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ASmallOrange Cloud VPS Review

asmallorange logoRecognized as one of the reliable cheap web hosting provider, ASmallOrange (www.asmallorange.com) was founded in 2003. Aiming to offer the best price-valued web hosting services and products, ASmallOrange always works hard. By far, the company has personal shared hosting, business hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated hosting, and the VPS hosting integrated with cloud technology, namely also called cloud VPS!

In the following post, we are going to talk about ASmallOrange Cloud VPS, with the hope of revealing a reliable and affordable cloud VPS for customers who needs faster performance and better privacy as well as security. This review will go from ASmallOrange cloud VPS features to its customer support.

ASmallOrange Cloud VPS Review on Feature

ASmallOrange cloud VPS is in the Linux hosting environment, featuring excellent flexibility. ASmallOrange aims to offering the flexible hosting for faster-growing websites, so it includes many features in cloud VPS packages.

ASmallOrange cloud VPS comes with cloud-based infrastructures. All cloud VPS servers are powered by first-class hardware, including dual Intel Xeon 6 core processors with 2.5 GHz speed. Besides, A Small Orange cloud VPS is built with Kernel Virtual Machine that is also called KVM, enabling customers to make dynamic customization.

Customers can get enterprise-class Storage Area Network, namely SAN, which can provides redundant data protection through multiple hard drives. What’s more, the unique SSD caching is also utilized for the cloud VPS hosting, which will improve the page load speed.


Apart from these brilliant hardware specs and cloud features, ASmallOrange cloud VPS now has 8 basic packages, with different CPU cores, disk space, memory, and bandwidth. Within the 8 cloud VPS packages, the CPU cores range from 1 to 8; the disk space comes with 3 0GB to 250 GB on SSDs; memory of A Small Orange cloud VPS has 1024 MB to 1024 0MB; bandwidth of it includes 500 GB to 5 TB.

If these resources are still not enough for their growing websites, ASmallOrange can fix the problem as well. The company has rich experience of web hosting provisioning, so as for cloud VPS, the company has special design on package size. Whenever customers need to add more resources, the company makes it easy. Its cloud VPS gives customers the power to configure their hosting so that their ordered server size can fit their needs very well.

In addition to that, ASmallOrange knows customers. Its level II and other higher cloud VPS packages include free cPanel and WHM, which worth $15/mo. Easy-to-use cPanel allows customers to install preferable scripts and manage website files, email and other software. If customers still want to install another operating system or other control panel such as Plesk, ASmallOrange offer paid Windows OS as well.

accorind to what we have revealed about ASmallOrange cloud VPS features, we know that it comes with powerful cloud features and is built with enterprise-class technologies and hardware.

ASmallOrange Cloud VPS Review on Price

ASmallOrange cloud VPS is affordable with amazing promotion. No matter which package customers choose from those 8 packages, if customers start with annual plans, ASmallOrange will offer them with 2 months of free cloud VPS hosting services, plus one free domain name registration.

To make its clear, we’d like to take an example. The smallest one normally starts at $20 per month. Once signing with annual plan, the two month free trial will actually make the pricing reduce to $16.67 per month. It means customers will save about 17%.

ASmallOrange Cloud VPS ASmallOrange Cloud VPS
2 Free Month

What’s better, ASmallOrange will provide each customer with industry-leading long money back guarantee, which lasts 90 Days. Customers at ASmallOrange can not only experience cloud VPS free for two months, but also have another 30 days to ask stopping, and request a refund. It is user-friendly.

ASmallOrange Cloud VPS Review on Performance

Performance is another vital factor for hosting choosing. Firstly, we want to introduce the data centers ASmallOrange uses. Its powerful data centers are located in Dallas and Detroit, featuring high-performance, carrier-neutral data lines, on-site security, redundant routers, switches, power systems, as well as many others. World-class data centers provide the best possible hosting environment for customers’ cloud VPS servers.


All ASmallOrange cloud VPS is designed with high level of hardware and advanced technologies. All these are for the reliability and fast speed. Each server features industry-leading Intel Xeon CPU with 6 cores and 2.5 GHz speed. SDD hard drives with SSD caching technology improve cloud VPS servers’ page loading speeds.

For cloud platform, the security is very important. ASmallOrange notices that. It uses SAN combining with off-cloud backups, ensuring the total data protection. Customers can also demand weekly backups that are free as well. Automatic failover, network safeguarding, and state-of-the-art firewalls can ensure the optional security for every customer’s data and website.

ASmallOrange Cloud VPS Review on Support Service

Cloud VPS at A Small Orange is took care well. First of all, the company will offer cloud VPS with the migration assistance, which is totally free. ASO will transfer customers’ site from a Linux hosting environment with cPanel. It can save a lot of issues for new customers.

In addition to that, ASmallOrange cloud hosting will be supported by US-based expert support, which consists of ASmallOrange fully-trained technicians and engineers. They are always standby for answer customers’ any question. For customers, no matter when they are stuck by hosting troubles, they can reach them through various ways, which are online live chat and email.

As to further help, ASmallOrange also regular update its blog to give customers the latest product news as well as offer helpful tips and guidance. Customers should always view this place to learn more skills and promote their techniques as well as hosting maintenance experience for further development.

Is ASmallOrange Cloud VPS Recommendable?

According to this review above, we can easily find that ASmallOrange cloud VPS is cheap and includes many features, such as SSD drives, SAN, Intel Xeon processors, free backups, automatic failover, and more. Reliable, faster and secure server environment is guaranteed with world-class data centers and experienced staffs. Plus the standard support, we think customers who want better VPS solutions, ASmallOrange cloud VPS is a good option.

For more details, please go to www.asmallorange.com.


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