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All About Cloud Computing And How It Helps You Improve The Business

Description: Have you heard about cloud computing? It’s a new technology that can help you a lot in your business. Just read on to know more.

The new buzz in the market is Cloud Computing, and you ask how cloud computing saves money, since as a business personality, you don’t know about the technicalities, for this we are here to help.

Since there is a huge need of data to be processed, as the amount of data is increasing we are going to discuss some of the methods using tools which can help in improving your business by putting and sharing your data in the cloud.


Introduction to Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a network based computational method which allows a user to share their data in the cloud so that it can be accessed by anyone from anywhere in the world. It is a method by which the data are synced between different devices and users can access, edit, read or delete the data according to their choices, depending on the permission rights given to the particular user.

The main logic behind cloud computing is that a company takes some space on lease on the cloud – from many different vendors, and then they are able to utilize the space according to their need, it is like some additional storage space on your overburdened computer system.

Types of Clients

If you want to know the in depth details on how cloud computing saves money then you will need to know what are the different clients that provide cloud servers for your business. There are mainly three types of clients who can provide you with data storage on the cloud:

Public Cloud: A cloud is named as public when the services are provided through networks which are accessible to anyone who is using the cloud, some of the examples are

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS),
  • Microsoft,
  • Google,
  • Azure Express Routes,
  • AWS Direct Connect.

Private Cloud: A Cloud that is dedicated only for a single organization and is not accessible by anyone else on the World Wide Web.


Hybrid Cloud: A mixture of private and public cloud, where some data are accessible to everyone on the cloud, whereas some information is restricted to one organization, until and unless they make their data public in the cloud.

There is also some other cloud facilities that are available for the users, but they are not used for business or organizations most of the times. Some of them are:

  • Community Cloud – a cloud sharing infrastructure which is used by different organization from a same community or organization with same concerns.
  • Distributed Cloud – it is more of a platform, which is used for distributed computing, a method in which huge data sets are first divided in to many smaller sets and then each set is stored in a different location on the cloud, which helps in easier computation and analysis of the data.
  • Inter Cloud.
  • Multi Cloud.

Benefits of Using Cloud

Each of the cloud clients mentioned above have some advantage and disadvantages, like if you use public clouds then you cannot store any information on the cloud, but this cloud is generally free to use, which makes it easier for students to learn the new trend and experiment with the cloud, while it helps other people who do not want to spend some huge amount of money for the cloud. Here we are going to discuss some of the benefits of cloud storage which helps in understanding how cloud computing saves money.

  • Cloud computing is very secure,
  • You can have unlimited amount of storage for your organization,
  • Data can be fetched from anywhere,
  • Data can be synced in multiple devices at a same time,
  • The transmission of data from one place to another is pretty fast,
  • There is no loss of data, since these cloud companies make it their top priority to save the data.

Top Cloud Storage for Your Business


In this portion, we are going to cover some top cloud storage that is helpful for a small business in storing their data online:

  • Zoolz – a big cloud storage facility for your small business
  • Just Cloud
  • High Tail
  • Mozy
  • Carbonite

If you are unsure, then here is a list of cloud storages which have many plans available and they can be used by anyone:

  • Egnyte – which holds the spot number 5, in our list
  • Mozy Pro
  • Just Cloud – Our top Pick at number 3
  • Open Drive – taking the position at number 2
  • Finally, Zoolz who is undoubtedly the best cloud service

Some Tools to Make your Cloud Business Thrive

To help in your business and to make you understand how cloud computing saves money here is a list of top tools that your business can use:

  • Cloudability: A Financial Management tool,
  • Cloudyn: An IT form for buying Amazon web resources,
  • Atmosphere: For integrating cloud applications,
  • enStraius: Cross platform cloud service
  • Mule Soft: Open source application integration
  • Puppet Labs: IT automation software

How Cloud Computing Saves Money


For a business, be it of a small scale or a large multi-national corporation, everyone can have benefits from the cloud storages and cloud tools that are available with the storage. For a business minded personality, one do not need to think on many different factors – like increasing the storage, security of the data, sharing of the data, since all these features are automatically selected and provided to a customer who takes storage on the cloud.

Apart from this, you can opt for more space whenever you require it, and for this they do not have to change or modify their contents, they can just select the up gradation amount and the new space will be credited to your account when your business grows making it a very flexible solution.

In the same way a business, organization or an individual can also opt for reducing the cloud storage if they do not require much storage, helps when you want to change your cloud preference or for some other reasons. Keeping all these things in mind, we must say that cloud computing helps in saving a lot of money in business.

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