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Arvixe Review in below will range over price value, reliability, ease-of-use, customer support and PHP hosting of Arvixe, via which readers can understand why Arvixe is one of best cheap web hosting providers in the industry.

Based in San Luis Obispo, California, Arvxie ( has been engaged in web hosting solutions for more than a decade. Now, this company is offering hosting service for hundreds of thousands of websites on a global level. Compared with some other budget web hosting companies, Arvixe provides a wide range of hosting from shared hosting, VPS hosting to dedicated server on both Linux and Windows platform. And its hosting solutions are well-known for their rare combination of unmatched reliability, quality and affordability, which are commended by most hosting review websites.

Arvixe Special Coupon

Before stepping into reviewing Arvixe, we would like to introduce some exclusive Arvixe coupons, via which our readers will save more budgets on Arvixe web hosting solutions.

One of coupons we exclusively get from Arvixe is “clue30“. Via applying “clue30”, people will save 30% off on Arvixe all PersonalClass hosting solutions. Linux hosting and Windows hosting are both included. Thereby, to purchase Arvixe Linux shared hosting, people need to pay from $2.8/mo while its Windows hosting charges from $3.5/mo.

Arvixe Shared Hosting Arvixe Shared Hosting
30% Off

In addition to that, we have “VPS10” to make Arvixe VPS hosting 10% off as well. Thereby, instead of paying from $40/mo on Arvixe Linux VPS, people just need to spend as low as $36/mo. The Windows VPS is also 10% off and starts at $54/mo.

Arvixe Review on Hosting Price Value

Arvixe positions itself as a developers and webmasters friendly solution provider. It has PersonalClass hosting, BusinessClass hosting, ResellerClass hosting, VPSClass hosting, and DedicatedClass hosting based on both Linux and Windows OS.

As people could see Arvixe basic hosting package, it includes almost everything they could think about from a web hosting.

  • optional operating system: Linux or Windows;
  • unlimited disk space, monthly data transfer, mail boxes, databases, FTP accounts, etc.
  • 1 free domain name registration for life;
  • supporting for all the possible scripts on Linux, such as PHP, Perl, Python, and etc.
  • supporting ASP.NET v4.5/v3.5/v2, MVC, LINQ, AJAX, Silverlight, etc. based on Windows OS;
  • $200 marketing credits from Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Its Windows hosting is one of the best in the industry, and it’s regarded as Best ASP.NET hosting by many developer communities.

arvixe price review

Prices from Arvixe are also very affordable. The above basic hosting package on Linux is $4/mo. With the coupon “clue30”, the price renews at $2.8/mo. If people decide on that basic package on Windows OS, the promotional price is at $3.5/mo, 30% off the regular $5/mo. It is really hard to imagine he price of a high quality hosting service could be such low.

Besides, Arvixe has 60 Day Money Back Guarantee while the most of web hosts give 30 day money back guarantee only.

Arvixe VPS is also a star product. The Linux VPS hosting starts at $40/mo, but it includes full management service, 1.5 GB memory, 4 cores, 2 dedicated IPs, 50 GB disk space, unlimited data transfer, free domain for account life, fee SSL too, cPanel, backups, server locations between US and Europe, etc.

Arvixe Review on Reliability

To ensure a high level of reliability and performance, Arvixe operates its web hosting service in top-class data centers in United States, Europe, and Asia. The data centers have Uninterrupted Power Supply from local utilities and n+1 backup generators. Furthermore, the data centers have direct Internet connections provided by multiple Tier 1 telecom providers.

At Arvixe, websites will be hosted on web servers which are 100% Dell made, and equipped with the latest Intel Xeon processors and up to to 256 gigabytes RAM, which are far more powerful than what people could imagine. Besides, Arvixe has upgraded its web servers to SSD RAID-10 Servers, making its products 20 times faster and far more stable than before as well.

arvixe review on reliabilityMore than that, Arvixe Network Operations Center has Cisco-certified technicians on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They monitor network cores, network connections, and performance of network. They respond to any network problem as fast as they can.

As a result, Arvixe can offer 99.9% uptime guarantee to its customers!

Arvixe Review on Ease-of-Use

In order to make its products easy-to-use, this web host provides its customers with a variety of tools and methods.

Control Panel

Almost each Linux hosting solution of Arvixe consists of industry-leading cPanel control panel at no cost. With cPanel, people could manage the files, email, FTP account, databases, and more easily. Arvixe also integrates CloudFlare CDN into its cPanel, which means, as Arvixe customers, people could leverage CDN technology with almost no effort.

In the case of Arvixe Windows hosting, there is user-friendly WebSitePanel control panel for customers too. WebSitePanel integrates an application installer, backup, restore, Windows 2008 support, IIS, etc. into a single secure dashboard.

Shell Access

For people depending on Arvixe Linux hosting, they get Shell Access support from Arvixe. It means, they can access their servers and configure advanced applications via the command line. But they have to be Linux experts.

Backups and Recovery

Arvixe PersonalClass, BusinessClass and ReresellerClass hosting solutions contain free R1Soft backup and recovery. The web host takes snapshots of the whole system each day and keeps 4 states of customers’ files within the last 2 weeks or last 2 days. Arvixe VPS has weekly backup services too. Therefore, it is easy to recover files and minimize losses if customers are accident to delete something important.


