A2hosting Review

In below A2Hosting review, we will talk about its special coupon, features, pricing, reliability, ease-of-use, and customer support to reveal why the company is a web host you can trust.

A2Hosting (www.a2hosting.com) is a cheap web hosting provider that focuses on offering a wide range of hosting packages to different customers, including shared web hosting, VPS hosting, and cloud hosting as well as dedicated hosting.

Compared with the other web hosts, A2Hosting is well-known for leveraging all the possible technologies to increase the speed of its servers, which include high performance web servers, Cloudflare CDN, Railgun Optimizer and more.

A2Hosting Special Coupon

A2Hosting is always offering special coupons as following, by which its customers could save a lot and buy its web hosting solutions at lower pricing.

Firstly, let’s check out A2Hosting shared hosting coupon. Going with the following promotional link, customers will purchase A2Hosting shared hosting with SSD just at a starting price of $3.92/mo. This price is 51% off the regular price $7.99/mo.

A2Hosting Exclusive Promotion A2Hosting Exclusive Promotion
51% Off

Its reseller hosting is 34% off currently, resulting in a new starting price at $13.19/mo. As to its dedicated servers, people will get 17% off discounts and the pricing is from $99.59/mo after that.

A2Hosting Review on Price Value

A2Hosting offers developer-friendly hosting solutions, which include all the features people can expect from a Linux server.

Taking its shared hosting as an example, we check features as following:

  • 3 packages for different customers with unlimited data transfer and unlimited RAID 10 disk space;
  • 25 to unlimited email accounts, 5 to unlimited databases, and hosting 1 to unlimited domains in one account;
  • All A2Hosting shared hosting built on Cloud Linux with Apache 2.2 and SSD, which is specifically designed to meet the growing needs of customers’ sites. With its unheralded ability to isolate and control resource spike, Cloud Linux guarantees a superior availability;
  • MySQL 5.6 with pre-installed with phpMyAdmin, PostgreSQL 9.4 databases with phpPgAdmin;
  • Supporting multiple versions of PHP like PHP 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, and 5.6, PHP 7 is even available;
  • Python, Ruby, Perl, SSH Access, FTP, SFTP, shared SSL.

With above rich features, A2Hosting shared hosting is actually inexpensive. The company offers 51% discount with this exclusive promotion link, after which the price starts at $3.92/mo.

a2hosting shared hosting features

Next, let’s take a brief look at price value of A2Hosting VPS, another A2Hosting popular service. People can pick up pre-installed VPS or customize their VPS servers. The lowest price is at $5/mo that really makes A2Hosting a cheap VPS by this exclusive link, including 1 core, 512 MB memory, 20 GB disk space and 2 TB data transfer. Moreover, people will receive full root access, SSH access, multiple Linux OS choices, SSD, etc.

More than that, A2Hosting offers 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Therefore, if customers are not happy with the service, they can get full money back with no questions asked.

A2Hosting Review on Performance

In terms of hosting performance, A2Hosting claims that customers can easily get access to fast speed, 99.9% uptime and solid security at the company.

A2Hositng has utilized state of the art data centers located in USA, Europe and Asia. They are equipped with redundant resources. For example, the electricity system in the US-based data center is composed of 300 KVA UPS power, 750 KVA diesel generators, 1200 AMP -48 DC power plant, etc.

Furthermore, A2Hosting takes advantage of high performance SwiftServers with multiple technologies to speed up the server performance, such as  Server with 12+ cpu cores, and 64GB RAM, SSD, and absolutely no oversell. If people require higher performance, they could pay more to use A2Hosting Turbo server platform for 20 times faster performance and higher level of reliability.

The web host provides 10GB redundant Network with CDN, so that no matter where people visit websites hosted on A2Hosting platform, they can load pages fast enough. Moreover, the company attaches great importance to security as well. And it also has a team who specializes in the researching of new and advanced technologies to leverage its web hosting reliability, speed, and security.

As a result, A2Hosting offers 99.9% uptime guarantee.

A2Hosting Review on Ease-of-Use

A2Hosting web hosting is easy to use as well.

cPanel 11 is available at A2Hosting, making it easy for customers to manage their domains, software, databases and email. Moreover, inside cPanel, there is a tool called Patchman with the purpose to ensure account protection. Patchman will notify you of the new version or patch of software installed in your server. It will also warn you about infected files and quarantine them for your protection.

