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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC or Pay Per click advertising is a very popular online marketing strategy about which most of the business owners are aware these days. In this type of advertising the business owners can place an ad in a website and they need to pay a fee for each click on that ad. However, the fee is not fixed and it varies based on the bid made on the keywords and Quality score. The biggest PPC advantages is, you can reach to individual site visitors quickly through it. However, not just advantages rather the PPC campaign comes along with some disadvantages too and here we will discuss about the PPC advantages and disadvantages in details.

PPC Advantages

Deliver speedy result:

Pay Per Click advertising is designed to provide a fast and quick result. It is much quicker to set up and launch than the organic SEO and moreover you will start getting visitors in your website as soon as the ad goes live. Also, the traffic it generates is highly targeted and qualified as those are the visitors actually who are actively searching for the products or service that you have to offer.

Easily adjustable:

Another best PPC advantages is that you can adjust the ad easily as per your requirements. For example, there are certain improvements in the field and you need to revise the ad to meet the current trends, just go for adjusting the ad and that’s it whereas the search engine marketing techniques takes enough time to adapt to any kind of small changes as well.

Niche marketing strategy:

If a PPC campaign is working better in a certain location, you can target to reach to that location or else to a niche market, specific cities, countries etc whether local or international and reach to maximum number of visitors during a specific day of the week, or specific time of the day through this ad campaign.

Seasonal marketing strategies:

The PPC advertising campaign is designed to offer you enough flexibility so that you can decide upon when to run the advertising so as to earn more revenue. For example, the PPC ads can be kept off during a slow season while you can increase the Pay Per Click advertising in the season during a busy holiday when the buyers are highly active.

PPC allows full control:

The PPC ad campaign let you manage the ad as per your choice where you as a business owner have the full right to say that what will be appeared on your ad, what types of audiences it will reach, the ads will be appeared for which keyword search and more. And with all these you can easily filter the unnecessary traffic, optimize the user experience and easily can reach your target market whether locally or internationally.

Easy testing capabilities:

The Pay per click advertising comes with another added advantage and that is the testing capabilities. Yes, the advertisers can go for low risk testing of the keywords which allow you to determine in case a full site optimization is really needed or not. Also, another thing to be tested in PPC to fetch great result is the landing page. If the existing landing page even though related to the ad copy is not providing good conversion, you can change it to see which page is working better and offering higher conversion.

Easy to measure the ROI:

Determining the result of any campaign is really needed to ensure if it is actually working and good for the company’s bottom line. The PPC advertising is just perfect for that which let you easily measure the result. The PPC network is equipped with a metrics where the advertisers can track the number of viewers, number of clicks and if the viewers have reacted to the ads. Also, the conversion pixels in the Adwords let you examine actually which landing page, keywords and ad messages are generating good higher rate of conversion.

Cost advantage:

With all these, the most important PPC advantages is the cost-effective. Yes, placing an ad for a specific keyword will really cost you very low which can be even $.10 for a click. And, just think if that click is convertible, you can earn good money for the product or service you are offering.

PPC Disadvantages

It can be expensive:

Even though cost effective is mentioned as one of the best advantage of PPC, but there are times when you will have to incur great amount of money for this type of online advertising. For example, if you are in a very competitive industry and have found yourself involved in the bidding war with your competitors for some keywords, then it will automatically cost you really more.

It can create junk traffic:

PPC advertising when creates junk traffic, it may enhance the volume of the clicks but the ultimate result that is your finance will be highly affected. Many a times, the competitors keep clicking on your ads intentionally just to increase their competitor’s expenses. And whether those clicks generate profit or not but you are bound to pay for each click to the website owners.

Less clicks than the organic search:

Organic listing is always profitable than the PPC ad and it is also been proved by various studies. A research has shown that 85% of the online searchers keep clicking on the organic listing while only 15% of them prefer to click on PPC ads. Actually, PPC is suggested for short term while the organic listing can fetch you good result in the long term.

Requires regular maintenance:

Pay per click is very dynamic which is why you should keep an eye on it and constantly adjust it to survive in the market. Competitors will always try to outbid you, so you should be very careful about that. Also, if you are not highly expert in managing the keywords then the bidding on wrong keywords will cost you even more and all these requires you to hire a PPC professional which is again expensive.

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