Awesome Tips to Drive Traffic from Twitter

Have you ever heard about a statistic that every day there are about 500 million tweets produced on Twitter on average?  And do you know that around 92% of tweets include licking links? It is a big data! For ordinary people, it is easy for them to get into these actions, but for others, to drive traffic from Twitter may be a little difficult. Currently, social media has become a main way for global interaction, especially for those popular social media, like Twitter.

Twitter marketing now is one of the best methods for you to drive more targeted traffic to your site. Because now Twitter still can attract almost everyone, making you find a large amount of audience easily. Besides, Twitter includes some very helpful tools such as Tribeboost, which can assist you find right person in your audience. However, Twitter marketing works only when you go on the right ways.

Some Basics

Before we get into how to use Twitter to drive traffic, we want to introduce how it works in your content marketing at first.

how twitter works

Just like other social media, Twitter will amplify your high quality content for your site. I have to say that the picture above is too simplistic, because your content must covers more fields, not just blog posts. Those are just part of the larger strategy in which your blog posts can support high-value products such as e-books or webinars.

So, what we want to emphasize is that strong content is the start for everything. There is a secret! You do not post all content written by yourself, and you shouldn’t do in that way, either!

We suggest that you should share all the best content you see and read on the web. They sometimes are your own, but most often they are from some else.

Twitter Marketing Is Easier with Tribeboost & Buffer

Here are two Twitter tools we want to recommend to you. Tribeboost is a paid tool with Twitter, but its benefits are far beyond the money you will pay, on matter you are just startup or have been already developed into a small business. Tribeboost can help you find the right audience on Twitter efficiently by using those keywords you select.

After that, it can narrow down the audience in that list, according to their location, biography, and influence. Besides, Tribeboost can automatically set your Twitter account following the cream of the crop, but you need to afford the relatively higher price for the follow-back is selected carefully by the Tribeboost.

Of course, you could use Twitter search feature to identify those people by taking hours, but we think it is not the right way for you to waste your valuable time. Your time should be spent in sharing the quality content with your followers and chat with them about that content.

Buffer is the other tool that we want to recommend to you. It is the tool for social media scheduling, which makes you preact to bank the curated content, and automatically deploys these curated content at peak time. But note do not bank the time-sensitive content, otherwise, you may find yourself celebrating a sunny day in the middle of a hurricane.

Here is a thing you should know that recently Buffer acquires a social media customer service tool, Respondly, which can sweeten the deal for businesses who are trying to make their customers happy.

However, these tools indeed help you drive traffic from Twitter, but it is uncertain. The real help you can control is to implement the Twitter marketing strategy that can make your tweets get more traffic.

8 Tactics You Should Learn

Be Visual

We have seen many business owners failing to make full use of posting images. When generating traffic, it is wrong that you settle for stock photography. Everyone does the same thing, so, as a result you cannot catch anyone’s eyes.

You need understand that a real right image is not only worth thousand words, but more than thousands of page views, and the real right image must be fresh, intriguing, and informative. Generally, the how-to posts and story posts can attract more audience and get more shares for you. Picmonkey and Piktochart are both good tools that can help you make the infographic; Visage is another helpful tool helping you create the thought-provoking graphs.

Be Authentic

If you think sharing the fresh, interesting and informative posts is very simple to retweet others’ tweets that everyone else is sharing, you are absolutely wrong! Never simply share those contents others are sharing. In that way, you can never drive traffic for your site, and build a reputation because of innovative thinking.

Be careful when you are going to share the content that should be unique and truly represent your interests and values. That way, you can get in touch with the people who are sharing your interests and values, and these people will become your fins.

Be Direct

If you want others to reader your newest post and share your content because they are the best you have written, or you want to get more links to your tweets. Okay! It is easy, and you can just ask, but not always do that. Ask others to read the best content and then you will be surprised that there are so many people who are glad to show their appreciation to your posts by sharing them. But please do the “asking” nicely.

Pique Curiosity

Twitter is a good platform for you to release your latest e-book, but remember that you cannot just tweet teasers saying something is around the corner. For example, there is a benefits statement for an upcoming e-book:

a piece of instance

If you saw this statement, will you want to buy that e-book?

Go Minimalistic

We heard a saying that less is more! Likewise, on Twitter, fewer words or characters can translate to far more interactions. As reported, the tweets with less than 100 characters could have an around 21% higher interaction rate.

Use Storytelling

People always like story, so storytelling is an efficient way of tweeting. You could only have 140 words or characters, plus a kick-ass picture, while you can do much more in the form of storytelling.


You must make all skills to make your every character count. Even you can make audience visit your blog from your Twitter. To make it, you need use a strong, compelling headline to lure the audience.

Tweet Often

To attract audience’ attention, you need to tweet often. At that time, Buffer is a good helper to schedule around 50 tweets one day. Besides, you need to make sure that your content are all interesting as well as innovative. Of course, you can plan to tweet a little fewer tweets per day, but never reduce to 20 or even 10.

Sometimes you can change your tweet style by chatting with followers. Jokes or funny memes are also ok. You just need to post often and post your best content.

Develop Friends and Share Content with Each Other

Twitter is a social media, where you can not only share your and others interesting posts, but also makes real friends. You can share ideas with each other by sharing content with each other. Besides, if you make the real friends, they can also influence your life by their life experience. Besides, they can be your best customers for a life, not accidental.

On Twitter, there are many knowledgeable people who post admirable posts. If you admire it, you can make friend with them sincerely. The people can feel that, and share your content in return, and even they may introduce you to a completely new audience. That’s your chance!


In this guide we introduce you some tactics for you to use Twitter to driving traffic for your site, and we ensure that if you practice each tactic carefully and earnestly, you must gain far more traffic from Twitter. There is only one overarching theme for you to use Twitter gaining traffic, which is quality. Of course, quantity is part of it. Like others marketing, Twitter marketing is also the same to get in touch with the right audience and provide them with what they want.

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