In addition, A2Hosting provides 1-click Softaculous installer, customers can install more than 300 popular applications, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, phpBB and more with some simple clicks. Especially WordPress, A2Hosting supports WordPress to be pre-installed and up to 6 time WordPress page loads.

For some hosting packages, the company offers free Server Rewind backups. It is easy to use based in cPanel of customers. With this service, customers can get their account backed up regularly. If recovery is necessary, they can choose to restore parts of files or entire files.

In terms of payment options, A2Hosting accepts major credit cards in the United States or PayPal outside the United States.

A2Hosting Review on Customer Support

It is widely acknowledged that A2Hosting support team, Guru Crew is well-known by its dedication, profession and patience.

If customers have any query or problem, they can contact A2Hosting US-based experts by phone, live chat, mail, fax and ticket. According to our real experience and surveys, A2Hosting support center can always help customers find the solution to their issues as soon as possible.

Furthermore, if customers prefer direct ways to deal with their problems, Knowledge Base, and Community Forum are available for them.

A2Hosting PHP Hosting Review

A2Hosting has been specialized in providing a platform for customers to build high-performance PHP websites.

Now, A2Hosting some optimized features for PHP will be displayed in the following:

  • A2Hosting offers a multiple PHP version, including PHP 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 and even 7. Customers can freely choose one of them to fit their websites’ requirements.
  • With MySQL 5.6, Apache 2.2 and PostgreSQL 9.4 included, customers are happy to receive better performance.
  • PHP memory_limit is set to 128MB, mod_rewrite is enabled for Clean URL, and helping improve SEO.
  • suPHP runs to increase online security.
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Owning to its powerful features for WordPress hosting, A2Hosting are able to provide its customers with 100% compatible WordPress experience.

A2Hosting WordPress Review on Reliability

A2Hosting is able to guarantee its customers 99.9% uptime and a fast, stable speed to WordPress.

A2Hosting has multiple data centers which are located in USA, Asia and Europe. It has built the powerful WordPress Hosting platform with balanced number of accounts on each server as well as quadruple redundant network and CloudFlare.

A2Hosting WordPress Review on customer supports

At A2Hosting, its Guru Crew support team is available to offer round-the-clock assistance for WordPress customers. If they got any question about its WordPress hosting service, they can get contact with the support team via ticket, email, phone call and live chat.

Is A2Hosting WordPress Recommended

Owning the advantages of rich features, competitive price, almost maximum uptime, fast speed, and a high standard of technical customer supports, A2Hosting is an excellent option to host WordPress. It can be highly recommended to customers who want to create their own blogs or start small business websites.

A2Hosting offers one of fastest Drupal hosting solution, and it has been recommended by Drupal community for several years.

A2Hosting Drupal Review on Speed and Uptime

Generally, website owners are chiefly concerned about uptime and speed of Drupal hosting service they choose to use. And A2Hosting fully addresses the concern with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

In addition to US, Asia and Europe data center location options, A2Hosting also ensures fast speed and full uptime for Drupal hosting with powerful server equipment, quadruple redundant power supplies and networking, website data integrity and protection, and balanced number of account on each server.

Along with its high-performance SwiftServer platform, CloudFlare content delivery network, RAID-10 storage and SSD storage, Drupal website can run smooth and fast all the time.

A2Hosting Drupal Review on Ease-to-Use

A2Hosting Drupal hosting service is easy-to-use. When signing up with A2Hosting, customers will be asked additional options that the company can help auto-install Drupal as their homepage.

However, if customers want to customize their installation of Drupal, they are able to use Softaculous in the cPanel control panel. With which, customers can not only install Drupal and make their website available via some simple clicks, but also manage email, files and others easily.

A2Hosting Drupal Review on Support Service

A2Hosting prides itself on offering Drupal customers friendly and efficient support. The support team consists of professional employees who know Drupal very well, and it is 24/7 available to customers.

For any Drupal-related issues, it is easy to contact A2Hosting support service via phone call, live chat and email. Besides, there is a categorized knowledgebase of useful information to assist customers at any time.

A2Hosting is Recommended to Host Drupal

As one of the Top Web Hosting is the market, A2Hosting provides feature-rich and fast Drupal hosting service with reliable support and complete upgrade options that allows personals, developers and businesses to achieve a high-level satisfaction for Drupal websites.

