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A2Hosting vs. HostPapa

With increasing number of web hosts emerging in the web hosting industry, customers are facing a great number of options when they are picking up their web hosting providers. It requires them to spend more much time on it.

Therefore, in order to save their time and energy, we will here compare two very good and popular cheap web hosting providers, A2Hosting and HostPapa. In this A2Hosting vs. HostPapa, we are to analyze their pros and cons from hosting pricing, features, performance and customer support.

Who are A2Hosting and HostPapa?

Looking at the Top 10 Cheap Web Hosting list, we find A2Hosting ( is ranked in it. The company is famous for its great initiative spirit and advanced technology. A2Hosting takes the most advanced technologies like Turbo Server and SSD to form its unique SwiftServer platform, giving customers top-notch user experience.

For products, now customers can find shared hosting, reseller hosting, cloud hosting, VPS, dedicated servers and more here. Both Linux and Windows distribution are available as well.

HostPapa ( is a long-standing web hosting company, which always focuses on providing the best possible web hosting and related services to its customers groups like bloggers, developers, as well as small to medium businesses. About its offerings, we find that it can provide shared hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, domains, email services, and more. Differently, HostPapa is only offering Linux hosting.

A2Hosting vs. HostPapa on Hosting Pricing

A2Hosting is very generous web hosting company. In order to attract more and more new customers to test whether A2Hosting hosting is good enough to be trust by them, A2Hosting is giving customers big discounts. For example, A2Hosting shared hosting all come with 51% discount. With it, A2Hosting Linux shared hosting will start at $3.92/mo not normal $7.99/mo, while A2Hosting Windows shared hosting will charge from $$4.90/mo rather than $9.99/mo.

A2Hosting Exclusive Deal A2Hosting Exclusive Deal
51% Off

More importantly, A2Hosting offers customers as long as possible money back guarantee. At any time, customers can stop their accounts and get a refund of unused services. Even better, within the first 30 days, customers can get full refund.

Speaking of HostPapa, the company is providing customers with the massive discounts on web hosting products of it. When customers choose the longest billing term, 3 years, from multiple billing terms, to purchase the entry-level web hosting here, customers will have 51% off discount as well. It makes the plan start at $3.95/mo instead of $7.99/mo. Compared to A2Hosting, HostPapa has very similar pricing to A2Hosting, but A2Hosting still get the cheaper award.

HostPapa Exclusive Deal HostPapa Exclusive Deal
51% Off

About its money back, HostPapa gives 30 days money back guarantee to each customer. So, each one of them can request a full refund if they find they are right here with HostPapa during the first 30 days.

A2Hosting vs. HostPapa on Hosting Features

Considering A2Hosting and HostPapa are both versatile web hosting companies and we know that they both have multi-level web hosting plans offered on the market, we decide to focus on their shared hosting at most to try our best to illustrate their pros and cons of this solutions.

At A2Hosting, its shared hosting is offered based on Linux OS and Windows OS. By far, the two kinds of shared hosting here are available with 3 different packages. For the package features, both Linux plans and Windows plans give the same amount of server space to customers.

Specifically, customers can receive at least 5 databases (MySQL & MSSQL), 1 hosted website, unlimited transfer and storage, 25 emails addresses, free SSL certificate and SSDs, as well as free cPanel or Plesk control panel. All these are quite enough for customers to start a single but powerful website. If customers require more, they can easily upgrade to higher plans for unlimited resources.

For the package features of HostPapa three Linux shared hosting plans, customers can get at least free domain registration, 10GB disk space, 2 hosted websites, unlimited bandwidth, 100 email accounts free SSL, free cPanel. It seems that both have similar features, but HostPapa give bigger amount of space. Besides, A2Hosting offers free SSDs that HostPapa doesn’t have.

In terms of other essential features, A2Hosting also gives latest PHP version PHP 7.2, free SSH access, MySQL 5.6, pre-installed phpMyAdmin, PostgreSQL 9.6, PERL 5.10, Python 3.2, Apache 2.4, FTP/SFTP, Node.js and more in Linux plans. Well, multiple recent ASP.NET versions like 3.x, 4.x, MSSQL Server 2016, Windows Server 2016/ 2012, MVC 5, Classic ASP, Silverlight 5, .NET Core 2.0, IIS 8.5/ 10, MySQL 5.6, preinstalled phpMyAdmin, PHP 7.1, and more are in Windows plans. For better usability, A2Hosting offers 1-click installs and free site transfer to customers.

