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A Small Orange VPS Review

Virtual private server is popular among business owners, because it has better performance and security than shared hosting and much cheaper than dedicated servers.

In below A Small Orange VPS Review, we will analyze A Small Orange VPS current promotion, price value, performance, usability, and customer support. In the end of this review, we will make a suggestion that whether we recommend its VPS hosting.

asmallorange logoASO (www.asmallorange.com) is the abbreviation of A Small Orange that is a web hosting company established in 2003. The company now has a wide range of products line, which ranges from shared hosting to dedicated servers. Over a decade, ASO has been always aiming at offering powerful  and reliable hosting solutions for customers.

A Small Orange VPS Review on Current Promotion

ASO currently pushes out a 17% discount on its VPS products. Only if customer buy ASO annually, biennially or triennially VPS services, they can enjoy this 17% discount. As a result, ASO VPS will charge at $25/mo, instead of $30/mo.

17% Off

In addition to that, if customers buy ASO VPS now, they can get the exclusive promotion that is free hosting service for 2 months and one free domain for all VPS annual plans.

A Small Orange VPS Review on Price Value

ASO VPS is based on cloud technology, enabling customers to seamlessly scale their hosting resources when they require. ASO provides 7 cloud VPS packages in the marketplace. Each cloud VPS contains 2 to 8 cores CPU, 50 GB to 250 GB of storage, 2048 MB to 10240 MB of RAM, as well as 1 TB to 5 TB of bandwidth. Besides, all cloud VPS comes with free Linux distributions, which are CentOS 6 and CentOS 7, along with different software, and paid Windows distributions.

As we said before, ASO VPS hosting is based on cloud platform, by utilizing KVM technology, namely Kernel Virtual Machine, which gives the customers dynamic customization, enhancing the scalability of ASO cloud VPS hosting.

In terms of scalability, ASO allows customers to easily add resources when they grow. Within ASO cloud VPS hosting packages, customers have the power to configure their hosting environment to meet their extra specifications. By decreasing and increasing resources dynamically, customers can acquire better hosting management experience.

In addition to that, ASO tries its best to create the optimal environment for customers’ website. Each ASO cloud VPS hosting is powered by fist-class hardware that is dual Intel Xeon Hex 6 cores processors. The speed of this advanced processor can be at 2.5 GHz. Furthermore, all cloud VPS hosting has hot migration tools and automatic failover, making its environment virtually impervious.

To understand whether ASO cloud VPS is reliable and rich-feature or not, customers can make full use of its special discounts that are 2 months of free hosting trial and one free new domain registration at ASO. After the free trial, if customers want to continue the hosting service, they can receive 17% discount on annual terms from the original rate $15/mo. Therefore, only $25/mo for the rest 10 month, ASO cloud VPS hosting charges.

What’s more, ASO offers 90 days of money back guarantee, allowing customer to cancel their account to get a refund within the initial 90 days.

A Small Orange VPS Review on Performance

On the purpose of delivering the best possible reliability, speed and connectivity for customers, ASO invests a lot in maintaining servers in 2 distinct US-based data centers and using enterprising quality server hardware.

As for the data center in Dallas, Texas, ASO equips it with fully redundant facility and power supply. Adequate HVAC with Liebert air handlers, independent condenser supporting redundant CRAC units, 11.1 MW power capacities, over 50,000 gallons of onsite fuel, 4 autonomous power plants supporting 2N power, as well as 6 backup generators on standby is the part of the equipment in this data center. Besides, regular generator test ensures the power safety.

ASO also uses a high-powered IP managed premium network, 2 distinct BGP network meshes and multi-homes, carrier neutral are used for best network uptime. To ensure reliable network, ASO uses SSD caching, resilient facility and extra network safeguarding, and provides network monitoring, DDoS detection as well as state-of-the-art firewalls that enable customers to block specific IPs and locations.

Besides premium data centers, the company uses premium server hardware. High performance Intel processors with dual cores are the standard feature in each cloud VPS hosting. Apart from that, ASO also utilizes Storage Area Network, namely SAN, which offers redundant data protection across multiple hard drives.

A Small Orange VPS Review on Usability

ASO understand the importance of management, not only making room for developers, but also providing enough managed services to save time and resources for customers.

Firstly, ASO provides free cPanel control panel for customers with full access, giving them full control over their cloud VPS hosting. Its free cPanel along with WHM control pane is worth $15/mo value. ASO also give other control plane options, so if they want to install other OS or control panel such as Plesk, they can do it.

Secondly, ASO provides free backup service and free migration assistance, helping customer a lot, especially newbies. Free backups have on-demand backups and scheduled weekly backups. Free migration is to transferring from a Linux hosting with cPanel to ASO network.

A Small Orange VPS Review on Customer Support

ASO cloud VPS hosting customers can receive the considerate technical support by ASO expert support team based in US. No matter what customers ask, ASO experts will response as soon as possible in a good manner. Customers can contact ASO staffs via live chat and emails.

For other only helps, customers can go to ASO blog to find the more recent posts related to the new services and technical issues.

Do We Recommend A Small Orange VPS?

In short, after analyzing ASO cloud VPS hosting from the five aspects above, we learn that ASO cloud VPS hosting comes with flexible scalability. Enterprise-class hardware and data centers make ASO cloud server a stable and fast web hosting solution. Considering its usability and big discounts, we recommend ASO cloud VPS hosting for small to middle size of business owners.

To learn more details about ASO cloud VPS hosting, please click www.asmallorange.com.

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