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aweber logo 4Unlike web hosting we reviewed before, AWeber ( is an email marketing service provider. 16 years ago, the company was founded. Until today, AWeber has grown into one of the best email marketing companies to help customers contact successful online businesses.

Due to its easy to use email marketing tools, AWeber is trusted by 120,000 customers and gains lots of awards, such as the 1st Runner-Up for NCSA All-Star Award from National Customer Service Association.

In below, we are going to make an in-depth comment about AWeber, which mainly focus on email creation & sending, email list management, email tracking & analytics, pricing, and support. Via this review, customers can understand why AWeber is recognized as one of the best email marketing service provider.

AWeber Offers 30-Day Free Trial

It is wonderful that AWeber pushes out a 30-day trial for free, which allows customers try AWeber email marketing tools without any limitations for the first month. No limitation means that AWeber offers the free trial including the access to all features. After the 30 days of free trial, customers can just cancel their accounts if they are not satisfied with AWeber.

AWeber Review on Email Creation & Sending

AWeber offers a lot of tools and services to make email creation and sending so easy. We list the most outstanding features in below:

  • Easy to use drag, drop and edit email software simplifies the process of creating emails;
  • Segmentation of people list makes customers deliver the right messages to the right people;
  • RSS to email is available for any blog with an RSS feed, which can automatically deliver blog posts to readers;
  • More than 6,000 images and more than 700 free HTML email templates by default are ready to be chosen;
  • Tons of color schemes match customers’ company’s color with their email marketing campaign, making them easily be recognized by subscribers;
  • AWeber proactively find out and handle potential deliverability issues.

All points above contribute to AWeber email creation and sending, which make AWeber practical and easy to use.

AWeber Reivew on Email List Management

At AWeber, collecting, managing as well as segmenting customers’ subscribers is just a snap.

  • Sign-up form builder – with it, customers can have a form on their websites in minutes, and forms is important in building their subscriber list;
  • Excellent analytics – it comes along with straightforward graphs which show exactly the state of customers’ subscribers; according to the graphs, AWeber email can automatically create subscriber segments that fit customers’ readers at best;
  • Migration of subscriber list – AWeber provides free, personal help with migrating, so customers can switch their current list to AWeber in minutes without another opt-in.

By using smart AWeber email marketing services, email list management is not a problem anymore.

AWeber Review on Email Tracking & Analytics

At AWeber, email tracking is easy because of its easy to use email marketing analytics. It can track everything from open rates, email revenue, and sales with a few clicks. Based on what AWeber tracks, customers can segment email lists, adjust email marketing plan, and send better emails to the right readers. Thereby, customers can get more traffic for their sites and at the same time make money.

Other Brilliant Features at AWeber

Besides, email creation & sending, email list management, and tracking, AWeber email marketing services have some other brilliant features. Let’s show our readers in below:

  • AWeber new email automation platform, Campaigns, allows customers to build relationships with subscribers and increases subscriber engagement.
  • Autoresponder emails save more time for customers to focus on their business and content, and also help customers to build a great first impression to subscribers, especially new subscribers;
  • AWeber app is available, which is convenient for customers to check the state of their email accounts anywhere.
  • AWeber Atom app help customers add new subscribers to email list at anytime, anywhere.

3rd Party Software at AWeber

Email marketing API integrates 3rd party applications with AWeber. Thereby, at AWeber, customers’ accounts can be connected with the most popular applications to attract more subscribers.

If customers make a purchase with PayPal or register for a webinar on a landing page, AWeber will make their accounts connect with these apps, such as Facebook, WordPress, LeadPages, PayPal, Shopping Carts, Etsy, etc. With these support, customers can just focus on sending the perfect email.

Pricing of AWeber

At AWeber, the company offers monthly, quarterly, and annually plans. Basically, with 0 to 500 subscribers, customers need pay $19/mo, along with unlimited emails and full suite of features. To make the price more affordable, AWeber gives 30 days of free trial. What’s more, AWeber does not charge any setup fees.

AWeber Email Marketing AWeber Email Marketing
30 Days Free

AWeber accepts flexible payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard, America Express, as well as Discover credit cards. Besides, the company also accepts checks and money orders.

AWeber Review on Customer Support

AWeber offers real expert customer support which is implemented by email marketing experts with more than 16 years of experience. Its email marketing experts are standby 7 days a week, waiting for helping customers.

The contact channels are diverse at AWeber. Customers can reach AWeber experts by telephone, live chat, and email. Please note that live customer support is within limited time. It is available from 8 am – 8 pm ET Monday to Friday and 9 am – 5 pm ET Saturday to Sunday.

More than that, AWeber offers more resources to help customers, like Knowledge base, free live webinars, FAQs, tons of blog articles as well as video guides.

Do We Recommend AWeber?

After reviewing AWeber email marketing service from special promotions, features, price and support, we learn that AWeber is really an excellent email marketing company in the industry. Specifically, AWeber email marketing is created easily and sent accurately; email list management is smart and user friendly; email tracking is more than tracking.

Besides exclusives campaigns and sing-up forms make AWeber email marketing more easy to use. Seamless integration with popular applications helps customers’ businesses email spread to more readers. Plus 30-day free trial, we believe that AWeber is a good helper for customers which they really need to grow their business online successfully.

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