At HostPapa, customers can find PHP 5.6, 7.0, MySQL 5.6, phpMyAdmin, custom error pages, free site transfer, free Softaculous with more than 400 free apps, CloudLinux servers, starter website builder, and more in its Linux shared hosting to enhance its ease of use and usability.

Comparing the two companies, we learn that both are good companies, offering customers redundant resources and rich features, allowing them to enjoy the effortlessness of their web hosting accounts. However, we do find that A2Hostin includes some latest features like PHP 7.2, SSD, and many Window features.

A2Hosting vs. HostPapa on Hosting Performance

A 99.9% uptime guarantee is offered by A2Hosting and HostPapa both.

For A2Hosting, high speed SwiftServer platform and multiple ultra-reliable data centers are the foundation for A2Hosting fast, reliable and secure server performance. For SwiftServer platform, the company integrates CloudFlare Server Shield, complete SSD solution, 10Gb/s redundant network, minimum 64GB RAM server, minimum 12 cores server, Anycast DNS, HTTP/2, ESI and SPDY into its SwiftServer platform, making it super-fast.

Within A2Hosting data centers, the company enables balanced number of hosting accounts on a single server and utilizes quadruple redundant network, fine-tuned servers, as well as network monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Plus its Perpetual Security suite, A2Hosting ensures reliable and secure environment for customers’ data and site.

On the other hand, HostPapa has taken advantages of its data centers which are equipped with secured entrance & exit, RAID10 redundancy, server firewall, server intrusion detection, server monitoring, DDoS attack responses and prevention, network monitoring, ModSecurity, pactchman enhanced auto-security, redundant carriers, free CloudFlare CDN, minimum 32GB RAM server and 32 core server. So, customers can get fast speed and reliable server.

A2Hosting vs. HostPapa on Customer Support

A2Hosting and HostPapa are both experienced web hosts because of their long history in the industry. Therefore, we can find multiple convenient contact methods offered to customers contacting experts. Telephone, email and live chat are including and available 24/7.

Besides, customers can find help from their company knowledge base, help center or blog, containing the most recent articles related to the popular problems with solutions. So, both are good in this aspect.


In the end, we admit that both companies are good, except some mini differences. A2Hosting is cheaper than HostPapa and offers more hosting features as well as choices than HostPapa. Although we find their server performance and customer support are both excellent, we also recommend A2Hosting to more customers.

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3 thoughts on “A2Hosting vs. HostPapa”

  1. A2Hosting is a well-known web hosting and so does HostPapa, but it is obvious that A2Hosting can give use more options in terms of features and operating systems. For more possibilities, I recommend you A2Hosting of course.

  2. A2Hosting is a always the company giving customers’ reliability and security with its services, because A2Hosting is one of the most innovative companies, having great potential to grow fast. I like its customer support and SSD hosting plan, which not only give me faster speed, but also affordable costs.

    1. I would have to disagree a bit here to play the devil’s advocate. A2 would like to become large enough as quickly as possible for a quick sale to say the 3 lettered guys. HostPapa VPS systems at one time were totally in control of Arvixe. Now, this may have changed since 2015, but if you purchased a VPS from HostPapa, you were EIG or still could be.

      Security Scale: Both lack the proper security administration teams. IP reputation lookups will show more on this. Also, I’ve noticed that A2 could possibly be running on a cPanel setup that in my opinion has or could be easily hijacked via their SAN setups. HostPapa *IF* still EIG on non-shared would be the seesaw effect, provided you’re 51% happy/unhappy with service, will just end up staying through downtime, compromised account or rooted server.

      Customer Service: HostPapa’s Billing Department is fast acting versus A2 which seems to be overloaded on SLA times and stressed. Technical Support would be vastly different as HostPappa has more technicians per shift certified and A2 when checking I’m not seeing any information on certifications but is still outgunned on tech power & resolution times.

      Everything comes down to how happy an employee is because a happy employee is a hard working employee for the customer base. Glassdoor CEO Approval and overall happiness say it all.

      I’ve been a customer on both platforms and this is just my 2cents but I would have to say HostPapa for the knockout.

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