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Advantages and Disadvantages of Google APM

APM (Application Performance Management) can be regarded as the most effective tool to enhance the overall performance of any business organization. The significant Google APM role is to identify the performance issues with any online business organization and to resolve these issues to enhance the overall performance of the business. With the use of the APM, the website owners can create a historical database of the ongoing performance trends which tends to narrow down the root cause of the performance issues. Owing to the importance of the APM in optimizing the performance of any website, let us have an insight into the advantages and disadvantages of the Google APM:

Advantages of APM:

The basic benefits offered by the Google APM include:

  • Reduction of the Revenue Risks: In today’s on-based economy, it is highly significant to gain or lose the customer loyalty. An APM (Application Monitoring Performance) tool can be used to identify the exact place where the performance level of a particular system is degrading such that the IT personnel can address the issue which would help in the reduction of the risks of the revenue of the particular business organization.
  • Enhanced Business Continuity: The downtime of any business can be the most dreaded situation. Disruption of the normal functioning of the websites and its business performance can result in greater loss to revenue and productivity. It might also result in the damage to brand reputation and loss of consumer loyalty. According to a study, it has been observed that companies which invest in APM have accepted the improved level of business continuity through the high availability of core services, safer upgrades, effective troubleshooting of issues, and modifications to the infrastructure of the application. When the Google APM role is combined with the IT operations analytics solutions, this allows the IT teams to predict and prevent the downtime effectively. Several IT experts estimate that various companies have observed 60-70 percent reduction in downtime by making use of the APM solutions to optimize the overall performance and operations.
  • Enhance the Customer Experience: One of the main advantages offered by APM is that the customer satisfaction and loyalty is increased among the external and internal customers. With those sites who work on the external-facing basis, the users have to put up with the slow application only for about a minute before clicking on the website of the competitor. Whereas, in the internal applications, a slow performance would result in the loss of productivity. Whatever might be the ways, the business is bound to lose the revenue and loyalty of the customers. With the use of the APM, the organizations can stay ahead of the performance issues by keeping intact the loyalty and trust of the customers. 
  • Higher Productivity: The common issue or complaint registered by the IT managers is that they have to face the “daily duties” of the management of the applications and infrastructure. With this, the strategic initiatives get postponed and even eliminated. With the use of the Application Performance Management tool, the IT team can have a view of what’s going on in the infrastructure or the environment by providing proactive notifications of the issues and ways to fix them. By this technique, the IT staff can use the available resources smartly to restart the services and to generate ample revenues for the business organizations.
  • Enhanced Innovation: With the proactive management of the applications, the IT teams can enable better collaboration and sharing of knowledge among the departments with the help of the Google APM role. The different departments benefited might include Support, DevOps, Operations and Application Development. The recurring system problems and the performance issues can be resolved at an instant with the deployment of the APM tools and measures which will increase the overall productivity and will maximize the profit of any online business organization.

Disadvantages of APM:

The Google’s APM can in some cases pose certain disadvantages to the publishers as well. Especially when it comes to the monetization issues, it might serve as a factor of disadvantage. The ads and Google analytics play a significant role on the development and the overall performance of any website, they also serve as a great way to monetize any online business. The problem might arise when it comes to the speed of operation. The Google APM role is to display only the essential content on each website, and thus to keep away the overloading of the software analytics.

The striking feature of APM is that it avoids all the elements which would tend to slow down the website or downgrade its performance. Therefore, to enable the same, APM does not incorporate any third-party scripts or codes, not even the JavaScript, which is aimed at ad serving and analytics. In an APM platform, the user-written codes are replaced by HTML5 custom codes and elements including the web components.

Moreover, the public Internet used by many is between the back end and the agents, or between the back end and the user’s browser. If the users would need more loyalty from the APM solutions, then APM as a service is not meant for them. With the use of the APM tool, the web developers are also giving access of the performance in their application, the bugs in the application, the crashes in the application; to someone’s database which is hosted on someone’s cloud.

If the environment on which the back end is run has some problems or the APM back end too has a problem, then the users might lose the access to the APM solutions during the duration of the problem or the issue. This disadvantage can be to the extent in which the back end maintained by the vendor who has built the software or application would have more issues than the premise instance on the back end.


The Google APM role is widespread towards the development and the enhancement of the performance of any web service or online business organization.

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