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An Ultimate Guide to Optimize Your Landing Pages for Conversations


Like SEO, conversion optimization is important to your site success. Do you know the differences between the site with landing page optimization and the site without it? We know it! The difference is huge and significant to evaluate the success of your site. The truth tells us a lesson that optimizing your landing pages for the conversations can certainly make your site something!

Generally, all websites are built with one ultimate purpose that is to generate the conversations. Well, the conversations can be various, including the sales of services or products, the generations of leads, the clicks on ads, and the registrations to a contact list.

We all know that landing pages’ design can vary according to the different purposes, but we are also happy to introduce you several optimal optimization practices that you can try for more conversations.

About Landing Page

Different from other pages, landing page serves a specific purpose. It is always designed and structured to lead visitors execute their specific action. There is a misunderstanding that many users will think about landing page as the first page to visit a website. Actually, when a visitor views a site organically, he firstly will land on the homepage or a post page; but if he visits the page via a lick on an ad, he often lands on the specific landing page matching with that ad copy.

Dedicated Landing Page

If your site or blogs only want visitors to register your newsletter, then there is no need to use dedicated landing page. With that sole purpose, you just need a sign-up box or the exit popup.

However, if you want to use it to carry out other more complicated action such as buying a service or a product, then you need the dedicated landing page for that purpose. This landing page will offer you a chance to convince visitors as well as get conversation.

What are Good Landing Pages

Good landing pages should have following characteristics:

Promote a Service or a Product

It should include the specific information about the service or product presented on it. The specific information does not mean very detailed information. Do not make the information contained on it confused! The information about that service or product on a landing page is to help visitors make the final decision and convert as quickly as possible, rather than anything else.

Present all important information above the fold

All the important information like CTA buttons should be presented above the fold. Make it visible, instead of hiding them in the fold.

Load as Fast as Possible

Between conversations and page loading speed, the two have the correlation. Besides, you can create the landing page according to your needs. So, if you ask us about which page on your site can be optimized specifically for faster speed, we must say it is your landing pages. Be sure that the page must load fastest possible; because it is the thing you can control!

Use a Strong and Clear CTA Message

For conversation, the landing page should include the CTA message that has to be clear and strongly convincing. Be clear, because visitors need to get the exact information about the next step to fulfill the process.

Clear CTA Button

For the conversation about a sale, you need to have the CTA button with “Buy Now!” or “Get Started!”. To convert visitors to register to something, the button should come with “Register Now!” or “Register Here!”. In another word, the CTA button should be specific, not generic.


Your landing page should meet your personality. Do not forget that your purpose of using landing page is to tell them what you are doing or what you are selling. So, make your landing page branding.

Good Headlines & Sub-headings

They all play important roles in landing pages. Good headline as well as sub-headlines can bring more chances to attract people to visit your site and buy your products.

Short and Clear Features & Benefits

If you want a visitor to buy your products, then you need to make them understand what the product is and what benefits he can obtain from it. So, good landing page should include short but clear products’ features and their benefits.

Remove the Mess

Always bear one point in mind that your landing page is not to offer more information helping visitors make decisions. Image you were a visitor and keep significant information on landing page, but remove all the mess that might distract visitors’ attention.

Minimize Exit Point

When there are visitors on your site, you absolutely do not want them to leave your landing page before they convert. Accordions and information boxes can be used to offer more product features or benefits you want to introduce to visitors. Or you can also open an external link in another tab, so that your landing page can still keep in the background.

Use Images & Videos

Image and video can add value to your landing page. They can not only deliver your information in fewer words, but also make the page more attractive to catch visitors’ attention.

However, do not add too many videos or images, because they can certainly increase the loading time, which is bad to your landing page performance. So, Good landing pages must add them wisely and properly.

About videos, there is one thing you need to notice. Each video you want to add should be less than 90 seconds. Additionally, do not make the video automatically open, but let visitors decide it. Finally, for easy access, you should place the CTA button below that video.

Easy Data Entry

Try to the make the data entry as easy as possible if they have to fill a form for the next step. You can make it easy by simply offering them options or utilizing the auto-fill functionality built in the browsers.

