Advantages and Disadvantages of PHP

Advantages and Disadvantages of PHP

PHP is a programming language for server-side scripting that is majorly created for the development of websites. It has however also been used for general purpose programming. It was initially created in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdof. It currently means PHP Hypertext Preprocessor even though its initial meaning was Personal Home Page. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of PHP hypertext preprocessor.

Advantages of PHP

There are a number of advantages of the PHP Hypertext Preprocessor, which is why it is been used by a wide number of people. Some of the advantages are explained below.


PHP is an application that can be run on several platforms. The importance of this that you do not have to worry about the operating system the user is using, as you will be rest assured that the code will still run properly and smoothly. Some of these platforms include Mac, Linux and Windows. You can therefore use these platforms to write codes for the PHP as well as view web pages or run applications written with the code. Furthermore, php hosting service providers for the server-side scripting language can easily be found.

Built-in Module for Connecting to Database:

As a programming language that is commonly used on the Internet, one of the advantage such programming language type could have, is the ability to connect to a database. This is due to the importance of database for several websites including e-commerce and many other website types. PHP has made it easy to connect to a database with a built-in module. When building a website that is driven by data or content, database will be used frequently. PHP comes in handy in the management of this type of websites and also significantly decreases how much time will be needed to create a web app.

Strong library support:

Another advantage to using the PHP hypertext Preprocessor is the used of modules that are functional. The importance of the different modules is that they help to make our work easier. We do not have to start to develop the modules from the scratch as they have already been created. All that will be required is just to include the module and maybe add little modification. Some of the modules available in PHP include Graphics and PDF amongst others.


PHP has been in existence for about 22 years. Over this period, several developers have worked on the application to improve the usage of the application. A lot of bugs have been discovered over the years and the bugs have been fixed quickly by the team of developers. Based on this, the programming language is currently very stable.

Ease of use:

It is easy to use PHP to program. Even for individuals who are new to programming, they can easily pick up the programming language and learn to use them within a short while. The syntax for programming in the hypertext preprocessor is similar to what is obtainable in C programming language. For individuals who already know how to program in C programming language, it is very simple to start using the language, based on their knowledge in C. With this, they will be able to easily and quickly create scripts for website.


A very important aspect of web development is speed. Considering the fact that some people using the web still struggle with the challenge of internet data speed, a fast loading website will be appreciated for such people. Furthermore, people all over the world generally prefer fast loading websites to slower loading ones. People use PHP because due to the fact that it is fast. Even better, PHP community keep on improving the performance of PHP, the latest version of PHP 7.x is 2 times faster than PHP 5.x.

Open Source:

The programming language is been created and developed by a huge number of PHP developers. The implication is that there is a lot of extension library as well support community creation.

Easy to Get Support
PHP is so popular that it’s quite easy for you to get support on PHP. Most of hoster know and understand PHP, they have well-optimized their web server to server for PHP application, which means it’s very easy for you to find a good PHP website hoster, some of PHP hoster we recommend are Bisend, Bluehost, Inmotion Hosting, and more.

Disadvantages of PHP

Despite the advantages of the PHP Hypertext Preprocessor, the scripting language also has some disadvantages. Some of the disadvantages are explained below.

Weak type:

Unwary programmers might be surprised by the implicit conversion in the language. This could consequently lead to bugs that are unexpected. For instance, the ‘1e3’ and ‘1000’ strings are equally compared due to the fact that they are casted implicitly for point numbers floating.

Not designed for creation of huge applications:

With the way the PHP preprocessor hypertext language was created, it will be difficult to use it to program huge applications. Since the programming language is not highly modular, huge applications created out of the programming language will be difficult to maintain. Even though it is therefore a great language for website scripting and developing small applications, it is not advisable to use the programming language to create huge application. This could be due to the fact that the application was created more for use in website development as opposed to for creating applications for use on Windows and other operating systems.


There is the need to secure websites as much as possible, to protect the owner of the website as well as the users of the site. The open source nature of the programming language serves as both an advantage and disadvantage of php hypertext preprocessor.  Since everybody can view PHP’s source code, it is possible for hacker to identify bugs in the code and subsequently use such bugs to attack unsuspecting users.


PHP is a very popular programming language that has become very popular since its development in 1994. It is currently been used by a large number of people for creating different types of applications. It is majorly used as a server-side scripting language for websites. Apart from this, some individuals have also used the programming language to create applications for Mac, Linux and Windows operating system. There are however some advantages and disadvantages to using the PHP hypertext processor. The wide usage of the programming language, however, passes across the message that the advantages far supersedes the disadvantages.

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