A2Hosting Windows VPS Review

Following the launch of Windows shared web hosting, A2Hosting (www.a2hosting.com) has just rolled out its Windows VPS hosting programs.

Having been around for years, A2Hosting is reputable for the blazing-fast SwiftServer platform and 24/7/365 Guru Crew support. It used to focusing on premium, comprehensive Linux hosting services, including shared web hosting, reseller hosting, cloud hosting, VPS and dedicated server. Recently, seeing the constant demand for Windows servers, the hosting company started offering Windows operating system choice for shared web server customers and resellers, as well as virtual private server users.

In below A2Hosting Windows VPS Review, we will introduce the hosting service and analyze it from aspects like price value, performance, reliability, and customer service to figure out if it is worthy purchasing as other best Windows VPS hosting solutions.

A2Hosting Windows VPS Review on Plans and Features

Built with Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows Server 2016, A2Hosting Windows VPS hosting includes the best version of most popular Windows hosting development software, including ASP.NET 2.x, 3.x & 4.x, Access Database, MVC 4 or 5, Silverlight 4 or 5, Classic ASP, .NET Core 2.0, Microsoft SQL Server 2016, IIS 8.5 or 10, FTP/SFTP, PHP 5.6, 7.0 or 7.1, and MySQL 5.6.

As to management, not only do A2Hosting Windows VPS hosting offers the user-friendly Plesk control panel—enabling customers to manage the domains, files, emails, databases and other aspect of their hosting accounts with ease—the hosting solution comes fully managed by A2Hosting’s Guru Crew Support team. Every customer receives full HostGuard Management for a truly 100% worry-free hosting experience, in addition to memory capacity and central processing strength.

There are three A2Hosting Windows VPS hosting plans available, varying from 4GB to 8GB RAM, 75GB to 150GB SSD RAID-10 storage, 2TB to 4TB data transfer, and 4 to 8 vCPUs. Besides, all hosting accounts contain unlimited websites, unlimited email address, 2 IP addresses, free SSL certificate, free Snapshot backups, and 1-click installation for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, BlogEngine, and more.

It is easy to find that A2Hosting Windows VPS hosting features really rich. Small to medium-sized business owners can feel free to allocate the hosting resources without worry about slowdown or downtime resulted from server space insufficiency. Even when compared with other reputable, experienced Windows VPS hosting companies, A2Hosting still has competitive advantage in terms of feature offerings.

A2Hosting Windows VPS Review on Pricing

Regularly, A2Hosting Windows VPS hosting starts at $65.99/mo. Customers can choose from 1/3/6/12/24 billing cycles. Based on their choice, they can get up to 17% off, making the price reduce to $54.99/mo. Even better, the web host often offers special promotions and coupons on all Windows VPS hosting plans with all payment terms. For example, customers now can apply the coupon code “34VPS” at checkout to save additional 34% off. That is, the ultimate discounted price would be $36.29/mo, according to the latest A2Hosting Coupon.

A2Hosting Exclusive Promotion A2Hosting Exclusive Promotion
34% Off

To help protect customers’ rights and build credibility, A2Hosting includes an industry-leading Anytime Money Back Guarantee in each Windows VPS hosting account, promising the give full refund within 30-days and a prorated refund thereafter.

A2Hosting Windows VPS hosting is priced reasonably if taking the full management service into consideration. However, it is also true that customers with rich, development experience can have more affordable options from Host4ASP.NET and GoDaddy.

A2Hosting Windows VPS Review on Speed and Uptime

A2Hosting is one of the first hosting providers to offer free SSD RAID-10 storage. As a result of that, A2Hosting is repeatedly recommended as one of the best SSD hosting solution by a large number of customers as well as review websites. All its Windows VPS hosting customers can benefit from this to speed up page loading time up to 300% faster than on standard disk drives.

Besides all speed benefits included with the SwiftServer Platform, customers can get exclusive access to A2 Optimized Site Accelerator when hosting with A2Hosting Windows virtual private servers. Also, CloudFlare ServerShield, CloudFlare Firewall, HTTP/2 and SPDY are also available for all Windows VPS hosting customers.

Not only the servers are fast, but also they are ultra-reliable. A2Hosting commits to each site being up over 99.9% of the time, due to the state-of-the-art data center located in US, equipped with expertly tuned servers, redundant power, and connected to multiple global transit carriers like Level 3, Cogent, Comcast, and CenturyLink/Saavis. What’s more, A2Hosting engineers and technicians are responsible for 24/7 network monitoring to prevent any sudden issues.

Just from the speed and reliability perspective, A2Hosting does an outstanding job to deliver fast, uninterrupted Windows VPS hosting experience. However, since at this moment the hosting service is only for website owners who target at American market, those with customer base in European or Asian regions may need to consider other Windows VPS providers, for instance, LiquidWeb and Bisend.

A2Hosting Windows VPS Review on Technical Support

A2Hosting Windows VPS is a managed hosting solution, meaning that every customer can have a 24/7 personal assistant. A2Hosting Guru Crew Support team is ready to provide customers with helpful information that they can use to make wise decision for their websites. They also take responsibility of offering daily, weekly and monthly Snapshot backups for the websites, files and databases. They also give proactive protection against malicious hackers and security threats.

Whenever customers need to contact professionals, A2Hosting 24/7/365 Guru Crew Support staff are available via telephone, livechat, ticketing and or email system. Or, if it is a simple problem, customers can also take advantage of A2Hosting’s extensive Knowledgebase to have it resolved by their own.


Generally speaking, A2Hosting Windows VPS features rich. There are not only redundant website allocated resources and free, easy-to-use Plesk control panel, but also a number of advanced tools for easily creating professional yet powerful online presences. Additionally, powered by the latest SSD-driven servers, built with screaming fast SwifterServer platform, and supported by a world-class data center and quadruple redundant network infrastructure on the backend, A2Hosting Windows VPS remains speedy and stably. Plus, there is a premium, award-winning support team to offer full HostGuard Management service and expert technical support. In a word, A2Hosting is perfect for business owners and entrepreneurs who have enough budget and with very economical, development experience.

If you are looking to more information about A2Hosting Windows VPS, please visit www.a2hosting.com to find out.

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