Besides, entering information is sensitive for visitors. So, you need make it minimize as much as possible. Just ask for the necessary information!

One-page Checkout

Good landing pages should not only include the easy start and simple data entry, but also need a simple checkout. You cannot make them feel different before conversations and after conversations. So, an easy and simple finish step is also important. And we think the one-page checkout should be a good method to minimize the pages or clicks that visitors have to go before finishing the whole process.

Make Visitors Feel Secured

According to many researches, there is a fact that the landing page, for selling products, including the ‘trust badge’, has higher conversation rates. Actually, the ‘trust badge’ is to show visitors that the landing page is safe and they are protected. So, visitors are more likely to trust the site and covert.


Review & Social Proof

They are two very useful factors within landing pages.

You can easily get customer reviews by sending emails to ask for the feedback after the purchase. You can also utilize third party to deal with this issue. Those original and sincere reviews are the most useful to make people browse the landing page to convert, and go to the next process.

People can always be impacted by other people said about the product or the brand, when they are making decisions. It is why we recommend you develop your social network. If you have, you should display it in your landing pages, and add the icon with the latest follower counts.

Nevertheless, if your followers are small and increase slowly, then you should skip this step.

Contact information & Policies

Display your contact information in the landing pages. Visitor might not contact you, but contact information can help you build more trusts among visitors. Besides, each legit landing page will include the links to terms and conditions page and policy page.

Remarketing Scripts

It is not visual, but you should install them in your landing pages. They can help you retarget the people who visited your landing pages before but didn’t convert.

Good Landing Page Examples

We’d like to show a good landing page including the characteristics we talked above.


Tips of Optimizing Your Landing Page

After reading the good landing pages’ characteristics above, you should have a general conception about them, but that is not the end. For more conversations gotten from your landing page, you need make some optimization on it.

Conversation optimization or the landing page optimization is the process to test different things including layouts, colors and messages, as well as measure the results about the purpose of obtaining more conversations from landing pages.

How to Carry out A/B Test Successfully?

One time, one thing. It tells that when you are doing the A/B test, you should test one thing at one time. It can help you clearly understand which change had the better or worse efforts.

For instance, if you need to test the CTA message and the button’s colors, you cannot test them at the same time, because you cannot figure out the results coming from which factor. You should test them one after one in the same circumstance.

Understand what to measure. When you are doing the A/B tests, you want to test the performance of your landing page again several metrics. Generally, there are following metrics:

  • Time on page refers to the time spent on your landing page;
  • Button CTR is the number of visitors who click on the CTA button;
  • Conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who really convert.

Before you want to test some changes, you should figure out the way to calculate these metrics. It is for making the comparison during the test.

According to the important of percentage, we know that conversation rate is of course more important than the real number of converting visitors. If you can increase the conversion percentage/rate, then you can drive more traffic on that page and create more conversations. Therefore, when you are doing the test, you cannot only focus on the conversation number, but pay more attention to increase the conversation rate.

Testing period. It is important to wait for a certain period when you are making any change, unless you have enough traffic to obtain the conclusions earlier. If you not, then the testing period is necessary. When there are 150 to 200 visitors viewing your landing pages, you can evaluate the test results.

SEO and Landing Pages  

About SEO, you do not need to completely optimize the landing page for search engines. It means that you still need to make your titles, H1 tags, descriptions, and some other essential SEO factors but the content should be more conversation-friendly, instead of focusing on the SEO-friendly.

Adwords & Landing Pages

If you need to make your landing page specifically for the purpose of adwords, you need to think about these points in below:

  • Your landing page need to match with your ads, and keep the guarantees of your ads copy.
  • Optimize the page titles, description as well as H1 tags, so that these factors can be highly related to ads headlines and descriptions. It can not only help visitors feel they land on the right page, but also help your ads rank higher.


Landing page optimization can make you get more conversions. It is not a discussion topic, but a certain fact. So, for you, you just need to think about this issue, read our guide, and make your landing pages feature every characteristic that good one will include. Try it and make more conversation from now!

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