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How to Add the Content Locking in Your WordPress Website?

For many experienced webmasters, they may understand the benefits of adding content locking in their websites. It can increase sales, boost lead generations, and even can be use d to crease email list. With so many pros, why don’t you add it to your site? If you do not know how to make it, don’t worry, we are here to explain the method in detail.

In the below post, we are to introduce how to add the content locking in your WordPress website step by step. Following us, you can easily make it and never annoy your audiences at all.

What’s Content Locking ? When to Add it?

Content locking is actually a technique or a term uses by website owners, which can force your audiences to conduct a behavior before they access to the content in your website. Here is an example of content locking and the action or behavior your audiences have to finish to get the whole content.

According to the identification of content locking, we can easily figure out that if you make any mistake when using this tiny technique, your audiences will be annoyed by it very much. However, when you use it correctly, it will be a great method for you to generate leads and help you to easier meet your marketing goal.

So, when is the right time for you to use the technique? Based on rich experience, we think if your website is offering some really valuable content like a popular topic course and a popular e-book download, then it is the time to do the content locking.

Here is using the psychological trick that content upgrades use, and it will not make audiences feel annoyed when they need to perform a task to read the whole content they need or they like.

Now, we have made sense what is and when to use content locking, and then we are to take you through the whole process of adding one in your WordPress site.

Note: in the guide, we choose a tool OptinMonster, to use the technique. This plugin is a premium lead generation tool and for you to add the content locking, you may need to get a pro, or a plus version.

Add Content Locking in Your WordPress Site

Before starting to add a content locking, you should firstly install OptinMonster and activate it. The installation is very easy, and you can find the plugin by search for it from your WordPress admin interface’s left menu bar. Because this plugin is not free, you need to install it via FTP or WordPress Admin “Plugins” > “Upload”.

OptinMonster plugin is the connector between the OptinMonster account and your site. To activate the plugin, you just need to click on OptinMonster menu from your WordPress admin menu bar. Then, you will get a note asking your API username and API key.

If you don’t know it, you can find API information from your account on OptinMonster site. Log in your account and click on “API”.

Now, the page will show you’re the OptinMonster API information. Simply copy them and paste into OptinMonster asking page. Next, click “Connect to OptinMonster” to move on. When the connection is successful, you should click the “Create New Optin” button on the upper right of the page.

The new optin creation will take you to OptinMonster website. Here will ask you to fulfill some information about your optin campaign, including the campaign title. Then, select your site from a drop down list (because you have built the connection between your site and the OptinMonster).

Remember you have to select the optin type as “After Post/ In-Line” here. This selection will offer your some ready-to-use templates on the right. You just need to freely choose one to be the starting point.

The template you choose will open OptinMonster form builder, in which you need to customize your own optin as well as configure your optin settings. You can freely to add the images or text, edit the fonts, or change the colors, and other more.

Now, click on “OPTIN” and scroll down the CONTENT BLOCKING selection. You need to turn it on by clicking on its “off/on” switch.

When you turn on the block content optin, there will be a pull-down menu for you to select the content blocking method for your content. The image below show you a method – obfuscation, which is to blurs your content; and you can also choose the removal to remove the whole content.

Besides, you can find the content blocking section having the last selection at the bottom. It is “Success Cookie Duration”. You should change it to “0”, like the image showing you. This setting is to forbid the cookie being set until your audiences submit the optin.

Next, you should go through your Integration setting so as to connect the email marketing services, and configure analytics settings. Once you done, you have to remember to click “Save” button on the upper right of the setting page. It is to save the setting you just configured.

After saving these setting made on OptinMonster website, you can do to your WordPress site and select the OptinMonster menu. Then, you will find there is a content block campaign under “Optins”. If not, you need to refresh “Optins”. When you see it, please take mouse to the title and click the link of “Edit Output Settings”.

Then, the page will show as following. You need to click the checkbox under the first option of “Enable option on site?” and never forget to save your setting by clicking on the “Save” at the bottom.

After that, you have to click OptinMonster menu again for going back to the Options overview. Now, you should copy these optin slug we circled in the image below.

Next, you can move to edit the page or the page on which you plan to enable the content locking. And then add the shortcode same as the image shows at the post beginning or you can place it after the first paragraph. Note: within the shortcode, the value of id should be the optin slug you just copied.

After adding the right shortcode, you can save and publish it. You should view the page or post your just published in another browser to check out the content locking effect.

Add Content Locking to All of Your WordPress Posts

If you need to add the content locking to each of your WordPress post, then we will introduce you an easier method in below. To do this automatically, you need to use a plugin – Insert Post Ads.

The first step is of course to install as well as activate this plugin. For this, you should go to the dashboard, click on “Post Adverts” to configure the settings. Firstly, click on the checkbox to decide the place you need the ads to display, and always remember to save the settings you have made.

Next, click on “Add New” under the “Post Adverts” menu. Now, there will be a page for adding new post advert. Here you need to enter a title for the content locking ad and then paste the optin slug you made in single content clocking adding into the Advert Code box.

Finally, you can select a method to display your post advert from the pull-down menu. Now, this plugin will automatically enable the content locking to all of your WordPress posts.

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