Arvixe vs 1and1

Arvixe ( and 1and1 ( are two popular web hosting arvixe vs 1 and 1providers in the industry that have served more than tens of thousands of webmasters. We know that it is a little difficult for customers to make the right choice between the two web hosts, especially for some beginners.

In below Arvixe vs 1&1, we will make a comparison from their features, pricing, reliability and customer support to help webmasters easily select the most suitable one to host their websites.

Arvixe vs 1and1 on Features

Rich features are one of the most fundamental factors for webmasters to build their own websites smoothly and successfully. To help customers clearly know what they can get at the two companies, we make this table in the following:

Features Arvixe Personal 1 and 1 basic
Disk Space Unlimited 100 GB
Email Accounts Unlimited 100
Shared SSL yes no
Bandwidth Unlimited no
Websites  6  1
FTP Accounts Unlimited 20
Free domain Name yes no
Cloudflare Cdn yes no
Control Panel  cPanel  Self-developed control panel
Website Builder  yes  no
 MySQL databases  unlimited  20 GB
Postgresql Databases  Unlimited  no
Adwords  $175  no

From the table above, we can see that Arvixe can offer richer  features than 1and1. Furthermore, Arvixe also supports PHP4,5, Perl, Python, SSI, CGI, PHPMyAdmnin, phpPgAdmin, Ruby on Rails, Perl Module Installer and more.

Arvixe vs 1&1 on Pricing

Compared with the price offered by the two web hosts, it seems that 1 and 1 has an advantage while it is not true. And in below we will explain why.

1 and 1 has three different hosting packages for customers to choose and the entry level one, Basic whose price is set at $0.99/mo for the first year, then $5.99/mo with the latest 1and1 coupon. By comparison, the regular price of Arvixe starts at $4/mo. Now, Arvixe customers can get the service starting at $2.8/mo by applying our exclusive Arvixe promo code “clue30.”

As for the policy of money back guarantee, Arvixe is delighted to tell its customers that it can offer 60 day money back guarantee while 1 and 1 can only promise to give customers’ money back within the first 30 days if they are not satisfied with their accounts. 

Arvixe Coupon 'clue30' Arvixe Coupon 'clue30'
30% off

Arvixe vs 1and1 on Reliability

Based on the statics collected by our experts, we find that Arvixe is powerful enough to surpass relaibility41and1 in term of speed and uptime.

Being a leading web host, Arvixe knows that all webmasters are eager to get access to fast speed and at least 99.9% uptime. So the company operates multiple SAS Type II certified data centers that located in several places to deliver the best possible environment for customers to operate their websites.

In addition, Arvixe also takes some advanced technologies and facilities to enhance the performance, such as DDoS attack response, secured entrance/exit, brute force detection, nightly security updates, 15K RPM RAID 10 drives, redundant carriers, network monitoring as well as firewall and more.

As for 1 and 1, the company does not pay high attention to this aspect. We even find that its existing customers complain that they often encounter downtime and very low speed.

Arvixe vs 1and1 on Customer Support

At Arvixe, customers can freely contact the supporting staffs via major supporting methods, supportincluding phone, email and live chat if they encounter problems. Arvixe claims that it only employs in-house technicians who have bountiful web hosting experience, so it can help its customers get their problems resolved as soon as possible.

Now, let’s come to 1 and 1. It is safe to say that it cannot keep pace of Arvixe in the respect of technical support. At this company, its customers can only contact the supporting staffs through phone and email. There is no question asked that 1 and 1 customers sometimes will wait a long time to tackle their issues if they intend to find direct assistance.

Which One Is Better

According to the points we reviewed in the above, it is easy to figure out that Arvixe is a better option compared with 1 and 1. In conclusion, recognized as the Best PHP Hosting provider, Arvixe can offer ample features, top of the line customer service as well as affordable price to its customers. Moreover, the company can also guarantee fast speed and at least 99.9% uptime.

Want to know more details about Arvixe, customers can visit or check Arvixe Review. By the way, please do not forget to use the coupon code “clue30” to cut down the price to $2.8/mo.

arvixe vs 1and1

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