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A2hosting vs HostGator

a2 vs hostgatorHaving been in existence for more than 10 years, A2Hosting and HostGator are two popular web hosting providers that can offer many kinds of hosting solutions to its customers, including web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, and others.

We know that it is not an easy work for customers to make a difference between the two web hosts considering they have much in common. In below A2Hosting vs Hostgator, we will tell customers which company can be totally trusted.

A2hosting vs HostGator on Features

featuresIn terms of features, the two companies share something in common, including unlimited disk storage, transfer, email address, and MySQL databases as well as unlimited subdomains, all of these features are the foundation for website building. But HostGator does not offer parked/add-on domains, while A2Hosting customers can get access to unlimited parked/add-on domains.

As one of the best hosting in the industry, A2Hosting is capable of providing customers with some optimized features, such as multiple PHP versions, PHP 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, and 5.5, unlimited PostgreSQL 9.1, pre-installed phpMyAdmin & phpPgAdmin, free SSH Access & Rsync, node.js, Apache2.2, Ruby on Rails, Ruby and Perl and free shared SSL certificate and more.

Moreover, A2Hosting and HostGator can offer easy to use cPanel to their customers. With it, customers can easily manage their websites, even for a beginner.

By comparison, we can see that A2Hosting can offer richer features than HostGator for customers to run their websites.

A2hosting vs HostGator on Price

priceBoth companies know that an affordable price will attract more people to purchase their service. And their price is almost the same.

HostGator has three hosting solutions for customers to choose, namely Hatchling, Baby and Business. With the latest promotion, the price of HostGator starts at $3.96/mo, a 20% off the regular price.

As for A2Hosting, the company offers two web hosting packages for customers choose, which are Prime and Prime + SSD. And the discounted price starts at $4.97/mo by default. To customers’ happiness, the price can be cut down as low to $3.92/mo and $5.39/mo respectively by following our exclusive promotion link.

A2hosting Exclusive Promotion A2hosting Exclusive Promotion
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For the policy of money back guarantee, A2Hosting offers trouble-free 30 day refund and HostGator provides 45 day money back guarantee.

A2hosting vs HostGator on Reliability

a2hosting vs hostgator on speedBy taking advantage of its exclusive SwiftServer platform and top of the line facilities, it is undoubted that the overall performance of A2Hosting is better than HostGator.

At A2Hosting, high performance SwiftServer platform, CloudFlare Content Delivery Network, Railgun Optimizer, US or Europe server location, 10 GB/s redundant network, 12 core server minimum, 64GB RAM server minimum, CloudLinux OS, 24/7 networking monitoring, quadruple redundant network, UPS/diesel generators and more are all come to its customers to keep at least 99.9% uptime and unbeatably fast speed.

For HostGator, the company utilizes two top tier data centers in Houston and Provo that take advantage of state of the art server hardware, HVAC, electronic and network systems. What’s more, its power infrastructure features highly redundant systems, including UPS battery back units, power distribution units and etc.

A2hosting vs HostGator on Customer Support

supportA2Hosting and HostGator both can offer industry-leading technical support to its customers.

The two web hosts know that the qualified customer service is vital for customers to build a successful website. If customers have some problems, they can contact the experts via email, phone and live chat to find solutions. All of the experts have much web hosting experience, so they can help them handle their problems as soon as possible.

Furthermore, A2Hosting also offers knowledge base, community forums and blog for customers to deal with some common issues by themselves. Additionally, HostGator hosting customers can solve the problems by checking forums and video tutorials.

Why A2Hosting Is Better

In summary, A2Hosting and HostGator both provide customers with industry-leading customer support and their price is affordable. However, it is clear that A2Hosting customers can get access to much faster speed and rich features than HostGator. In this way, we highly recommend A2Hosting for customers who are eager to find a reliable and cost-effective web host.

To know more information about A2Hosting, please visit or check A2Hosting Review.

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