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An Introduction to b2evolution

If you’re planning to run your own blog or website, easily, effectively and efficiently, but want to keep costs down, you would like to start with a self-hosted content management system (CMS). WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla are such popular CMSs that are widely-used by millions of developers and webmasters. However, besides them, b2evolution is also an optional choice for people who are looking to build a website involving any combination of pages, blogs, photo galleries, online manuals, forums and etc.

What is b2evolution?

When it comes to b2evolution, the connection between b2, b2evolution, and WordPress is an issue can’t be avoided. Back in 2002, b2 was developed as an alternative to Blogger’s famous bugs and outages. It was supposed to be a great tool at the time and the future looked even more promising. However, the fact is b2 was soon deprecated as a result of the project maintainer and main developer stopping giving updates on it.

When many users have no choice but to switch to another blogtool again, WordPress rushed out in the middle of 2003 as the new official branch of the b2 software, and then another strong evolution—b2evolution was released. Both WordPress and b2evolution are spawned from b2, but it’s clear that they have evolved in different directions. WordPress, in a nutshell, focuses more on aesthetics than on code, while b2evolution pays almost all attention to developing a rock solid framework for future developments to rely on.

Now, as with a stable version of b2evolution 6.6 released in July 2015, b2evolution becomes the smart choice of CCMS (short for Content + Community Management Software) for building any web site from a simple home page to a full featured site. No matter what function you want your b2evolution to integrate, multiple blogs, structured content like manuals and knowledgebases, or forms for your user community, you can accomplish it with this tool. More than that, b2evolution gives you the ability to send newsletters to your user community, and enables members of the community to send private messages to each other.

Why b2evolution?

No wonder that b2evolution is a quite versatile content management system. It not only simplifies the website building process, but lets you maintain your websites easily in terms of interacting with your community and sharing information. To cut to the chase, b2evolution is designed with everything you need, right out of the box.

  1. Once b2evoluton is installed on your web server, you can use it for multiple blogs at the same time. The software makes it possible for you to run each blog on a different page, in a different folder, or on a different domain. More than that, it enables for displaying several blogs on the same page.
  2. b2evolution supports setting up more than one alias domains as long as your web hosting provide allows you to. Similarly, you can give multiple users and authors the permissions of reading, writing, moderating, or fully customizing as many blogs as you like.
  3. b2evolution removes your worry of spam comment, fake profile, and undesired activity by offering a set of efficient spam killing features.
  4. b2evolution is easy to customize. There are many customization options you can choose to customize your website, based on the level of your skill and how much effort you are willing to put into it. Below is a rough list of customizations you can do with your website:
  • Switch the skins of each blog or section of you site with ease;
  • Change the colors, fonts, graphics, as well as CSS files of your skins;
  • Edit PHP templates of your skins;
  • Work with Sass;
  • Create custom templates and skins.

How to install/upgrade b2evolution?

b2evolution is such a user-friendly software that requires no development knowledge at all when developing a website. Its user-friendliness is also reflected in the simple installation and upgrade process of the application.

Install b2evolution via Softaculous

Softaculous is popular auto-installer for automated installation of many scripts like b2evolution. If you have purchased a cPanel web hosting solution, you can complete the process in a few steps as follows:

Step 1: Access to your cPanel account and locate the Softaculous auto-installer. Then search for the b2evolution application and proceed with the actual installation of b2evolution.

Step 2: Configure b2evolution installation settings in the sections of the Software Setup, the Database Settings, and the Admin Account step by step.

Step 3: Complete the b2evolution installation process.

Manually install b2evolution

If you don’t have the Softaculous auto-installer, you still can have b2evolution installed properly via a few manual steps.

Step 1: Download b2evolution via this page.

Step 2: Prepare the files of the b2evolution installation and then upload them to the server.

Step 3: Initiate the installation script and proceed with the actual setup of your new website.

Step 4: Complete the installation process.

Upgrade b3evolution manually

If you’re running a website with b2evolution 5.0.9 or further, congratulations, you can upgrade you website automatically to the latest version.

Before proceeding with the automated upgrade of b2evolution, you are required to access the administrative dashboard of your website.

Before you begin, we would like to recommend you to have a backup of your b2evolution folder as well as b2evolution database first. Remember the most critical files are those once modified by you, such as /conf, /plugins, /skins, hacks or custom templates, your /media directory, and more, and the most significant data like comments, posts, and users is stored in a MySQL database. The easiest way to make a backup is navigating to the Backup tab in the Maintenance tab as the following picture shows.

After that, you can choose to have all the existing files of your b2evolution files deleted so as to keep no unnecessary files on your site. This step is not must-have but we still recommend you to for the purpose of better security.

The next step is to upload all the new files and then run the upgrade script. The system will inform you if there is a new version of b2volution available to upgrade.

Note: b2evolution is the free CMS software that brings you with all the features you need when building and managing a website. One thing you need to prepare yourself is the domain name and web hosting. Here are some recommendations for best cheap web hosting solutions that can offer you affordable domain registration and quality hosting service, if you don’t have a domain or a web hosting account yet.

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