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A2Hosting Cloud Hosting Review

a2hosting-logo1.1Since its foundation in 2003, A2Hosting ( has grown into a reputable web hosting company. With more than 12 years of experience, A2Hosting is able to offer high performance shared hosting, VPS hosting, managed VPS Hosting, cloud hosting,  dedicated hosting, and reseller hosting.

Because A2Hosting always creates web hosting solutions in customers’ shoes and transfers latest technologies into its own hosting solutions, A2Hosting becomes more and more popular. In this A2Hosting Cloud Hosting Review, we will discuss its features, pricing, reliability & speed, and support service to reveal why the company is a reputable cloud  hosting provider that customers can trust.

Features of A2Hosting Cloud Hosting

Features are the essential elements for customers to support a hosting and run a website. A2Hosting, as an experienced web hosting solution provider, obviously knows it well and offers everything customers may need.

A2Hosting offers flexible cloud hosting based on Linux distributions, which are CentOS 5/6/7, Ubuntu 12.04/14.04, Debian 6/7, Fedora 20, Slackkware 13.37, and Gentoo 2011. All these operating systems are options for customers.

A2Hosting offers unmanaged cPanel control panel license. Besides, A2Hosting also provides wonderful features that make customers have full control to their cloud hosting. For example, A2Hosting allows customers to resize cloud VM, change and re-load their operating systems on demand. Paying for what they use means customers can cancel their account without any risk.

a2hosting feature

Moreover, root access, boot shutdown and reboot control, install and compile custom software, as well we full network control via IPTables all enhance customers control of cloud hosting. Along with these, dedicated IPs, SSH Access and Apache CloudStack on basis of KVM not only guarantee dedicated resources, but also promote the safety of hosting. Full control over cloud hosting plus advanced features creates a stable hosting environment.

In addition, A2Hosting also provides exclusive features which can save much time for customers to run their cloud hosting securely and quickly. A2Hosting offers user-friendly cloud platform, so that customers will not confused within pages of instructions and complex pricing guides.

A2 QuickInstaller is one of the exclusive features, which is free. Customers can use it to install the most popular software fast and easily. The popular software ranges from CMSes, frameworks, application hosting, etc. Zend Sever, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Tomcat, Node.js w/ MongoDB, and Django are available as well.

Additionally, A2Hosting is eco-friendly. The company designs green hosting to protect environment and prevent unnecessary CO2 emissions. Also, A2Hosting recycles old servers. It re-uses old servers for customers who require lower resources.

A2Hosting can provide user-friendly, eco-friendly, rich-feature, and secure cloud hosting. There is no doubt that A2Hosting gets so high accredit rate from BBB and 907 3rd party verified reviews.

Prices of A2Hosting Cloud Hosting

At A2Hosting, customers are allowed to design their custom cloud servers. Also, the company support customers to only pay for the resource they use. That is to say, customers just need to select what they really need and pay according to the resources they select.

For example, the smallest A2Hosting cloud hosting starts at $15 per month, which comes with free incoming data transfer, 2 TB outgoing data transfer, 10 GB HDD storage with raid 10, 512 MB RAM, 2 cores CPU at speed of 600 MHz, and free ultimate redundancy.

A2Hosting Cloud Hosting A2Hosting Cloud Hosting

A2Hosting cloud hosting is risk free. The company offers Anytime Money Back Guarantee. If customers cancel account during the initial 30 days, they can request a full refund; if they decide to cancel after the first 30 days, they can get a refund, except what they have used.

By clicking here, customers can find more details about A2Hosting specials deals.

A2Hosting Cloud Hosting Review on Speed & Uptime

A2Hosting deploys its cloud hosting on its exclusive SwiftServer platform with the option of solid state drives, which can boost up to 300% faster page load speed. Customer can also choose complete SSD, meaning customers’ files, databases and operating system are all stored and run on SSDs. A2Hosting applies modern hardware and fast DDR3 memory, enhancing its speed and reliability. All servers at A2Hosting are tuned by its experts for promoting performance.

A2Hosting cloud servers are basically in a Michigan data center. It is powered by redundant UPS power and diesel generators. Premium cooling system ensures stable climate environment for servers. A2Hosting data center utilizes multiple global transit carriers, which are 2.5G Comcast, 12G Cogent, 10G CenturyLink/ Saavis, and 10G Level 3. Quadruple redundant network ensures the fast speed and reliability of network.

Other more, A2Hosting arranges network monitoring round the clock, for further improving network reliability and safety. A2Hosting premium could hosting also includes high availability failover, giving customers ultimate redundancy. Even if one node goes down, customers’ account will come back up on another node automatically. A2Hosting cloud console can recover customers’ cloud when a disaster suddenly happens.

Exclusive cloud platform, high-end hardware options, high quality data center, and constantly monitoring by cloud experts make A2Hosting is confident to promise 99.9% uptime.

A2Hosting Cloud Hosting Review on Support Service

A2Hosting has a great support team, the Guru Crew Team, whose members are the most knowledgeable, patient and friendly technicians. The team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If customers have any questions, they can contact them via various ways. A2Hosting provides toll free phone numbers, email, online chat, fax number for customers. They can also submit a ticket, or call via Skype to get technical help form A2Hosting.

In terms of other online resources, A2Hosting has Knowledge base and Blog containing a wide range of tutorials and popular guides. Customers can check their server status via A2Hosting service bulletins.

In a word, A2Hosting is able to provide responsive support service in diverse methods.

Is A2Hosting Cloud Hosting Recommendable?

A2Hosting cloud hosting is indeed recommendable. It contains abundant features and high-end options, making A2Hosting cloud hosting faster and safer than most ordinary cloud solutions. Even though it is great, A2Hosting still offers affordable pricing and allows customers pay as they use. Considering its high quality support service and performance, we think A2Hosting cloud hosting is a reliable and risk-free solution customers can choose.

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