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9 Useful RSS Tricks and Tips for WordPress

wp-rssRSS is also known as Rich Site Summary does have standard format for web that is used to publish recent information, blogs, news, video and audio. An RSS does include complete text and also metadata which contains information on author’s name and publishing date.

RSS is considered to be one the core features of WordPress and other blog sites that are available on the World Wide Web. It is a very important aspect and a useful tool as readers are updated on various blogs that are used by RSS.

Some of the RSS tricks and tips for WordPress are mentioned below

  • Posts by RSS – Sometimes you are unable to have a newsletter service like the popular ones available online. This makes it difficult to reward subscribers which can affect the count grow. You need to download WordPress plugin known as Advanced Category Excluder. Once you have installed this, you can designate a separate place known for RSS. You need to go to settings on ACE in your Admin Panel in WordPress. At here, click on categories. Select on boxes such as RSS only, Home and you need to leave posts for RSS blank. The overall selection does make RSS from being displayed on the homepage, other places, and archives. But it does exclude from RSS feeds.
  • Getting your error controlled when available at RSS – You could find error when posts are published. You can correct the error by going to the panel in the admin and making the changes. This change could delay for 10 minutes for the RSS feeds done. You can even double check the correction before the post goes live.
  • Getting advertisements inserted in RSS Feeds – Sometimes making money is important but it becomes difficult too. Insertion of advertisement is money of making money in your RSS feeds. There is count limit for every subscription done. Having snippets that are short can be useful in inserting ads or for any RSS feeds.
  • Getting RSS feeds displayed on your blog – Sometimes bloggers do wish to get RSS feeds from other sites into their blog. There are chances it will not be related to their blog too. This method of hack does become useful as it makes work easier. There are various scripts and plugins available online, but WordPress has built in feature. You could get the feeds available at the Admin panel of your dashboard.
  • Exclusion of important category from the RSS feeds – Certain categories do contain link that interests people, while there are others which are not preferred. You can use a plugin under a category known as Advanced Category Excluder. You can even do it manually too.
  • Having a separate RSS feed for separate category – Bloggers do wonder on the ways to make RSS feed for the category. Sometimes visitors do visit website for design purpose. There can be ten different categories that user may be interested to have. By using this hack, this problem can be solved. You need to have in the category URL, word feed and this feed does add to the category.
  • Getting RSS feeds listed by separate category – The last hack could give RSS feed as a separate category. You need to be sure to change the image available at the URL as you could get RSS icon displayed in the front of each category.
  • Getting WordPress feeds redirected to Feedburner feeds – Feedburner does give us a count of number of users who have subscribed to the blog through Feedburner feeds. WordPress does have its own feeds. So suppose someone types in the domain, then they are to be send to the version in WordPress so that you can subscribe it. But this cannot be counted. One of the ways of solving this issue is by moving your WordPress to the Feedburner feeds by using code snippets that are short.
  • Getting RSS feeds disabled in WordPress – If you plan to make your WordPress website as static, you can disable your RSS feeds. You can go the wrp-settings.php and remove the code available. But by removing the code, it could be a mistake as it is an important file.

By subscribing to the website, you can remove the contents of the website for getting the new contents available. The browser does check the site and does inform the user for any updates if available. The browser can also be downloaded for the user into a data. RSS feeds do help users and benefit them who are looking to get updates from websites that are liked by most people or to add data into many websites that are available. RSS reader does make a regular check on the feeds available for latest information and it can be downloaded if the function is to be enabled. A user interface is provided by the user too.

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