A2Hosting SwiftServer Fast Hosting Review

A2Hosting is fast growing cheap web hosting, and continuously develop new products and services to improve customer experience online. In below, we are to review a special solution from A2Hosting, which is A2Hosting SwiftServer Fast hosting. From the name, we can see this is a unique product of A2Hosting. To reveal whether it is as good as it name says, we are to analyze the solution’s prices, features, performance, and customer support.

About A2Hosting

A2Hosting (www.a2hosting.com) has been standing in the web hosting industry over a decade. By continuously innovating and integrating the latest technology, A2Hosting always can fit customers’ needs. It has obtained several time of Best Web Hosting award reviewed by various platforms in the industry.

At present, it does not only provide Linux hosting but also start to roll out Windows hosting. Specifically, shared hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, email hosting, WordPress hosting, and a wide range of featured hosting as well as services can be found here. SwiftServer Fast Hosting is just one of them.

A2Hosting SwiftServer Fast Hosting Review on Features

A2Hosting SwiftServer Fast hosting has Linux and Windows types. To make hosting faster, A2Hosting includes many features contributing to it. Firstly, let’s check out the featured ones. A2Hosting offers HTTP/2 which is the faster as well as more efficient network protocol with multiplexing. CloudLinux is included to enable customers’ websites run smoothly even there are traffic spikes on their servers. CloudFlare CDN is offered to enhance security and speed.

Besides, A2Hosting SwiftServer Fast hosting also comes with many tools that boost web hosting performance. For example, A2Hosting is one of the web hosts firstly offering SSDs, which make websites hosted on them load up to 300% faster than those traditional hosting; XCache, a high-performance PHP opcode cacher, can reduce time to access customers’ DBs and lade pages; Varnish, an HTTP accelerator specially designed for accelerating dynamic sites and higher traffic.

Even more, A2Hosting SwiftServer Fast hosting has LiteSpeed for customers to experiencing up to 20 times faster page loads; and LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress is available to enable customers’ websites deliver the superior performance as well as lowers page load speed for WordPress websites. Anycast DNS, Memcached, PHP Memcache, and more are available to make customers’ website run faster as well.

As we said before, A2Hosting SwiftServer Fast hosting has Linux plans and Windows plans both. For Linux ones, the company offers 3 plans, including at least unlimited SSD RAID-10 storage, 1 website, unlimited transfer, 25 email addresses, 5 MySQL DBs, 1×2.1GHz core, 0.5GB physical memory, and 4GB virtual memory. Advanced features include various versions of PHP, PERL 5.10, Apache 2.2, Node.js, Python 3.2, Ruby 1.8, SSH access and Rsync, shared SSL certificate, etc.

Linux plans also include exclusive WordPress-friendly features. They are WordPress LiteSpeed Cache, Wwp-CLI, free integrated managedWP account, A2 Optimizer for WordPress, and website staging. With these features, A2Hosting Linux SwiftServer Fast hosting can be used to create WordPress websites with enhanced security and faster speed.

In Windows plans, the company offers at least unlimited SSD storage, unlimited transfer, 1 website, and the same plan resources. Besides, 10 MySQL and PostgreSQL DBs, Windows Server 2012, ASP.NET 4.x, .NET Core 1.1, PHP 7.1, Classic ASP, MVC 5, Silverlight 5, pre-installed phpMyAdmin and MyLittleAdmin, and more.

Both types of A2Hosting SwiftServer Fast hosting come with each to use control panel and tools. In Linux SwiftServer Fast hosting plans, A2Hosting offers cPanel control panel, 1-click Drupal, Joomla and WordPress install via Softaculous, 1-click shopping carts install for eCommerce, easy Google Apps setup, multilingual support and web-based file manager.

In Windows packages, there is Plesk control panel, 1-click software auto installer, free CloudFlare ServerShield bringing 200% faster page loads, WordPress Toolkit, and other tools Linux packages have.

We can tell that A2Hosting SwiftServer Fast hosting comes with rich features to accelerate the server speed and enhance security.

A2Hosting SwiftServer Fast Hosting Review on Prices

A2Hosting SwiftServer Fast hosting Linux plans normally starts at $7.99/mo, but now the company provides customers 51% off discount which is available on all Linux plans. With the massive discount, customers just need to pay $3.92/mo only to get started.

A2Hosting SwiftServer Fast Hosting A2Hosting SwiftServer Fast Hosting
51% Off

As for Windows plans, A2Hosting offers the same 51% off discount. Regularly, the company charges its entry-level package from $9.90/mo. After discounting around 51% off, it is as low as $4.90/mo only. So, no matter Linux plans or Windows plans, they can receive that exclusive promotion. To learn more promotions of A2Hosting, customers can read our A2Hosting Coupon.

Other more, the company offers an industry-leading long money back guarantee to make everything right. If customers submit a request online for immediate cancellation during the first 30 days, A2Hosting will offer them a full refund. Its anytime money back guarantee also allows them request a prorated refund after the 30 days for unused services.

A2Hosting SwiftServer Fast Hosting Review on Performance

A2Hosting guarantees customers can receive 99.9% uptime and faster speed. Firstly, A2Hosting has specially includes many high speed SwiftServer features to make the web hosting solutions faster than other traditional designs.

For example, complete SSD solution for files, DBs, and OS becomes the speed boost; CloudFlare Server Shield delivers average 200% faster page loading; redundant guaranteed server resources allocated to SwiftServer Fast servers include 12 CPU cores and 64GB RAM minimum.

Besides, faster and more reliable SwiftServer Fast hosting also depends on state-of-the-art data centers in Michigan, U.S., 1-Gb/s redundant network, and enhanced security. A2Hosting operates its own data center which is equipped with quadruple redundant network, redundant UPS and diesel generators, and security. Each server has only balanced number of hosting accounts to make sure users will not impact each other on one single server.

Also, A2Hosting will offers 24/7 network monitoring and HackScan Protection free of charge to help protect customers from hacking. KernelCare rebootless kernel updates, a dual firewall, brute force defense, as well as many other security features are in place to keep their sites secure with A2Hosting.

A2Hosting SwiftServer Fast Hosting Review on Customer Support

A2Hosting has spent more than 10 years to perfect and tweak its SwiftServer platform, so responsive technical support has already been available in SwiftServer Fast hosting plans. 24/7/365 Guru Crew support comes with flexible support channels and fully trained support team. Customers can freely contact A2Hosting experts via Live chat, phone, ticket or email.

Additionally, the company offers knowledge base and A2Hosting blog available to all customers. They find many useful posts, tips, guides, and featured articles here. To learn more skills or solve simple questions, customers can get help here.

Do We Recommend A2Hosting SwiftServer Fast Hosting?

After analyzing A2Hosting SwiftServer Fast hosting from the four aspects above, we understand that this web hosting solutions can deliver more reliable and faster performance that traditional ones cannot. Besides, A2Hosting includes rich features and tools accelerate site speed and increase reliability. Considering its cheap pricing and considerate support, we think A2Hosting SwiftServer Fast hosting is quite excellent and customers can have a try with its Anytime money back guarantee.

To learn more about A2Hosting, please go to www.a2hosting.com.

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