A2Hosting Developer Friendly Hosting Review

For developers, to work with a developer friendly web hosting solution is happy and good for them to test their applications or software. In below, we will review A2Hosting Developer Friendly hosting to reveal whether it is a good options giving developers best development tools and environment. In order to make it clear, we are to analyze A2Hosting Developer Friendly hosting from features, price, performance, and customer support.

Who Is A2Hosting?

Since its launch in 2003, A2Hosting (www.a2hosting.com) has earned recognition by working hard and delivering the best web host solutions and been regarded as one of the top web hosting providers and cheap web hosting companies in the industry.

By far, A2Hosting can offer customers a wide range of web hosting solutions, including web hosting, WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, Managed VPS, Cloud VPS, dedicated server hosting, and email hosting. Besides, it has prominent features and services, such as developer friendly hosting, domain transfer, SSL certificates, CMS hosting, eCommerce hosting, social network hosting, and so on.

A2Hosting Developer Friendly Hosting Review on Features

A2Hosting developer friendly hosting of course comes with developer friendly features. At first, we are to introduce some featured web development software that all A2Hosting developer friendly hosting includes.

  • PHP, an extremely popular server-side HTML embedded scripting language, offers customers a full suite of tools to develop dynamic websites. At A2Hosting, its offers a series of PHP versions to give developers redundant choices, mainly including PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5, PHP 5.6, PHP 7, and even PHP 7.1.
  • MySQL 5.6, the most used open source database in existence today, included in each plan, and the company will always keep it up to date as well as tuned for the maximum performance
  • Apache 2.2, the most used and popular web server software, is available for a wide range of OS such as FreeBSD, Unix, Linux and more. Therefore, developers can have rich options to choose from for developer their own websites.

In fact, A2Hosting will load developers’ accounts with the best versions of the most popular development software. Besides the features we talked before, there is PostgreSQL 9.4 database, Perl 5.10, Python 26, 2.7, and 3.2, Free SSH access, Noje.js, FTP/SFTP, and free SSL certificates.

Moreover, there are more than tens of the developer friendly web hosting options available, such as Ruby 1.8, Nginx, LAMP, Linux, Fedora, CentOS, Slackware, Debian, Ubuntu, CVS, Git, ASP.NET, ASP, .NET, Silverlight, IIS, MVC, Windows, .NET Core, Java, Ruby on Rails, Windows Servers, php.JS, and so on. No matter developers want to create Windows hosting supported websites or Linux hosting supported websites, A2Hosting can always give them a satisfying option.

In terms of A2Hosting developer friendly hosting plans, developers have 3 fine-tuned packages, offering them up to unlimited websites, databases, storage, and transfer. Even better, A2Hosting includes free SSL and SSD servers as standard features. To help developers start their sites easier, the company offers cPanel in packages. Up to 20 times faster Turbo and A2 Site Accelerator are included in the highest package.

So, A2Hosting really includes plenty of developer friendly software and hosting options to make its shared hosting most developer-friendly.

A2Hosting Developers Friendly Hosting Review on Prices

A2Hosting provides customer with 3 fast web solutions to fit all developers’ web development hosting demands. They are LITE, SWIFT, and TURBO. The most important is that A2Hosting offers our customers exclusive 51% off discount on the three developer friendly hosting plans. For instance, the LITE normally starts at $7.99/mo, but via our exclusive promo link in below, customers can get it at $3.92/mo only, which is extremely cheap.

A2Hosting Exclusive Promotion A2Hosting Exclusive Promotion
51% Off

Even better, A2Hosting is very confident to offer customers Anytime Money Back Guarantee. With that, customers can feel free to experience A2Hosting developer friendly web hosting’s features and services. If they are not satisfied, they can ask to stop within the first 30 days for a full refund, or cancel accounts after the 30 days, and still receive s prorated refund from A2Hosting without any question.

A2Hosting Developer Friendly Hosting Review on Performance

Being a fast-growing web hosting company, A2Hosting is very confident to its web hosting performance and gives all customers a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Developer friendly hosting includes that guarantees as well.

A2Hosting owns all its web servers, so that it can deliver the high powered, expertly tuned, ultra-reliable servers to host customers’ websites. By far, the company owns and operates a primary data center in Michigan, USA, and another two additional Equinix data center locations in Amsterdam, Europe and Singapore, Asia. It means customers have redundant options to select a best location for their websites.

In A2Hosting data center, it equips redundant power supply and network. For power supply, it has 300kVA UPS, 480V 3-Phases building power, 750kVA Cummins diesel generators, 1200 AMP -48 DC power plants, DTE Energy’s single active patch for power source, etc. About network, A2Hosting uses dual fiber entrance and Level (3), Global Crossing, Savvis, and Cogent Communications to deliver multi-homed network connectivity.

In order to maintain a reliable data center, the company’s data center is SSAE 16 certified and carefully regulated environment. Specifically, the physical security in the data center includes video surveillance, security keys for entering the data center and accessing fully enclosed locked server racks, and the security key entry for gated parking. Static free flooring, 15 air conditioning units and fine-tuned climate control system keep the best data center environment for servers.

Its unique, ultra-fast SwiftServer platform gives customers speed optimized servers to support developers’ website. Other more, A2Hosting offers free SSDs and optional 20X faster Turbo Servers can also accelerate its server speed and enhance developers’ site performance.

A2Hosting Developer Friendly Hosting Review on Customer Support

A2Hosting developer friendly hosting comes with A2Hosting managed customer support. The first thing is about site transfer, and A2Hosting save help developers save much time and energy because A2Hosting can move their existing sites free of charge. Second, if there is any questions, A2Hosting 24/7/365 Guru Grew Support team is ready to answer their questions and help solve problems quickly. Just call, start a Live Chat, send emails, fax or submit tickets to the team members, and then developers can get help and advice as soon as possible.

Besides, A2Hosting Blog and knowledge base have many useful guides, tips and how-to articles. When developers need search for products information or learn some technical skills, the two sections are good placed for them to go.

Do We Recommend A2Hosting Developer Friendly Hosting?

According to our detailed analysis, we know that A2Hosting developer friendly solution comes with plenty of developer friendly software, tools, and hosting options, helping developers easily start their web development work. Additionally, it has powerful backbone support from A2Hosting private owned data center, super-fast SwiftServer platform and free SSDs, meaning developers can enjoy fast and reliable performance. Plus cheap prices and cutting edge support, we think it is a good option that developers won’t miss.

To learn more about A2Hosting, please visit www.a2hosting.com.

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