Monday , 16 October 2017

Adity Brahmachary bera

Tips To Build a Killer Website

web design tips and tricks

Being a good web designer is knowing the easy way around to do difficult things. Web designers should know how to create their own ways to build a killer website. It is important that they have some website design tips and tricks up their sleeve to make their jobs easy. It is also their responsibility to ensure that the website ...

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Tips to Protect Your WordPress Admin Area

protect the wp-admin

Do you know, in spite of using the most prominent content management system, your administrative account can be compromised due to numerous malicious cyber-attacks such as hacking? Being the most sought-after CMS, WordPress has become the most prone and the favorite spot of hackers for stealing the entire control of your website. Should you take these securities nonchalantly, get ready ...

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Top Best Network Security Software

internet security software

Whether you are shopping, banking or sending an email, there always persists a threat of fraud and theft of data and personal details while working on the internet. You need to safeguard your surroundings for which you need the best internet security software to be 100% safe. There are several anti-virus software which vouch for the safety of your system ...

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Honeypots for Network Security: How to Track Attacker’s Activity

how do honeypots work

Honeypots in computer and internet world is basically a ploy to identify and thwart the endeavors of hackers trying to get in one’s system to exploit information. Honeypots have been used mainly by the investigators to attract hackers to a specific network system so they can study their moves and discover the susceptibilities of the website. Early detection of unauthorized ...

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