is not developed by only one single person rather than a community of professional and passionate developers. These people may not know that there are a very great number of users ranging from small business to large businesses offering services and selling products based on WordPress. And many of them join in WordPress community actively.

Therefore, we can say that even though WordPress is free, the eco-system can bring millions of dollars in revenue every year for businesses on the platform. In conclusion, WordPress will still be here for a very long period of time and has bright prospect ahead as well.

5. WordPress Has Very Limited Support

This is another misconception most people have, and the reason is still that WordPress is a free tool for all users. So, many people worry that beginners cannot get enough support at their level.

However, the fact is that being an open-source platform, WordPress has redundant support options available for each user.

There is a community support available free of charge, too, and users can get it via extensive WordPress Documentation, IRC chatrooms and support forums. Besides, there are plenty of tutorials and guides in the forms of article and video offered by many blogs which are free and friendly to beginners and veterans both. Besides, customers can find rich paid options from WordPress developers, businesses and agencies to help users solve tougher questions they cannot address.

6. WordPress Is Low Quality

People always think that the free things are not high quality, and they also think WordPress is low quality.

Again, WordPress is developed and supported by a community of a large number of individuals and businesses. It is open source for the public to read its code, scrutinize as well as check for quality. It always follows and makes the best programming practices. WordPress’ code is free, open, developer friendly and rock solid. Its interface is intuitive and easy-to-use. All these harden WordPress quality and make it tremendously popular among users and go far ahead of other CMS options in the industry.

So, there is no reason that WordPress has low quality. Now, even many largest brands are using WordPress to power their online presence, such as CNN, Adobe, the New York Times, Microsoft, and so on.

7. All WordPress Websites Look Very Similar

Many beginners and people who never experienced WordPress think that almost all WordPress websites are look very similar that is one of the most common misconceptions as well.

The website’s appearance is actually control by a variety of WordPress themes, and there are hundreds of thousands of themes available. User can easily get free themes easily, and the others are not experience. So, users can change their website appearance with different themes.

Even better, many premium WordPress themes come with easy customization choices. It means that customers can make changes including colors, logo, and layouts, to make the theme more personalized. If users want their WordPress website to look different from other, it is easy to reach.

8. WordPress Is for Beginners Only

We often found and heard that WordPress is only well suited for beginners who have no idea about CSS, HTML, coding and programing. We have admitted that WordPress is quite easy-to-use because of its simple and clean user interface, which is quite good to Newbies using WordPress, or new webmasters to create and manage their sites.

However, the conception that WordPress is only suitable for those beginners is not completely true. Now, the websites based on WordPress is not only the personal blogs whose owners have no coding skills, but also the application testing websites, enterprise websites and more. WordPress is popular among both beginners and other advanced webmasters. It offers beginners the best ease-of-use, and the best flexibility for advanced users.

9. WordPress Isn’t Well Suited for High Traffic Websites

The last most common misconception about WordPress we want to talk in the post is that WordPress can support some of the most popular sites on the Internet. Take a look at itself. Do people know WordPress.com is the the 9th popular site on the web, and the site is powered by WordPress. So, the thinking that WordPress cannot well support those high-traffic websites is not true. Besides WordPress.com, TheNextWeb, Wired and TechCruch, these most popular websites on the planet are all powered by WordPress.


We have discussed 9 misconceptions about WordPress that most people have, and we sincerely hope our readers can learn from the article to get ride of prejudice on WordPress and have a try on it to know how it works and how easy to use it is. After that, they can have more and correct understanding about WordPress. Also, if customers have any other confusions about WordPress, they are totally welcomed to check out more WordPress Tutorials, or leave questions with their comments. We are looking forward to your questions.

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