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A2Hosting vs InmotionHosting

As two global well-known web hosting providers, A2Hosting ( ) and InmotionHosting vs( ) have established reputation for their excellent hosting solution and affordable price. Meanwhile, the two companies have made a promise to satisfy the requirements of their customers at the extreme.

In this article, A2Hostng vs InmotionHosting, we will compare the two web hosts from features, price, the overall performance as well as technical support to help webmasters choose the best one to manage their websites.

A2Hosting vs InmotionHosting on Features

After checking the features provided by the two companies, we can tell customers that both of them can offer ample features to their lockcustomers.

At A2Hosting, customers can choose between Prime and Prime SSD. And the Prime contains unlimited web space, email addresses, domains, data transfer and MySQL & PostgreSQL databases. In addition, it also includes SSH access & Rsync, free shared SSL certificate, cPanel 11, A2 website builder, $25 Adwords and more.

Being one of the Best PHP Hosting providers, InmotionHosting offers three hosting solutions  and the entry level one, Launch includes easy to use cPanel,  free SSD drives, free website transfer, free data backups, 2 MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, unlimited disk space, bandwidth, 2 websites, SSH access, 6 parked domains and 25 subdomains, $275 advertisement credits and etc.

Besides, both A2Hosting and InmotionHosting support multiple PHP versions, Ruby, Perl, Python, and more.

A2Hosting vs InmotionHosting on Price

When compared with many other web hosting providers in the industry, it is not difficult to find that A2Hosting and InmotionHosting have pricean advantage in the perspective of price.

Firstly, let’s see the price of A2Hosting solutions. Instead of the regular price, the company offers considerable discounts to its customers. To webmasters’ happiness, they can receive more discounts by following our exclusive promotion link, and then the price can be low to $3.92/mo.

To heavily promote its service, with the latest Inmotion Hosting coupon, its customers can get the service starting from $3.49/mo rather than the regular price 7.99/mo.

InmotionHosting $3.49 Promotion InmotionHosting $3.49 Promotion
50% Off

A2Hosting vs InmotionHosting on Overall Performance

Fast speed and at least 99.9% uptime play a crucial role for webmasters to operate their websites successfully. However, who can guarantee a Winning team celebrating on podiumbetter environment for customers, A2Hosting or InmotionHosting?

By taking advantage of A2 exclusive SwiftServer platform, CloudFlare content delivery network, several data centers, redundant network, sufficient RAM and more, A2Hosting has the ability to offer a pretty good reliable environment to customers.

As for InmotionHosting, the company is widely recognized as a renowned provider of fast loading speed and rock-solid reliable network. Unlike some web hosts, InmotionHosting does not charge for SSDs, which are awesome for unbeatable fast speed. Meanwhile, the company also uses state of the art data centers that are equipped with advanced facilities as well as high performance servers to guarantee maximum uptime.

By comparison, webmasters can easily find out that InmotionHosting seizes an apparent advantage in the respect of speed and uptime.

A2Hosting vs InmotionHosting on Technical Support

Both A2Hosting and InmotionHosting understand that leading technical support is essential to online success, so the two companies supportclaim to offer high-standard customer service to webmasters.

If webmasters run into some problems, several most efficient methods are available for them to seek assistance, such as email, phone and live chat. The supporting staffs of both companies are well trained and they can help customers solve their problems as soon as possible.

What’s more, the two web hosts offer the policy of money back guarantee. A2Hosting guarantees 60 day full money back and InmotionHosting is 90 day. Therefore, we can say that it is safe for webmasters to host their websites at the two companies.

How to Choose

Based on the above review, webmasters must have a relatively clear understanding of the two companies. In summary, A2Hosting is a great option for individuals by considering its rich features. As for InmotionHosting, we highly recommended business-class people to choose this company to host their websites for its high performance servers.

By the way, webmasters can follow or check A2Hositng Review to get to know more details about A2Hosting. On the other hand, and InmotionHosting Review come to webmasters if they are interested in InmotionHosting.


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