Arvixe accepts credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. It also allows customers to pay via Paypal.

Arvixe Review on Customer Support

Arvixe customer support team is directly led by its CEO Arvand Sabetian, which shows the company really wants to treat its customers well. Arvixe engineers in the team are 100% in-house and US-based, who are equipped with deep understanding on web server management so that they could respond to customers’ issues quickly and effectively.

In detail, customers could contact Arvixe engineers via toll-free phone call, online live chat, email, or even customer support forum. The team is available for customers around the clock. Meanwhile, Arvixe support center, forum and blog offer informative resources for customers, via which they can resolve problems by themselves. In general, the reviews we have collected from their customers are mostly positive.

Arvixe Offers Excellent PHP Hosting

Choosing Arvixe hosting service, customers could get the most compatible platform, environment, and every feature they need to build a great PHP website. For example:

  • Dual PHP versions (both 5.2.x and 5.3.x) and the latest MySQL 5 version ensure smooth running for PHP sites;
  • 128 MB PHP memory_limit that allows customers to optimize PHP installation to handle their Drupal websites;
  • PHP run as suPHP to enhance Drupal security;
  • Mod_rewrite module is installed by default to make URL more SEO friendly.
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Arvixe offers the one of the cheapest WordPress hosting solutions in the industry. Since Arvixe hosting completely adheres to all the WordPress system requirements, its solutions can also ensure customers the most compatible WordPress experience.

Arvixe WordPress Hosting is Fast and Reliable

At Arvixe, it only utilizes cutting-edge hardware and software, along with the latest technologies to offer customers’ high and fast performance to WordPress websites.

According to our test, WordPress sites hosted on Arvixe platform could load pages within 2 seconds in average. If visitors are from US, the paging loading speed could be faster and reach 1s.

Arvixe Provides Easy WordPress Installation and Technical Support

To install WordPress gets easy at Arvixe. For one thing, Arvixe offers WordPress-friendly server environment. For another, it also provides an easy-to-use tool for installing WordPress. Log in cPanel, and customers will see Softaculous. With that, they can install WordPress within clicks at no cost.

As Arvixe customers, people could receive responsive assistance offered by Arvixe in-house WordPress experts. Phone call, live chat and email all are 24/7 available. In addition, customers can also deal with common WordPress issues on a forum, video tutorials or the very active Arvixe blog.


Arvixe provides customers with reliable and feature-rich WordPress hosting at a very low price. Counting on its dedicated customer supports as well as high performance in speed and uptime, Arvixe WordPress hosting is highly recommended to personals and small business owners.

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing Joomla web hosting, but multiple packages from Arvixe contain all features customers need to build and run a Joomla website smoothly. At the same time, throughout the whole market, customers can hardly find another host who can offer lower Joomla hosting price than Arvixe.

Arvixe Joomla Review on Reliability

The company takes pride in offering customers reliable Joomla performance that guarantees solid 99.9% uptime. In fact, Arvixe is so confident that it is capable of keeping the full uptime because of its first-class facilities and technologies.

Arvixe Offers Joomla Friendly Support

Arvixe has a very good support team who takes issues from customers seriously by providing timely and effective Joomla assistance. The technicians know Joomla ins and outs. They are friendly to answer questions too.

There is another way to get help. For some common Joomla questions, customers can search for solutions in its online knowledge base. Arvixe has developed very comprehensive Joomla tutorials to help its customers to learn and resolve the issues by themselves.


Through review above, we find that Arvixe is a quality hosting company which offers high price value Joomla hosting packages, excellent performance, speed and customer supports. It’s definitely a great hosting choice when creating site based on Joomla.

Drupal is a very powerful and ease-to-use content management system in the hosting market, and it can be used both for creating individual and business websites. Arvixe offers the cheapest Drupal hosting service while it can meet demands of many Drupalers.

Arvixe Drupal Review on Performance

Arvixe guarantees 99.9% uptime for its hosting service, and almost every customer is impressive of its Drupal performance. That’s because Arvixe configures best hosting environment for running Drupal websites. Moreover, Arvixe supports customers with scalable Drupal hosting environment from shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS to dedicated hosting.

Arvixe Drupal Review on Customer Support

Like any other great web hosts, Arvixe provides top-notch support service to customers. In addition to a comprehensive online Knowledgebase which contains tons of articles and tutorials for Drupal, its technicians are 24/7 available to offer assistance over phone call, live chat and email.

As a long term sponsor of Drupal community, Arvixe understands the hosting needs of Drupal very well, and their engineers are well-known on this system. As its customers, you could feel free to contact them on all the hosting issues related to Drupal.

Arvixe is Recommended for Hosting Drupal

Arvixe offers feature rich, fast, reliable and very cheap web hosting service, which makes it a great choice for Drupaler to host their Drupal site, especially for the beginners.

Do We Recommend Arvixe?

Yes! Arvixe is really a great budget web hosting provider. If you are a blog beginner, or a small business, or a web developer, Arvixe is one of the best choices to you. To know more about Arvixe, please visit Arvixe and don”t forget to save 30% off with the coupon “clue30′ when checking out their shared hosting service.

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