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A2Hosting vs WebHostingHub

Choosing a web hosting company that provides rich features, affordable price and high performance environment is very important to webmasters. However, it is not very easy for them to pick up the most suitable one to host their websites. Today, we compare A2Hosting and WebHostingHub, two popular php hosting solution providers in the industry, and see which one is better choice.

In this article, A2Histing vs WebHostingHub, we will compare the two web hosting providers from the four aspects, features, price, reliability and technical support to help webmasters clearly know both of the two companies.

A2Hosting vs WebHostingHub on Features

As the two leading web hosting companies in the industry, both of them are able to offer ample features for webmasters to host their featurewebsites.

Firstly, let’s come to A2Hosting. At this company, its customers can get unlimited raid-10 disk space, unlimited transfer, unlimited email addresses, unlimited domains, and unlimited databases. Besides, the company also offers easy to use cPanel 11 control panel and site builder to manage their websites easily.

As for WebHostingHub, the company offers three different hosting packages for webmasters to choose, so customers can chose their preferred one to backup their websites. In terms of the entry level plan, it contains one free domain name, unlimited disk space, bandwidth, FTP accounts, websites, email addresses, sub-domains, parked domain names as well as MySQL databases and free website builder and $200 advertisements credits.

By the way, the two web hosts also support PHP, Python, and Perl, Ruby / Ruby on Rails and more.

A2Hosting vs WebHostingHub on Pricing

Generally speaking, the two companies can offer an affordable price to their customers, but WebHostingHub still enjoys an advantage in the respect of price.

To widely promote its service, A2Hosting gives considerable promotion to its customers. Instead of the regular price, the discounted price of A2Hosting starts from $3.99/mo by default. More delightedly, if customers follow our exclusive link, the price can be cut down to $3.92/mo.

A2Hosting $3.92 Promotion A2Hosting $3.92 Promotion
51% Off

Now, let’s come to WebHostingHub. The regular price of this company starts at $6.99/mo. To customers’ happiness, they can get considerable WebHostingHub discounts if they follow this exclusive webhostinghub promotion link. After that, they only need to pay $1.95/mo for the first three months, then $3.99/mo.

For the policy of money back guarantee, WebHostingHub guarantees 90 day full money back while A2Hosting promises to refund 100% of customers’ money within the first 30 days.

WebHostingHub $1.95 Promotion WebHostingHub $1.95 Promotion
81% Off

A2Hosting vs WebHostingHub Speed and Uptime

As for the speed and uptime guaranteed by A2Hosting and WebHostingHub, both of them can guarantee a high performance environment performancefor customers to operate their websites.

Being an innovator of high-tech and a holder of advanced facilities, A2Hosting has the strength to ensure industry-leading fast speed and at least 99.9% uptime. On the one hand, the company utilizes SwiftServer platform, CloudFlare CDN, as well as Railgun optimizer to help customers get a blazingly rapid speed.

On the other hand, A2Hosting also takes advantage of 10gb/s redundant network, 64GB RAM, 12 core servers, cloud Linux OS, 24/7 network monitoring, quadruple redundant network and more to enhance the overall performance.

For WebHostingHub, it uses two data centers that are located in Washington and Los Angeles, so customers can make a choice between the two one. At the same time, the company also utilizes some top of the line facilities and infrastructure to ensure a solid reliable and secure environment.

Although the two web hosting companies can be recognized as the leading provider as for speed and uptime, it is not difficult to find out that A2Hosting is a winner compared that of WebHostingHub.

A2Hosting vs WebHostingHub on Technical Support

Both of the two hosting companies understand the importance of technical support, especially for someone who has little web hosting experience.

The two companies claim that they only employ senior technicians to help webmasters deal with their problems quickly and correctly. If webmasters have some queries or encounter problems, some several popular and sufficient supporting methods, including email, phone and live chat are available for them to contact the experts.

How to Choose

Based on the review conducted in the above, we can see that two of them are reputable web hosting providers that can be highly recommended to customers to host a successful website. However, how to choose remains a big concern.

In a word, if webmasters are eager to find a web host that can guarantee a solid high performance environment to manage their website, A2Hosting is a better option. Looking for more details about this company, webmasters can check or check A2Hosting Review.

As for WebHostingHub, it is a perfect choice for individuals and small business owners when considering its competitive price. For more details about WebHostingHub, webmasters can follow the link or check WebHostingHub Review.


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