A2Hosting is also fully compatible with Joomla too. Meanwhile, it offers fast Joomla performacne.

Joomla Runs fast in A2Hosting Server

Owning to top of the line facilities and a team of creative staffs, A2Hosting is able to guarantee customers very fast speed and 99.9% uptime.

The company offers customers the best possible reliable environment to run their Joomla websites. Moreover, with high performance SwiftServer platform, CloudFlare content delivery network, RAID-10 storage and SSD Storage, customers can run their Joomla websites very smoothly.

Technical Support for Joomla

A2Hosting only hires a team of experts who have strong hosting experience and is able to resolve Joomla hosting issues effectively.

If customers have any issues that they cannot handle by themselves, they can contact the experts via phone, live chat and email. Furthermore, Knowledge Base is also available for customers to find the answer to Joomla issues by themselves.

Is A2Hosting Recommended for Joomla

Is A2Hosting recommended for Joomla? The answer is yes. In conclusion, the company can offer many rich features that are great for Joomla. Their customer support are also friendly and professional. Moreover, its price is competitive if customers follow our exclusive promotion link to get 51% off. Hence, we highly recommend A2Hosting for Joomla.

A2Hosting is High Performance Linux Hosting

In conclusion, A2Hosting offers one of the fastest Linux hosting in the industry. It’s also one of few web host in the industry who provide its customers with SSD option. The price from A2Hosting is also really reasonable, which makes it a great choice for individuals, web developers and small businesses owners.

Looking for more information about A2Hosting, please visit http://www.a2hosting.com/.

a2hosting review


  1. I am pleased by their unfailing services. I boosted my website with them on full support from the technical team, and it has no extra hidden costs. Selecting their services was a real sound decision of mine. Personally, I felt welcomed by the team and having a great time working with them.

  2. Affordable and cheap, a2hosting provides some low-cost plans to its customers. The speed and uptime will not be a problem when a person uses this service. Apart from all of this, it is easy to access and won’t be confusing for new users, who usually find it difficult to get the hang of systems in the beginning.

  3. They offer magnificent features. Unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, 1click script install free solid-state drives, 99% uptime commitment, linux &windows hosting, 24/7/365 guru crew support, anytime money back guarantee.
    What more do we need?

    • I had my own start-up but to expand the reach, I needed a hosting that provided the best services and an easy to use control panel. That is exactly what a2hosting has provided me with. I am really satisfied with their services and would definitely be continuing for a long, long time.

  4. Amazing services and great up time. A2hosting has one of the best cPanel in the market. Their affordable and easy to use services are really beneficial. On top of that, their customer support is great too.

  5. Very useful for all the start ups in the market, a2hosting has been providing me with great services for over a couple of years now. Their control panel is really easy to use, and their websites are SEO friendly which is a big boost.

  6. I came across a2hosting as I was looking for hosting for my company’s website. Since we have just begun, my budget was low but a2hosting provided really good services for really less prices. Their control panel is very user-friendly and their customer care is very helping as well. They will clear out all of your issues. Highly recommended!

  7. The best thing about a2hosting is their great customer care support. They provide information quick enough as they are very attentive to the customer queries. Well, they fix issues comparatively faster than others without much of a struggle.

  8. They provide a really simple user interface and free CDN as well as SSL certificate. A2hosting is one of the fastest and best service providers in the market. Their customer care is really helpful and will definitely solve all your queries.

  9. Honestly, the best decision I have ever made. I’m into this business for a long time. I own 6 websites from last 3 years and tried different hosting providers. I have switched to many because of few of them were slow, others had complicated interface and also the bad attitude of customer care service. I have finally settled to A2 hosting and consider them best in all aspects.

  10. I have various websites and I am an established businessmen making a good amount of money from my websites. I would give some credit to the best web hosting service providers which are A2 Hosting. My data is so secure with them and I have peace of mind that my websites are in good hands.

    • I have been using a2hosting for almost 6 years now. Their services are of really high quality. They also provide unlimited hosting.

  11. If you’re really looking for the key to build a successful website, then it lies in a reliable web hosting provider! Undoubtedly, A2 Hosting was the choice I made! They have the best customer service and amazing packages. I got my web hosting done in a budget lower than what I had planned! What more could I ask for? Would definitely recommend A2 Hosting to all of you!

  12. A2hosting is really fast. I’ve been with the company for months and rarely experienced slowdown or downtime issues. Keep up the good work guys!

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