Amazon CDN Review

There are many reputable CDN service providers in the industry, such as CloudFlare, MaxCDN and amazon cdn rfeviewAmazon and more. Most of them are dedicated to offering the best service to their customers. In this article, we will mainly focus on Amazon to help customers find out whether the company is a great choice for them.

Amazon offers CloudFront to its customers, which is a content delivery network that integrates with other Amazon Web Services, trying to give developers and businesses an easy way to deliver content to end users with rapid loading speed, low latency and no commitments.

Amazon CDN Review on Features

As a best CDN provider, Amazon is powerful enough to provide customers with almost necessary featuresfeatures to get access to high performance website. In below, we will introduce some key features to customers:

  • Amazon CloudFlare Usage Charts-With it, customers can track trends in data transfer and requests, (both HTTP and HTTPS) for each of their active CloudFront Web distribution.
  • Support Custom SSL- It is awesome for ensuring a solid secure environment.
  • Support for POST/PUT and Other HTTP Methods– It can accelerate data uploaded from end users.
  • Geo Restriction– This is a new features that allow customers to restrict access to their content based on the geographic location of their viewers. In addition, customers can also select the countries where they intend Amazon CloudFlare to deliver their content.
  • Custom Error Response– It allows customers to configure how CloudFlare manages error responses for their websites.
  • Low TTLs– It will take 0 seconds to configure a minimum expiration period (also known as “time-to-live” or TTL) with CloudFlare.
  • Invalidation– It makes it easy for customers to remove copies of a file from all Amazon CloudFlare edge locations.

In addition to the features that we list out, Amazon CDN customers can get access to many optimized features, such as logs access, support for CloudFlare Zone Apex, management console, support for Wildcard CNAME and more.

Amazon CDN Review on Support

Amazon understands that qualified, reliable and responsible customer support is very important to customers. The experts are committed to offering around the clock assistance to customers if they have problems related to their websites.


In conclusion, customers may have a clear picture about Amazon CDN. It is true that the company can offer many powerful features for customers to run a high performance website. If customers are eager to know more information about Amazon CDN and its price, they can visit

To help customers find more Best CDN Hosting providers, we also recommend some reputable web hosts that can offer free CDN to their customers, including BlueHost, A2Hosting and GreenGeeks and more. Having been in existence for more than 10 years, all of these companies have served tens of thousands of customers and help them achieve online success.


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